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Nomyad777 t1_jdsxsjh wrote

Humans, also known as Daemons due to their fighting techniques, were finally put to heel. By an adventuring party of elves, we managed to infiltrate and kill their King.

But as he died and we were taken prisoner, not caring because we had finally won the war, we were shown a 'video.'

"This is a primer for any defectors to our cause, and stands as an introductory video into why the Beastpeople And Human Republic do as we do." the man we had just killed said.

"In the Terran year 2049 AD, Terra-Humanity, unified as the Terra Firma Systems Union, or TFSU, created a portal to an alternate dimension. Our alternate dimension. Terra-Humanity had recently united, and shared the same with us. They were... careful about it. They guided us around mistakes, but made sure we did each step on our own. By the year 74,029 Elven Rein, a mere one hundred years after first contact, the lifespans of Etheria-Humanity and the Beastpeople was up to one hundred years. By 74,128, we had matched Terra-Humanity with agelessness, and The Uplift was complete, despite the technological disparity as Terra-Humanity continued to develop.

"We had moved not quite as fast as Terra-Humanity, but fast none-the-less. The Beastpeople And Human Republic, known as the BAHR was our own unified government, and we were doing well. As the two most overlooked peoples of Etheria, getting a grand total of four visitors over the entire course of The Uplift, began to successfully reach for the stars. We left Etheria behind, and became the first from Etheria to venture out into the cosmos.

"But we couldn't fully leave Etheria behind - sure, people might not care much, but this is our sentimental home. So, with the assistance of the TFSU and the Inter-dimensional Gateway project, we began to subtly uplift the rest of Etheria. The printing press, the granola bar, fast food - these are all things both the BAHR and TFSU invented on our own. We shared them, and we tried, oh how we tried, to bring the prosperity we both were given and found ourselves to Etheria.

"But that wasn't enough. Corruption, enough to stagnate invention for the past seventy-five thousand years, they did not like the BAHR and, even if they didn't know it, the TFSU. So they attacked. Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, all in one massive campaign to stop our 'dark magics' of using the nature of the cosmos to create machines.

"So here we are, at the end of it all. By the time you watch this video, I am most likely dead; swords kill, after all. But I beg you. Do what I could not, and bring Etheria to a new age. Touch our suns; the TFSU have done their's. Land on a planet orbiting a distant star; we have, and we wish for you to as well. Travel faster than the speed of light, and make this all available to the common population.

"The BAHR cannot maintain such a prolonged conflict as this one, despite the backing of the TFSU. But..." The man sighed, and put his head in his hands. "Take my crown, one not of gold, but of responsibility; take my sword, not one of steel, but one of knowledge; Do what the best of the best in an alternate dimension could not, and bring not just peace, but true prosperity to these lands, and with it, innovation.

"I am, I was, Electorate David Daemon, winner of the one hundred and third election of the BAHR. Signing of; Power to the people."