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JustSomeDudeInPants t1_je7p86p wrote

The Magical Academy of the Magus Delegation was one of the most renowned in the land for training Adventurers who could help various kingdoms with their problems. Wizards who stoppered death, and bottled dragon's breath in neat orderly bottles while carrying scrolls covered in ancient glyphs and sigils. Sorcerers who molded the world around them through will and cunning. Warlocks who bargained with spirits and fey for secretive power. Even the occasional Bard, or Mystic would come from it's halls to perform quests for profit.

Most of the students in this academy were legacies, defended from retired adventurers who had made their fortune, and were passing the torch. I was different.

The 5th son of a fisherman and his wife, I had nothing to inherit, and no real cause for learning much beyond how to use a knife and trim a sail. But I knew some magic. I mostly worked with simple things. Cantrips and spells from the evocation school were my specialty.

It had all started when one of the 'Legacies' had stolen my components, and chucked them out the window. I had minutes to aquire enough components to perform 3 spells, and had only been able to find a salt shaker that was half full.

While other potential students laughed at me, I performed my first spell, by casting shocking grasp. The salt shaker had been made of rough quartz, and has a silver lid, so the shaker itself worked for this. The crystal structure flexed as I passed some magical current through it, and Zzzzap. Mild electric current.

Next I focused and cast a sleep spell on a rat in a cage. Sand was normally used, but both sand and salt are forms of crushed rocks that came from the ocean, so I was able to focus, and get the desired effect.

Being a Evocator, the natural third spell was elemental in nature. I conjured a spark from the salt shaker, passed the current through a handful of salt, and then threw the silver metal, Sodium, at the target, it lighting up with fire as it arced from my fingertips. Shocking Grasp, Sleep, and Firebolt. Although, the room did smell a bit like a pool.

The Legacies looked like they had eaten lemons. Their parents looked like they had eaten the trees the lemons came from. Some of the staff, who I would soon learn had a predisposition towards richer families that could afford to pamper their kids teachers, sneered at me.

The headmistress though, she smiled stood, and asked if I wanted to be her direct apprentice.

That's how I started on my path to becoming an adventuring Mage, with just my wits and a salt shaker.


S1eepyZ t1_jeblb69 wrote

Reminds me a good bit of the book series Potion Masters.