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cocoagiant t1_je7g1wh wrote

This has a lot of potential.

I could see it being kind of like the Fred, the Vampire Accountant Series by Drew Hayes.

It might be niche but I really like stories which go into the logistical issues of magic.


NextEstablishment856 t1_je7gh0k wrote

I may have to check that out.


cocoagiant t1_je7gzbs wrote

The writing isn't great but the concept is a good one.


MLockeTM t1_jea20kq wrote

In scale of Discworld to the trashfire which is Dresden files, just how bad is the writing? If it's at least readable, might give it a shot, the series sounds fun as all hell.


cocoagiant t1_jearv97 wrote

I would consider Dresden (at least books 4 onward) perfectly decent writing. Butcher is also a very good worldbuilder.

Hayes' prose is fine but his world building is not super consistent. His characters also aren't super well fleshed out.

It doesn't take away from enjoyment if you aren't an overthinker like me.


MLockeTM t1_jeb3vla wrote

Oh, I commented on another reply - I agree on the world building part. The world Butcher created is absolutely amazing, and I've bought and read every single book on the series, despite of hating the style he writes in. I can't describe it, and I know it's just me, but something about the way he writes is just grating to me.


FawksyBoxes t1_jeaqrkn wrote

O.o if Dresden files is a trash fire... What does that make Twilight on your scale?


MLockeTM t1_jeb3es3 wrote

An affront to literature?

Nah, to be fair, there's something about Butchers writing style, that makes Dresden files just god awful to read to me, personally. But I buy every single one anyhow, because I absolutely love the world he's built.


SirShartington t1_je8hrby wrote

Trudi Canavan's Age of the Five really scratched that itch for me.