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Fenix_Glo t1_jdzdkxv wrote

There’s a dumpster in the alley way between Bermuda street and Amelia Street. It’s by the abandoned bakery just before 111th avenue. Whenever waste management comes to empty the cans, this particular dumpster is always empty.


SciencesnObjects40 OP t1_jdzetph wrote

Decades ago, the entire country was terrorised by a serial killer.

What scared people wasn't the horrofic ways by which his victims died, the fact that he made his crimes known but was still running rampant, or the apparent randomness in the choice of the poor souls that had fell in his grasp.

No, what truly frightened the people, was that despite having made over 100 victims publicly, none of them had been found.

The identity of this killer, was nobody. He was not a person. He was not even a normal creature. This entity was evil personified, or else called Satan.

Growing bored of receiving and punishing guilty souls, he craved the blood of the innocent. He found a person at random, and enacted the most horrible acts of torture on them, just before killing them.

Using his otherworldly capabilities, he designated dumpsters, in which he dumped the body. Bodies dumped in the chosen dumpsters were to be never seen on the surface of the Earth.

His last murder was different, though. He had accidentally gotten a rotten soul, an awful individual. Getting no pleasure in killing him, and not wanting to reiterate this mistake, the prince of evil left the Earth to sit back on his throne.

But a dumpster had already been chosen, the one by the abandoned bakery just before 167th avenue. Sadly, without a body to dump, it is condemned to send everything that is left in it to the depths of hell.

For the rest of eternity, there will be a pathway to hell in the alleyway between Bermuda street and Amelia street.