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Mautos t1_jdhawkv wrote

That was my first thought too. 9 hours of movies would just not exist if they could teleport like that.


W1ngedSentinel t1_jdhh1c6 wrote

Don’t they have to go somewhere first before they can teleport there? I’m not a Harry Potter fan but I’ve heard that’s how their teleportation spells work.


TheHumanPickleRick t1_jdia2zy wrote

Dumbledore is basically the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Harry Potter, he could probably apparate to Mount Doom based upon a sufficient enough description from Elrond.


they appear over the lava, Dumbledore lets go


Dumbledore appears back in Rivendell

"It's done."

"Where's Fro-"


"Thanks for destroying the Ring! Ten points to Dumbledore!"


salimeero t1_jdig5e2 wrote

You're not thinking back far enough.

"Oh no! Some dark lord named Sauron is amassing a lot of orcs and dark magic!"


clears throat ...whispers... Avada Kadavra.


"Not anymore."


SpoiledAzura t1_jdilaif wrote

Huh, would the ring count as a horcrux?


NextEstablishment856 t1_jdizquh wrote

It's pretty well the same thing with extra steps. Sauron poured all his hate and malice into it, and it kept him from being fully destroyed. Terms and process are a bit different, but the result is the same.


Nevadajack87 t1_jdjkb8n wrote

If he poured all his hate and malice into it wouldn’t he be absent those emotions? Without the ring maybe he’s a good dude?


NextEstablishment856 t1_jdjmgka wrote

Maybe when Isildur chopped off his hand, he was like, "Whoa, thanks man! I was really having a bad—" but then he got stabbed, so all that was left was what was saved with the ring. The ring was originally supposed to be, like, really good therapy.


TheBigOrange27 t1_jdim3is wrote

I feel like it's pretty similar, though seemed more likely to create new dark lords from corruption rather than resurrect Sauron.


Burnsidhe t1_jdivyv1 wrote

It is in fact a horcrux in HP terms. Sauron died, all that was left behind was the One Ring, which was forged with a piece of Sauron's essence. Because his spirit was anchored to the One Ring, Sauron was able to slowly reconstitute himself over centuries until re-emerging in Mirkwood, then being driven out of Mirkwood and returning to Mordor.


jointheclockwork t1_jdl9tnb wrote

It's all in the same vein of a magical knick knack that keeps the bad guy alive like a lich's phylactery or Koschei the Deathless's needle.


jaorocha t1_jdjrbg6 wrote

The thing is "magic" in The lord of the rings universe is really limited, and finite. Sauron, gandalf and saruman were higher life forms(maiar) and couldnt do things at will.

Saruman was completetely powerless by the end of the return of the king because he spent all his "magic".

As soon as the "new gandalf" have Access tô unlimited magic you either have sauron and saruman being granted the same prínciple, or the story becomes completely Dull because there wouldnt be a conflict.


UndeadPhysco t1_jdke3wp wrote

> Saruman was completetely powerless by the end of the return of the king because he spent all his "magic".

I thought Saruman was powerless because upon his return Gandalf essentially "outranked" Saruman and subsequently stripped Saruman of his status and power?


jaorocha t1_jdkmwrg wrote

Gandalf out ranking and breaking his staff is more of a narrative tool tô help us understand his "upgrade" after being reincarnated on a stronger body.

Saruman, much like sauron and morgoth, put his essence into The things he created. Most notable The uruk-hai, but also his own version of a ring of power. They couldnt tap into a infinite power source like most magic users usually do.

As an example: morgoth, as melkor, was The strongest Vala - valar were "gods" that ruled under eru, The all powerful God of middle earth. Melkor was constantly jealous of Eru creations and ever since The beggining he tried doing his own. His power wasnt enough tô create things per se, so he corrupted,reshaped. This made him weaker as The time went by, because his essence was embbed into his work..


mrzinke t1_jdl44do wrote

Gandalf's magic (and all the other magic users) is different in LotR than other worlds. They actually create new laws of reality/reshape reality with their statements, because they tap into a tiny portion of Eru Iluvatar's power of creation. They can't create whole worlds/continents like Eru could, but they can shape reality still.

When Gandalf tells the Balrog 'You shall not pass', he's making it a fundamental truth that the Balrog will not pass that spot on the bridge. Now, the Balrog has a similar level of power and could find workarounds, but it would not involve just passing where Gandalf stood.

In this context, this is what he says to Sarumen in the books:
'Behold, I am not Gandalf the Grey, whom you betrayed. I am Gandalf the White, who has returned from death. You have no color now, and I cast you from your order and from the Council.'
He raised his hand, and spoke in a clear cold voice. 'Saruman, your staff is broken.'

He doesn't cast a spell, he speaks and it becomes true. He just says his staff is broken, and it breaks. He says Saruman has no color (power) and he no longer does, because, yes.. he totally outranks Saruman now because he just cast Saruman out of the Wizards completely.
And this is the LIMITED amount of their power they are allowed to use on Middle-Earth.


CremasterReflex t1_jdkpsmd wrote

Well I’m not very confident that take is supported by the silmarillion….


Mautos t1_jdhhfcf wrote

I haven't read the books in a looong time, but iirc, they do actually need to know what the area they want to teleport to looks like. So I guess some kind of picture or maybe vision could be enough.


Bean_Juice_Brew t1_jdiar1a wrote

Someone has not read Hogwarts: A History! You cannot apparate and disapparate anywhere on Hogwarts school property.


EndorDerDragonKing t1_jdiby0m wrote

Wait, hold up, so Mount Doom is on school grounds?


Bean_Juice_Brew t1_jdic5dp wrote

Might as well be, ask JK Rowling and she'll tell you that was always the intent of the book


EndorDerDragonKing t1_jdico60 wrote

"... And over theres the womping willow"

"What about the mountain professor?"

"Oh that? Thats Mount Doom, we have a class there where you learn to make enchanted rings, Slazar Slytherinf was the one who came up with the idea"

"Whys it called Doom professor?"

"Its an active volcano my boy!"

"In scotl-"

"In scotland yes. Dont think about it, its magic"


Mautos t1_jdict68 wrote

Lmao what about it? It's not even in the same world


Bean_Juice_Brew t1_jdid4fi wrote

I was just being a smart ass


Mautos t1_jdie3ea wrote

No worries, deep down, we're all smart asses


Maleficent_Tree_94 t1_jdil5f7 wrote

Not all of us. Some of us are just normal asses.


yax51 OP t1_jdjuspi wrote

Some of us are neither, but we do have a great ass


Hellolaoshi t1_jdkdb48 wrote

Yes, perhaps. However, the land of Mordor in general and Mt. Doom in particular, was not exactly easy to access. I don't even remember if Gandalf had been there before in person. It was very hard to get to Mordor by yourself. Frodo had to meet Shelob first, and pass through her web. I mean, you wouldn't exactly go there to have a picnic on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a holiday destination. You wouldn't be able to sit there in the sunshine, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and drinking your martini surrounded by beautiful women. Female orcs would be available instead.

I am not saying it would be impossible to teleport there. But it would be a lot harder than going to ghe Shire, or Rohan.


Mautos t1_jdmirqd wrote

Okay, just one more thing I was thinking of. I might be wrong, but didn't Frodo have some kind of vision of the tower of something after putting on the ring?

If so, for Dumbledore there's a decently easy way to see others memories. If not, ignore what I just said lmao


Hellolaoshi t1_jdq4gvr wrote

Maybe. But I remember that he was able to see the Ring Wraiths' true shape when he wore the ring.


DragonLordAcar t1_jdi5652 wrote

Enchanted items have set destinations but teleporting just requires a clear picture but is still risky if you have never been there because you never really know a place unless you have been there. There is also the risk of leaving body parts behind if you are untrained which is why there was so much supervision teaching it and why several other methods are so widely used even by people who can teleport.


KCCCellist t1_jdkdlbx wrote

No you can freely teleport in Harry Potter. However there are enchantments to ban teleportation in some areas, including hogwarts, so you would have to leave the grounds in order to teleport.


mazurzapt t1_jdi43rc wrote

You have to admit ‘Shadowfax’ was fast though.


Troll-Tollbooth t1_jdifg33 wrote

Showed us the meaning of haste.


Aozora404 t1_jdko0ln wrote

And the meaning of shadow.

Did you know that the outer part of a shadow is called the penumbra?