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Aftel43 t1_jao0rly wrote

I probably should have inquired about how literally would I like to see my dreams come through part... This armor feels so weird, having such low reaction time and I mean low as in amount of time to react to something just like in the game... Is overwhelming, not fan of actually carrying the real assault rifle so I quickly set it inside of my arm armor.

I got to admit while I was in the convention I felt nervous as hell, moving around looking like fridge with a serious DARPA and ARS written on it. Thankfully the armor despite it's look is quite light and can take today's infantry fire power like no issue, however, when I got outside of the convention, I had to try it out, I started running and then transition to slide.

"Holy crap!" I said out loud and just started sliding around in 80 kilometers per hour, that is nuts but, man I like it. Just need to be careful with grass though. I decided go through some of my pockets. I pull out pack of Malboros, well. I 'ill be, not one into smoking but, these things are real as real can be.

Sam Gideon probably would have had much more fun with this armor if he wasn't being fired at constantly, even if you do have the grounds to call him crazy for enjoying what he does. I let the generator to recharge then test the Augmented Reaction Suit's name part. Augmented Reaction... I vault over a fence and leap high... It is breathtaking, deflating, overwhelming and beautiful.

I wonder what kind stunts I can get away with and I should polish this piece of wonder and leave a note as thanks. (If you are confused of what is in question feel free to ask).


(I was thinking about writing about a female cosplay for this prompt but, I will let you ask for it if you want to me write it)


axeriider5 t1_jar9hvg wrote

Dammit now I need to play Vanquish again


Aftel43 t1_jaremu6 wrote

In the eternal words of Sam Gideon: "This is gonna be fun". It was on sale in Steam at one point and it is still there.