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JoaquiGod t1_jedao1q wrote

No prompt, but you got this OP


ivthreadp110 t1_jec7wra wrote

Farting Snakes Wasting Rubies


so_unstable11 OP t1_jecbry3 wrote

The man who dies with secrets is a good friend

The man who dies with his riches is evil.

Red is the color of love

Diamonds are the gem of love

Who ever smelt it dealt it

Finders are not keepers

The dance is fun

The animal is scary

My love is pure

Your hate is stronger


so_unstable11 OP t1_jecbwzq wrote

This one was hard very hard so I went for something where the topics are implied


Yuriy116 t1_jecaeng wrote

Gilgamesh lamenting Enkidu.


Seb_Romu t1_jecb7yb wrote

Contrast a sunrise with a sunset, through metaphor, and without using the words "sun", "set", or "rise".


so_unstable11 OP t1_jechn03 wrote

Small children enter a classroom for the first time

Their eyes lighting up like the world at daybreak.

A year beginning.

Little stars ready to shine.

A universe of learning waiting for them

A room revolving around them


Young adults leave a classroom for the last time

Their eyes watering

A era ending

Stars in there own right

A new side of the world to light up


blackday44 t1_ject4v6 wrote

I have a set of cards from a company called Mythulu. It's to help with prompts. Here is a random sampling for you to write about. Pick one, pick all, or pick a few.
A texture: Camouflaged
An element: Metalloid
A habitat: Humid
A trait: Adorable
A character: Artist
A relationship: Rival


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nallywallu t1_jecdg90 wrote

Glass houses in rainy swamps (must rhyme)


so_unstable11 OP t1_jecy6j7 wrote

Rain take the lead 10 months of the year

Our world becomes mud

Just like I fear

Color dulls with each flower bud



Any time I took the blinds up

In her robe with her teacup

We live in a fishbowl I was told

"A muddy one at that"

It was a fact


(It is late I am am going for it I have a test in the morning.)


ivthreadp110 t1_jeci1of wrote

Audio lips seeking silly slipped ships


Ishouldbeworking01 t1_jeck5j6 wrote

Fresh bread


Looxond t1_jecrh7l wrote

A civilian in a battlefield


so_unstable11 OP t1_jecwy5r wrote

I miss you my dear

I am not supposed to be here

In this field of fear


Commercial-Cod38 t1_jecu2cn wrote

Radiation therapy


so_unstable11 OP t1_jecwnh7 wrote

(I had a friend who had to go through this so i worked of what they said I asked them to tell me there feelings and then edited and poem I dont have first hand knowledge so made it short)


It sucks the life out of me

Radiation therapy

I lose myself

All for the sake of my health


PhoenixKing320 t1_jecxtaf wrote

A pile of poop


SupersuMC t1_jed1ehe wrote

A mushroom cloud over yonder: Is it hidden by your thumb?


yxpeng20 t1_jed1vjm wrote

Traveling through a desert.


TheGr8Monke t1_jed41ru wrote

A dragon waking from hibernation to a new world he does not know


BawdyUnicorn t1_jed75y0 wrote

Don’t know if you’re still taking them but incase you are:

An explorer discovering an ancient temple


BrightFirelyt t1_jedcg5m wrote

Frost spreading across a window to herald the coming of winter.


ChangelingSoul t1_jedf99e wrote

The experience of a special interest deep dive


NewRomanian t1_jee9npe wrote

The stairway to Heaven is paved with terrible intentions


Zak_The_Slack t1_jeejupv wrote

From the lowest per of a journey to the highest (bonus points for using the words “nadir” and “apotheosis”)


28th_Stab_Wound t1_jeer95y wrote

A shapeshifter and the child they replaced reconcile their utter lack of differences.


ChristOnABike122 t1_jef0e0h wrote

A Lactose intolerant person who loves eating cheese


so_unstable11 OP t1_jef3h12 wrote

It might be my self destructive tendencies

But I love you

You hurt me and I coming back

Instead of putting up the boundaries I have been told would be good for me.

You stick your rotten and old too

but I keep coming back to you

I don;t know why I still eat cheese


doggo_with_knife t1_jeg447g wrote

A love poem where every remark about the other person is an insult. (“10 Things I Hate About You” and Sonnet 130 are perfect examples)


so_unstable11 OP t1_jegirxc wrote

(this one grabed a choke hold on me)

I love the way you treat me.

I love how you don't open the door for me because you know I am independent

I love your so driven that you sometimes forget about me

I love confident you are especially when your wrong

I love how you explain every little thing to me because you care

I love how you always tell me that i need to fix my hair

I love how you like to keep my ego down when you flirt with the woman giving us the check

I love how you make me pay for everything we do because you know how much I like work hard

I love how you always slam the door to make sure I hear that you are off to the bar

I love when you storm off to give me the space I need

I love how I have to say the opposite of what I mean


WahooSS238 t1_jege1yl wrote

Whirring steel and steam