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Fontaigne t1_jckxc2t wrote

Layers -> lawyers (twice)

They can probably eventually appeal that, based on incompetent counsel. I can see one of these where a world class Johnny Cochran type takes it on on appeal.

Since wizard locations are distinct from muggle locations, there was no jurisdiction for the muggle government in the magical realm, so taxes would only be due on wealth repatriated to muggle Canada.

They really would have been far better off negotiating as a sovereign entity for establishing diplomatic ties.

But that would have required non-idiots in charge, and this is JKR-land.


Nomyad777 t1_jclj8c7 wrote

Layers -> Lawyers fixed.

Well, the thing is nobody got permits to start mining the UK for gold for their coins. That's enough fraud and paperwork failures right there to throw the entire UK magical government in jail.

Now, there are magical people taking trains and doing whatever with counterfeit muggle money, etc.

Also, since when have countries just given their land to secret societies that break the laws of physics?