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micahamey t1_je8lfbt wrote

In the grand halls of the Arcanium, my fellow mages cast intricate spells, their luxurious velvet robes fluttering with every gesture. Meanwhile, I quietly practiced my modest magic in the corner, clad in a humble cotton robe.

"Lucius!" bellowed Archmage Branthor. "Redwater needs our help. Their harvest has been destroyed by a sudden frost, and their people are starving."

Lucius, a mage known for his extravagant spells and rituals, stepped forward. "I'll need several weeks to gather the necessary materials and perform the ritual, but I can save their crops."

I hesitated, knowing that Redwater couldn't wait that long. But instead of voicing my concerns, I decided to act on my own. I packed my meager belongings and set off for Redwater, determined to help them in their time of need.

Upon arrival, I gathered the necessary ingredients: salt, a bit of twine, and a single copper coin. With a short incantation, I sprinkled the salt over the frostbitten crops, wrapped the twine around the coin, and uttered the final words of the spell.

A warm breeze blew through the fields, melting the frost and reviving the withered crops. The villagers rejoiced, gratitude shining in their eyes. I simply asked them to keep my identity a secret, not wishing for recognition.

A week later, Lucius arrived in Redwater, laden with exotic ingredients and scrolls detailing complex rituals. The villagers exchanged amused glances, then directed him to their flourishing fields.

Lucius stared at the vibrant crops in disbelief. "But how? My ritual wasn't even complete!"

The village elder, a twinkle in his eye, explained that their crops had been saved by a mysterious benefactor, who had used a simple, yet powerful spell. Lucius, his face red with embarrassment, sputtered an apology before departing, his reputation bruised but his ego intact.

As word of Redwater's miraculous recovery spread through the Arcanium, the mages wondered who the mysterious hero could be. I kept my secret, a smile playing on my lips. I was the budget mage, and my swift, effective magic had saved a village, proving that grandeur and extravagance weren't always necessary to make a difference.