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Aquamarine_ze_dragon t1_jarcz3f wrote

"Why isn't it glowing?"

"Please don't kill me, I keep to myself and have not once gone into your town; I just want to live by myself and collect chickens." The beast whined with fear, odd.

"What are you talking about, you've been taking sheep, and there's at least three children missing because of you."

"You have the wrong person, I'm just a peaceful hermit. Also what were you talking about with your glowing sword, that thing is dull as a rock, I'd get it checked out by a blacksmith.

"But this is the place the old man with screams coming from his old cellar told me to come. Wait, he was the one..." Great, I messed up bad.

"You have to be the dumbest adventurer this side of Riverwood." Deserved.

"Sorry for the intrusion my good sir, I'll be on my way now, here's some gold as payment for the inconvenience." I need to get out of here and back to the old man."