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Time_Significance t1_jarcegj wrote

Wolf Man: What?! But I didn't do anything!

Hero: Not you! The evil spirit hiding under you!

A shadow bursts from the floor underneath the wolf man, sending him tumbling into the lower floor where he fell into a table filled with food. The chef was not impressed, for the food was supposed to be taken to the waiting food critic and will surely have dog hair all over them.

The sword suddenly glowed exceedingly bright.

Evil Spirit: Curses! How could I have been found out by this stupid sword-swinging buffoon!

Hero: I might be stupid, but you were not subtle.

Evil Spirit: How?! I am darkness personified! I move in the shadows! I hide in the dreams of men! I am the nightmares that plague your every sle--

Hero: It's midday. All I had to do was follow the large patch of darkness moving on the floor.

Evil Spirit: (silence)

Hero: (silence)

Wolf Man: Ow, I think I have soup in my ears!

Evil Spirit: Shit.