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joalheagney t1_je6y870 wrote


"Well it did, you saw for yourself."

"Gnnnnn. I mean you just killed a dragon ... using garden supplies! And what the hell was that incantation?"

"Look. We've been friends despite a lot of ... stuff. Can I trust you to keep a secret?"

"... fine?"

"Remember last April Fools when you sent me to that mundane world for a month?"

"Look. I've already apologised for that. I didn't think it would be that hard to bring you back. I even handed myself over to the College's tender mercies once I realised I wasn't going to get you back by myself."

"Not trying to guilt you man. That month was the best thing that ever happened to my magical career. I worked out how to visit any time I want and I've been spending the entire year learning SCIENCE!"

"Oh that trollop again? The scientific method blah blah blah, and that alg... algae.."


"Mathematics with letters. You expect me to believe that allows you to kill a dragon?"

"Well that and these books specifically."

"...Thermodynamics for Dummies? History of ... Guns? My Little Chemistry Set? Metallurgy for Beginners? I'm not getting it. And you still didn't tell me the incantation you used."

"Focault's Geometric Binding."

"... That's a First Year Spell, isn't it? What did it do again?"

"Makes a tube of magical force."

"... Nope. Still not getting it."

"I've just invented the Spell of Gun."


MangoTekNo t1_je86ouk wrote

Who needs to summon magical power when they can summon a mechanism to handle already existent stored chemical energy?


MechisX t1_je87lre wrote

The merger of science and magic.

Both the most amazing and terrifying thing ever.


Recon4242 t1_je98683 wrote

Crystals tell time, and rocks think


joalheagney t1_jebv5pb wrote

If I could write anything other than dialogue well and could turn this into a book, I think I'd actually go for fluid logic for my magic computers.

"That's a very pretty magical fountain incantation."

"Fountain? That's my desktop pc. It's running a mundane game called Doom. If you look closely at the display part here, you can see the main character just blew the head off a demon."

"... I actually find that pretty offensive dude."

"... oh shit. Sorry. I forgot you're 1/4 demon on your mum's side. I'll load up Tetris instead."


Recon4242 t1_jees7co wrote

It's an old meme from that we basically just have "magic" through raw force, and call this submission "technology".

A battery is basically like lightning in a bottle, being pushed through sand and metal to think. A quartz crystal oscillates at a frequency and is used to keep track of time.

(And almost everyone has this in their pocket)


CrackedCoffecup t1_je8751v wrote

LOVE it....!!

And I guess this explains why the LAST half-ass wizard I hired (who fashioned himself a burgeoning mathematician), couldn't get the job done : (He couldn't do FOCAULT ...) 🤭


LouisTheKing203 t1_je8cdeo wrote

Ah, it seems I’ve found a fellow Artificer


joalheagney t1_je8kt0v wrote

It's not true science unless you're making the laws of nature sit up and beg.


jewillett t1_je87t0b wrote

”Well that and these books specifically” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼