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Real-Bad-Habits t1_je5iuan wrote

It was actually on here. It was a prompt about a Groundhog Day scenario where the main character relives the same day over and over. He dies and has to relive the day when his town is bombed. So after thousands of attempts to stop it he succeeds and it ends with drinking that night in celebration. The next morning he finds himself still reliving the same day after realizing that he gave himself alcohol poisoning and has to do it all again


Aftel43 OP t1_je5jgvr wrote

Ooh, ooh no. I feel bad but, same time I just want to say "You kind of shot yourself to your own foot mate".


[deleted] t1_je5h4os wrote



Aftel43 OP t1_je5l4xf wrote

True, my own is from His Majesty's Dragon second book. Where the handler discovered that his dragon has been stealing livestock (even if it was meant for the dragons) and taught how to do it to others. When the dragon made a statement of having to chase and count sheep. To which the handler just remarked "By the heavens" and started laughing.

I at first didn't realize why, then few sentences later it hit me why and I had to pause. Granted the first book has few amusing moments too.


EvilNoobHacker t1_je5u9w7 wrote

Most of the stuff I read here that makes me truly belt out with laughter is the stuff that's really absurd, the stuff that makes just enough sense to be related to the prompt, but outside of that, just makes for a hilarious image. The humor that I love the most is the jarring stuff, where you place people in a situation where their actions are just simply insane and weird, and takes me a hot minute to even figure out what's going on.


Aftel43 OP t1_je5vbi5 wrote

I fully understand why. I personally prefer humor that is contained but, everybody can laugh. Sass and good retort that just has been put humorously. >!Although secretly I love puns, way too much.!<


ColeMiner2 t1_je7p2nm wrote

"Star Trek: How Much for Just a Planet" is probably the funniest thing I've ever read.


burtleburtle t1_je6nxkb wrote

I've laughed so hard I had to pause so I could breathe again while reading the bricklayer's lament. But not the first time hearing it, nor subsequent times. I had it the first time I read Terry Pratchett about B. S. Johnson's ornamental trout lake and ornate fountain, but not on later readings. I got my sister laughing like that once when I was little when I said "applesauce", but it only worked for about five minutes, it didn't work after that. It's never been repeatable afterwards. It's fairly easy to keep it going for a few minutes once it starts. Tim Conway's Siamese elephants seemed to be that. I think I have to be primed somehow beforehand to get that reaction. Perhaps thinking "ok this is really stupid" and shaking my head before I get to the really bad part.


Mad_Moodin t1_je6oyoz wrote

There were several things. But I still recall one Audiobook that almost killed me cuz I was laughing so hard I almost crashed my car.

The book was book 4 of "This Triology is Broken" (I believe the book was "This quest is bullshit")

So there was an issue in the capital that nobody could get any flour to bake anything, except for Muffins that the bakers sold. It came out someone was secretly producing muffins and that someone probably prevented everyone from getting flours.

So the main character captures this dude secretly transporting flour somewhere. And she just absolutely threatens the shit out of him. And then menacing af she ends it with "Tell me! Where. Is. The. Muffin Man!"

I just lost it at that point.