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joalheagney t1_jebv5pb wrote

If I could write anything other than dialogue well and could turn this into a book, I think I'd actually go for fluid logic for my magic computers.

"That's a very pretty magical fountain incantation."

"Fountain? That's my desktop pc. It's running a mundane game called Doom. If you look closely at the display part here, you can see the main character just blew the head off a demon."

"... I actually find that pretty offensive dude."

"... oh shit. Sorry. I forgot you're 1/4 demon on your mum's side. I'll load up Tetris instead."


Recon4242 t1_jees7co wrote

It's an old meme from that we basically just have "magic" through raw force, and call this submission "technology".

A battery is basically like lightning in a bottle, being pushed through sand and metal to think. A quartz crystal oscillates at a frequency and is used to keep track of time.

(And almost everyone has this in their pocket)