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Call_the_Green_Man t1_jck83lq wrote

A floor length leather coat, a couple sizes too big, is draped over exposed shoulders. Underneath, a blue sequined cocktail dress is accessorized with sparkling white jewelry and flats.


Wafran t1_jck96bq wrote

A whisper in the shadows, a few steps were heard across the museum's floor, the first guard rapidly approached the scene with his flashlight at hand, you must be mindful that this was no ordinary museum, for it guarded the only one of its kind, a rose diamond worth a value so high one would not be able to write it in a napkin...

That's why this robbery wasn't being conducted by anyone, one of the most experienced and feared thieves in the whole world, she was agile enough to break the line of sight... and so she did...

When she arrived at the podium in which the diamond was being shown, there was no light but the many flashlights of the guards, and that's when she did it...

She dropped down to the floor of the room and made enough noise to call everyone's attention... then, she unbuttoned her dress before anyone had time to react... when the lights of the flashlights finally reached her, a dress underneath her coat, made of sparkling and dashing reflective materials blinded every single person in that room, excepting her...

By the time everyone recovered their eyesight, the diamond was gone... as so was the sparkling thieve...


Aftel43 t1_jckanjl wrote

White T-shirt with bomb logo on it, wine red lens sunglasses with black trim, blue jeans and red sneakers.


Wafran t1_jckcz4d wrote

-Are you wearing that to the costume party?

Said Demeter, a goblin disguised to look like a unicorn, in front of her was Cathil, another goblin with a t-shirt that featured a nuclear weapon and the moto "I like killing my own people"


He retorted.

-Is my human costume!

Demeter almost laughed, but gave a grin that she tried to quickly hide instead.

-This is why we never get invited to parties Cathil, this is really offensive...

The Goblin crossed his hands and rolled his eyes before pointing at Demeter with mischievous intent.

-It's only offensive if it isn't true!

Demeter was not exactly amused by that, but gave Cathil the point... everyone in the party loved their customs, except for that one elf that was like... 0.3% human and always had to get his nose into anything that was human-related and act offended.

Altho the many humans at the party shut him off, which was a refreshing change... what a fun night that was.


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DiamondBrickZ t1_jckaznb wrote

A T-shirt dotted with pink flamingos, overalls, big stompy Doc Martens… beneath a combat vest and a bandolier of bullets, wielding a massive gatling gun.


mattswritingaccount t1_jckeh8b wrote

White and red, floofed-out striped pants. Large, neon-green exaggerated shirt with too-wide buttons and red suspenders flopping behind as the person walks. White clown shoes. A lapel with a bright red orchid within. And finally, a katana at their waist, the assassin's final tool.


Commander_Night_17 t1_jckgo7a wrote

Clean, well pressed white long sleeved shirt, lightly loose collar with a lightly loose emerald green tie, sleeves rolled to the elvow

Waist coat, single breasted, light grey with pinstripes.

Denim skirt, knee level, with a brown knotted belt that has a sliver buckle.

Shin high brown boots with engraving and patina

(This is the outift of my very, very first character. Have fun!!)


Ruffruffman40 t1_jckh049 wrote

rags for the shirt, a loincloth in place of pants, a clean name-brand hoodie on top, and mismatching footwear


AIHexonal t1_jckml91 wrote

Travel worn and dusty knee high lace up boots over sturdy olive drab ripstop cargo pants. A loose black rough linen pullover shirt with 3/4 sleeves and a mandarin collar, over a synthetic gray tee shirt. A beaten brown leather satchel hangs crossbody from a mended strap. Several corded and metal bracelets, and a heavy tarnished silver necklace.