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A_Username528 t1_jatfczp wrote

The hero looks at his blade, and falters. "Huh?! It's not-" he slaps the the side of the blade "work dammit!"

The wolf man looks up at the hero "wh-?"

"Silence beast! Just, give me a second!" He points the dull blade back at the creature, but the blade still doesn't do anything "agh! What's going on?! Why isn't it working?! What did you do?!"

"I-I didn't do anything! I swear!"

"Then why is my blade so dull?! It's supposed to sharpen in presence of evil!"

"E-evil? What? Can you not just-.... sh-sharpen it?"

"No, you can't just 'sharpen it'! It won't work"

"Can I try?" The wolf man slowly stands up

"What?! No!" He brings the dull blade down on the wolf man, causing him to stagger backwards

"Owww! What did I do to you?! To anyone?!"

The hero stops, lowering his blade "you uh-... ummm... you uh, scared people?"

The wolf scoffs "You're the first thing even remotely person shaped I've seen in the past year catboy. You sure this isnt some bias since im a wolf?"

"Um, yeah-! Or uh... n-not really, actually... sorry"

"Idiot" the wolf man scoffs and walks off