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hunter11534 t1_jatmlyz wrote

Some question the path I now tread. Some call me murderer and say I have lost myself to evil. Some say I have gone too far or even mad. I record here the moment I did not go mad, but the moment I realized the truth of the world.

“You shall not prey upon the good people of this town any longer evil beast!”

I stood in a doorway of the dim candle lit room, the
fireplace in the corner, sending cascading shadows to dance around the large space as though the shadows themselves were watching this moment and judging my
actions. In the corner huddled what was not a man and also not a full beast, but some twisted culmination of the two in a horrific bonding of flesh, fur, and deadly limbs ending in sharp razor edges.

“I am an adventurer sent here on a mission to destroy the evil that has been plaguing this land, and it seems I have found my prey. Prepare yourself beast of evil to be sent back to the depth of the underworld from whence your curse has been born” I proudly declared as I reached for my blade.

The blade of Azrath was an artifact blessed by the God of judgment herself to be used in slaying the monsters of the world. In the face of evil, it burns with the luster of the sun and gains the sharpness of a dragons tongue, able to pierce any foe. It has been the deciding factor in all my harshest battles, and time and time again has not let me down. Until now.


hunter11534 t1_jatmpnp wrote

“By Azrathian light, what is this?” I exclaimed in shock as I looked at my dull blade. The shine replaced with a rust like appearance, the sharpness replaced by dull edges that could no sooner cut through a loaf of
bread yet alone a creature of evil.

“You speak of evil” spoke the form bent over in the corner. Its voice is harsh, yet clear, its volume subdued, but with the weight of the promise of death behind it. “Evil plagues this land. It walks around in daylight, not ashamed of the destruction and pain it brings, yet no one stops it. No one pays any mind to the evil they let into their homes, their towns, their castles. You speak of evil, yet allow it to propagate through the lands like
a plague through wheat.”

The beast then raised its right clawed hand and tore into the flooring with a massive crunch of wood and ripped away a hidden door that was cut into the floorboards. 


hunter11534 t1_jatmu0c wrote

“Your masters have said I am a taint on the land. They say I am a cursed being” The beast chuckled in a deep growling low pitch that made my hair stand on end.

“Tell me follower, what does that blessed blade you carry have to say about this evil of mine?” The beast turned its head to look straight into my eyes with a knowing glare and a hungry twisted smile filled with hundreds of teeth as sharp as any sword.

As I stood there, part in fear, part in shock, and part in curiosity of the events that have played out so far, the beast reached into the hole it tore open moments before. I heard a shriek of terror as it lifted out a fear-stricken man with one clawed hand clasped around the back of his head. The man screamed in terror and uselessly tried fighting from the clasping clawed hand.

That’s when the man saw me. Our eyes locked, and a sliver of hope gleamed from his eyes as tears began to streak down his cheeks and began pleading for my help.
“Please, you there! Adventurer, you must help me! I am the one who sent for your contract!”

I made no movement to assist as I was struck with a horrific realization of my own.


hunter11534 t1_jatmzc6 wrote

“What are you doing? Help me! Is it more money? Maybe some women slaves you want? Children? Do you know who I am? I can get you anything! Anything! Please get this demonic beast off me!”

As the beast rose to its full height for the first time, its eyes boring deep into my own, it began slow lumbering deliberate steps towards me and the only exit from the room. The now screeching pleading man dragged beside him like a little girl might drag along one of her dolls.

The beasts’ final words will always stay with me.

“It is not I that has been cursed to hunt and live like a beast, no, my existence is penance to the world so that the beasts of men be hunted by me.”

As I stood there not moving a muscle, my focus came to the man, as the beast passed by with his next victim. The crying pleading man reached up and grasped onto my dull blade and found his fingers sliced cleanly off, the wounds instantly cauterized by the blades heat. That is when the truth sank in at last…this is no cursed beast of evil. This is Azraths judgment made manifest.

From that moment on, I pledged to never again let evil hide from my sight.


Zagreus7777 OP t1_jatnpt0 wrote

Wonderful work! How poetic it is for the terrifying monster to be the manifestation of holy judgement eh?


hunter11534 t1_jatpnro wrote

Thank you! Ya just know he went right to the nearest inn after that and downed a keg lol.


Zagreus7777 OP t1_jatpxkq wrote

The hero or wolf man? Because now I have the image of both of them sitting next to eachother at the bar downing mugs of beer lol


hunter11534 t1_jatqcpm wrote

Hahaha, that would be hilarious to see the terrified patrons react to them as they drink exchanging battle stories.


Zagreus7777 OP t1_jatqpml wrote

"-And then I cut off his head"

"You cut off his head?"

"I cut off his head."

"..That's kind of fucked up"

"I watched you rip out that guy's throat with your tee-"

werewolf puts a finger up to his mouth

"Shhhhh, we both agreed not to talk about that"


hunter11534 t1_jatrgma wrote

"And remember that time you shoved your sword up that per"

The man closes wear wolf's snout

"Ok ok point taken! No talking about either of those"