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LadybugAndChatNoir t1_jar0eqo wrote

This was my first time writing something like this, and I tried to imagine what I would likely do in such a situation. I don't really plan on making this a common occurrence.


Aftel43 t1_jarhham wrote

It's pretty good. You just had my head spinning on... Okay, what could you possibly referencing as I went back to the names. Tikki is completely new name to me but, similar to it is. Tiki from Fire Emblem and Tokyo Mirage but, when I read Akuma I was just... Yeah, this can't be Street Fighter... So, I did a quick google and was just.

"Oh, something I hadn't at all heard of actually. Neat, good job".


LadybugAndChatNoir t1_jarhlhd wrote

Thanks! Although I hoped my username would have also been a clue! :)


Aftel43 t1_jarijzi wrote

Like I said, hadn't ever heard of anything about the series until now. I mostly bury my head in video games, what comes on history I am like vacuum cleaner going after some of that dust and I like geography.