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28th_Stab_Wound t1_jdzmnzj wrote

In the apartment block on Mileland Road, they have this elevator. Its pretty old, and it creaks whenever it moves. However, there was this one time where I opened the little service hatch on the ceiling out of curiosity. From the ground floor, I saw twelve more levels upward in the shaft. This was strange, since... well the building only physically has twelve floors.


SciencesnObjects40 OP t1_jdzr44p wrote

Every friday night, Mr Robinson took the elevator bringing a new woman up to his apartment.

Every saturday morning, Mr Robinson took the elevator alone, to go down to his car, to work.

He lived on the 12th floor of the apartment block on Mileland Road.

One day, after word got out that the women never did, the police came to investigate.

They asked the landlord for the key to Apartment n°617, on the 12th floor.

"There's no 12th floor", said the landlord.

Upon entering the elevator, the police was forced to realize that Indeed, there was no 12th floor. They left, and Mr Robinson was never heard of again.

But it is said that sometimes, when a woman enters the elevator on a friday night, another button appears, labeled 12.

Pressing this button, will lead you to a room, filled with women, not a single one alive. And getting out of the elevator, you will be followed by Mr Robinson.

On saturday morning, he will take the elevator alone.