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Repq t1_jdyl1yh wrote


Honey darling what can I say?

You know I had to find out some day.

Why didn’t you tell him about your father’s profession?


I may be a villain and more than a heel,

But seriously kid you’d know how how I feel.

We could’ve been civil,

I would have been fair,

But your super boyfriend is destroying my lair!


thoughtsthoughtof t1_jdzgtjh wrote

For anyone wondering heel means a contemptible person : a person who is self-centered or untrustworthy. felt like a heel.


Repq t1_jdzlvga wrote

I was thinking about the wrestling term.

   “In professional wrestling, a heel is a wrestler who portrays a villain, ‘bad guy’, or ‘rulebreaker’, and acts as an antagonist to the faces, who are the heroic protagonist or ‘good guy’ characters.”


It still cool and works either way though! Thank you for sharing!


RoboChrist t1_je0187r wrote

Fun fact: The word "heel", meaning "bad guy" is the origin of the wrestling term "heel", meaning "bad guy"!

The more you know!


TreeTurtled t1_je26j5d wrote

Not every time you get a poem as the top response


Repq t1_je2nvu4 wrote

I know! I am over the moon right now!


MrRedoot55 t1_je2e8n2 wrote

I appreciate your plentiful rhymes.

Those are scarcely utilized oftentimes.


Repq t1_je2x5j6 wrote

It took me a too long to realize you rhymed as well.

Subtle and clever, but surly swell!


lego1042 t1_je0hit6 wrote

> know how how I feel

I think you a word here.


jardanovic t1_jdymql3 wrote

"Honey, you're not... dating Freight Train, are you?"

Azadeh shook her head frantically, her braided hair whipping back and forth. A more cynical parent would've assumed she was lying to cover her ass, but I knew my daughter; she didn't play games when it came to my line of work. I sighed, traded my white chocolate latte for my sword, and got off the couch as I remarked, "So much for mother-daughter time."

Freight Train knocked down the door to the sunroom, prompting a pair of robotic ravens to shoot out from the ceiling and catch it before it could crush anything else. As the ravens started putting the door back in place, Freight Train pointed his finger at me and growled, "Let her go, Dr. Valkyrie. Now."

"No self-respecting parent would let their kid anywhere near someone who just broke into their house. Now back the fuck up."

Freight Train looked at Azadeh. "You're her daughter?! Why didn't you tell me?!"

Azadeh whimpered and hid behind me--something she hadn't done since she was five years old. My expression turned stone-cold as I asked her, "What did he do to you?"

Azadeh gulped before shakily replying, "W--We went on a date at the s--start of the month. We got d--dinner, and when he got up to use the b--bathroom, he got a text, and I saw the background on his phone. It...It was a picture of me. I panicked, and g--got into his phone like you taught me, and there were--" Azadeh let out a terrified sob and finished, "There were so many fucking pictures of me."

I turned back to Freight Train and yelled, "You've been stalking my fucking KID?!?!"

Freight Train growled. "Shut up! If she'd told me who her mother is, I never would've--"

"YOU'RE TRYING TO PIN THE BLAME ON HER?!! Oh, that is it, you sick fuck! I'm done putting up with you!!"

I snapped my fingers, prompting an automated turret to pop out of the wall and blast Freight Train with an almost blindingly white beam. Freight Train fell to his knees, struggling to articulate his words as I strolled over to him. After I had Azadeh close her eyes, I kneeled down next to him and hissed, "Hurts, doesn't it? That's the Pertho Gun, whittling away your life force into nothing. Clearing you out like the namesake rune."

Freight Train's breathing turned heavy as I poked my sword against his back. "I had this built a while ago, right around the time you got onto the scene. Never used it until now because I had hoped we could have some degree of professionalism between us. But then you did this. So you know what? No more."

I turned off the Pertho Gun and plunged my sword into Freight Train's back before he could recover. I dragged the blade along his spine to ensure he wouldn't survive and let out a whistle once I was done. My genetically-enhanced wolves trotted into the room and started ripping up Freight Train's body as I walked back over to Azadeh and softly said, "It's over, honey. You can open your eyes again if you want."

Azadeh opened her eyes slowly and collapsed into my chest. "Can I...can I stay here tonight? I don't feel good enough to go back to campus."

I tenderly held Azadeh's head and replied, "Of course, kiddo. You stay here as long as you need."


Slayer-Prime t1_je02r76 wrote

Fuck Freight Train, all my homies hate Freight Train Edit: wonderful story btw


DistinguishedSloth t1_jdylo4h wrote

Part 1

She should be here any minute now. I sat, tapping my foot restlessly against the smooth, natural oak planks that covered the living room floor. Who would have thought that landing on your feet from a 73-story building could cause some long-term nerve damage? Or could it be something else? Nope, definitely the nerves—The door-bell chimed, echoing and bouncing against the white walls that formed the four-bed suburban house.

It felt like I had been swept by a tsunami of emotion. Standing there, in the open doorway, was my whole world. A world which I had left behind.

“Hello, Bubs”, I said, unable to contain my smile.

“Don’t call me that.”

Refusing to make eye-contact, Andrea strode inside and perched herself on the edge of the cream coloured couch, folding her arms tightly against her chest as if creating an invisible forcefield. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Understandable, considering how long it had been since we last saw each other. Her hazel-green eyes had become more weathered, icy even.

“How’s University?”

Painful silence. Nothing I don’t deserve and exactly what I should have expected.

“Fine”, muttered Andrea quietly, scowling at me.

At least she glanced in my general direction. I guess that could be considered progress.

“Look, Andrea, I understand how difficult this must be for you to—"

“Understand”, Andrea scoffed.

She’s right. I don’t understand, how could I – we haven’t spoken in so long. She’s come here for a reason, it’s important she says what’s on her mind. I slowly walked over and occupied a seat across from her, separated by the mahogany coffee table her mother had gifted me years ago. Each second felt like an hour, transporting me to a world I had long locked away. Andrea looked up as if to speak, then taped her mouth shut and turned her gaze to the floor. We continued to sit in silence.

“You left me. Mum died… and you left me”, she let out a sniffle as the sentence cut its way through the icy atmosphere. The truth I had turned my back to penetrated my heart like a dagger.

“I know. I’m sorry”, barely audible above my growing guilt. The guilt that had been sealed off in the deepest chasm of my soul.

“I was angry Andrea, I wanted revenge, it…”, my throat thickened.

“It consumed me and I didn’t care who or what got in my way… I would have burned the world… and I couldn’t let you near me – you’d only end up like your mother.”

“You left me all alone dad”, a single tear appeared, clouding the edge of her black eyeliner.

True, nothing will change that.

Part 2

Against the deafening silence, I heard it. A low whistling in the distance; probably a few miles away. I stood up.

“Andrea, stand behind me”, voice hoarse with sorrow as I ushered her up off the sofa.

“No. What are you talking about?” Andrea replied in a puzzled tone.

The whistling had grown louder, the noise definitely seemed to be travelling toward us. I thought I left this life behind. Tied up any loose ends. No-one knows I’m here. I thought it was safe to invite you over, to try and rebuild our broken bond, Andrea.

My blood began to boil, I tensed and flared each and every muscle fibre throughout my body.

“Andrea, get behind me now!”, I said in a breathy, panicked yell.

The whistling was almost deafening, as if it was hovering right above us. She darted a pair of sceptical eyes towards me, but followed.

“Where is she?!” Boomed an orotund voice from above.

My thoughts started to race. She? Andrea…? No, surely not. What could you possibly want from my daughter…?

Across the room collapsed a large part of ceiling. I pushed Andrea to the floor as she let out a yelp and shielded her against the ricocheting chunks of metal, wood and plasterboard. If only she’d inherited my crystalline skin.

“Are you hurt?” I whispered to her, scanning the room.

She shook her head from side-to-side, face pale with shock.

My attention switched to the young man slowly levitating down through the gaping hole in the ceiling. He had long blonde hair, with streaks of silver. His lean, oval face was lined with fury. A long, faded scar followed his hollow cheeks. I’d recognise that face anywhere. Roland ‘Valiant’ Ross, the nation’s crown jewel.

“I see that scar has healed up nice—” In a split second I was thrown and pinned against the wall, Valiant’s arm pressed tightly against my shoulder.

“No thanks to you… Executioner”, Valiant spat out in guttural voice.

My stomach felt like it had caved in, the force of Valiant’s punch knocked all the air out of my lungs. Had he gotten stronger? Or have I become weak?

“What… do you… want with my daughter?”, I managed to cough out.

Valiant’s grip loosened slightly, his thin eyebrows raised as a look of confusion crept over his face. This was my chance.

I smashed my forehead against his nose, right in between his wide turquoise eyes. Valiant staggered back, letting go of my shoulder. My feet dropped to the floor, I pushed off and tackled him around the waist, slamming him down. I unleashed a barrage of roundhouse punches, swinging with both my right and left hook. Valiant was nimble, although my weight pinned him to the ground, he still managed to evade most of my hits. Just keep targeting the head, make sure he can’t focus on flying away. I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw his head down hard against the oak. I heard a faint crack, hopefully a fractured skull, not that it would affect Valiant much. Wait. This seems too easy. Why isn’t he fighting back?

“Stop! Stop! Please dad! Stop!” Andrea cried out.

“No Andrea. You don’t understand how powerful this man is.”

I drew back my shoulder charging up another shower of hits. Just as I was about to release, I felt two arms wrap against my back – trying to pull me away.

“Please… I love him, stop.”

You love him? Those words washed through my entire body, extinguishing my frenzy of anger.

I slumped over, facing up toward the hole in the ceiling.

Quietly, I said, “He broke through your mother’s ceiling, the debris almost hurt you”

“He can be… a bit extra at times, but he cares about me, a lot. And I care about him. Ross has been there for me these last few years. He helped when I was at my lowest”, she said in a tight voice. "Though, you could have used the front door, Ross"

Silence ensued, only to be broken by Ross, who let out in a croaky voice, “Rea… Your father is The Executioner?”


Slayer-Prime t1_je033iq wrote

Excited for pt2


DistinguishedSloth t1_je0rx9a wrote

Thanks :) I've posted part 2


Roguespiffy t1_je1xdtg wrote

Part 3 please?


DistinguishedSloth t1_je26yas wrote

Makes me really happy that you want to know more. Although, I gotta be honest, I'm not sure where I could take the story if I was to do a pt3.

If I was to work on this story again I think I'd just redo the ending. Rereading it now, it definitely seems rushed - but I had to go make food and didn't want to keep the guys waiting too long for pt2.

What would you like to see in pt3? Not making any promises though, I doubt I'll add more.


Roguespiffy t1_je285j6 wrote

That’s fair enough. Personally I’m curious to see how the situation could possibly be diffused or if one of them ends up killing the other and losing the daughter/girlfriend.

If you continue, awesome. If not, I enjoyed what you gave us.


DistinguishedSloth t1_je29r46 wrote

Funny you say that. My original draft had Valiant being killed by The Executioner. I quite liked the idea of The Executioner hating himself for the terrible murders he committed in the past -- and a part of that hatred being tied to his own super abilities and by extension anyone else with super abilities. He would kill Valiant because he believes it's the only way to protect Andrea. Because those with super abilities are cursed and only end up bringing pain or death to their loved ones.

In the end I took a different route. As I was writing The Executioner he came across as a softer, more damaged soul who had lost his way trying to avenge his dead wife. Ultimately, he was left with regret and wished to be a part of his daughters life again. So, killing her boyfriend Valiant probably wasn't the best move.

Hate to say it, but I think the power of friendship diffuses this one lol. Definitely rushed the ending but I'm pleased you enjoyed it :)


Roll_a_new_life t1_je3tftk wrote

I was thinking something else.

No healthy relationship has a partner come screaming through the door(roof) of the family member's home, demanding them back when they are willingly visiting. Since Executioner even mentions it's an unknown location, and there is nothing to suggest to Viliant that she is not visiting a friend, it looks like Valiant was just pissed 'his' girl left without his permission. She didn't tell him because she either didn't care about him enough to tell him(which we find out is not the case) or she didn't want him to know. Given his reaction, we know why. Mix that with her difficult past and that they met when she was vulnerable and alone...? She's a prime target for a narcissistic, love bombing, isolating, super powered jerk.

...but the whole "The good guys are bad" is getting played out.


DistinguishedSloth t1_je4m5zx wrote

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Yeah that would have been a much more interesting avenue to explore ngl lol. ‘The good guys are bad’ trope is getting played out but I can see now I definitely hinted toward it being the case - so I basically promised the readers that the superhero isn’t all that good but then I didn’t deliver on it. That sucks. I wanna re-write it now. Would you be interested in reading an alternative version?


Roll_a_new_life t1_je4xk9w wrote

I think there were hints, not a promise. Valiant instantly stops fighting back, which is not something a raging abuser does on the word of their partner. I think you'd just need to explain it away with like... she has a piece of tech or something on her that alerts to villains. Then she's suspicious and confused, Executioner is confused and alarmed, and Valiant jumps into action.

But yeah, I would like to read more! I don't think you really need a rewrite, even, but you know best. It's really tragic, I can believe that no one is going to try to help her, or even believe her, except Executioner... and Valiant has very good reason to keep her away. You could absolutely wreck my entire day, lol.


PenHistorical t1_jdypb87 wrote

"Papa, please, let's just go." Issy whispered to me, tugging at my arm like she'd done since she was just big enough to reach it.

"RAZOR! GIVE HER BACK!" Dancing Blades boomed from the broken door to my lair, her voice deep with rage. I'd rarely heard her like this - doing nothing to feminize her testosterone-induced voice. Usually I called it a win when I got her to lose control like this, but right now I was very, very confused.

"Hun, I have no clue what she's on about." I patted Issy's hand and watched the door to my inner sanctum as I heard Dancing Blades storming closer. My minions knew to clear out - I didn't want any of them getting hurt in these clashes. "I think this is a misunderstanding we can just clear up."

A light blipped over the door, and I telekenetically placed Issy in the safe bubble along the wall. All my people knew of these bubbles - they'd let anybody with one of my tags in and protect them from basically anything up to and including a bomb and the complete collapse of the building - we'd tried.

The doors blew off their hinges - really, they were designed to - made for the most satisfying entrances for the heroes, and saved a bundle on replacement costs when they could just be slotted back into their place.

"YOU! HOW DARE YOU!" Suddenly Dancing Blades looked over at Issy, and her voice changed to one of concern. "Lissandra, are you alright? Did he hurt you?"

My eyebrows flew up, and I turned to Issy as well. "Issy?" I asked.

Issy looked down at her feet, suddenly appearing very sheepish.

I turned back to Dancing Blades. "Truce?" I asked, keeping my body relaxed and my hands by my sides.

She pointed her main sword at me. "Release her."

I raised my hand slowly, and beckoned Issy out of the bubble. She stepped forwards, wringing her hands and not looking at either of us. "You should know that everyone in one of my bubbles is free to leave at any time." I could see hesitation flicker across Dancing Blade's face. I knew she assumed I kept my people here with force and threats, or that they were morally corrupt and just as evil as me. I wasn't sure she was ready for the truth, but Issy had somewhat forced my hand.

"Please, sit." I moved slowly, waving my hand between us and raising the table built into the floor. It was a low table, with cushions tucked into cubbies beneath it - I wanted any guests to know that their seat would not fall out from under them.

Issy moved to the table and pulled out a cushion first, dropping it to the floor and sitting cross-legged on it. I followed her example, continuing to move slowly, waving for Dancing Blades to take the seat across from me.

Dancing Blades looked between the two of us and sheathed her sword. Still cautious, she moved over to the table and pulled out one of the cushions, dropping it to the floor and settling on it with a bit of fumbling. Clearly Issy hadn't yet gotten her used to floor tables.

"So, is there something you'd like to tell us?" I asked Issy.

"Um, Papa, this is my girlfriend, Leanna. Leanna, this is my father, Wally, and yes, it is based on Wall-E." Issy kept her eyes on her clasped hands. "Please don't fight."

"A pleasure to meet you." I said, keeping my voice calm and light. I was rather proud of Issy - by giving us both the other's legal name, she kept the playing field even.

"You can't be serious." Leanna said, her gaze moving between us.

"Unfortunately, she's quite serious." I replied.

"But you said your father's dead!" Leanna started to rise in burgeoning anger.

"Her biological father is dead - and her mother." I gestured for Leanna to sit back down. "I adopted her and have raised her since she was 5."

"But -"

"This doesn't have to change anything." I offered.

"WHAT?" Leanna's voice shot into her highest register with the exclamation.

"You can still barge in here and we can fight whenever you're pressured to deal with me or whatever." I shrugged, then looked towards the entry where a few of my people were poking their heads in. I waved to them. "You might as well put the doors back up." I called over.

Leanna turned and watched as my people picked up the two halves of the doors and slotted them back into place.

"Ball and socket hinges." I commented absently. "They blow off quite nicely, but the weight of the door keeps them in place if you're using them in a polite manner."

"I am so confused." Leanna complained.

"Fair enough." I shrugged. "Really, I just have one question for both of you."

Issy looked up, suddenly very suspicious.

"Are you using protection?"

"Daaaaaaaad!" Issy buried her face in her hands.

"Yes." Leanna replied calmly. "We're using protection."

"Good." I smiled. "Everything else can be worked out over time."

I paused, looking between them, then thought of something. "Oh. Let me know if my taunting you until you drop your voice is causing you any distress. I can pull back on that."

"I -" Leanna looked at me with shock in her eyes. "I'll let you know. I'm not sure how I feel right now."

"That's fine. Tell me at any time." I reached across the table and held my hand out. "Welcome to the family, young lady."


BinaryCortex t1_jdz6uxm wrote

Very nice. The doors are a nice touch, and I love the fact that the "villain" treats the whole thing as a play. I don't suppose there is more to this particular interaction?


PenHistorical t1_je0nsc0 wrote

There was more in my head, I just didn't get a chance to write it out last night. I got down to the wire of when reddit becomes blocked for the night. Getting to sleep on time and all that absolute rot. I'll see if my muse still has the threads, but no guarantees.


PenHistorical t1_je1zvhg wrote

Leanna stared at my hand, deep conflict in her eyes. "You kill people."

"Technically, so do you." I returned my hand to my side, acknowledging that she was not ready to take that step.

"I kill bad people."

"So do I."

"You kill innocents!"

"Name one innocent that I've killed."

"Andrew Ike."

"Used his money to fund conversion therapy."

"Thomas Wilkes."


"Pamela Green."

I blinked. "In what world is she an innocent?" I glanced over at Issy. "Are you sure you want to be dating this woman?"

Issy, who had been watching us with concern, sighed. "She's just going down the list they make her recite every year during publicity stunt season."

"They're reciting the Wall now?"

"Yeah," Issy slumped, "and it's exactly what you thought it would be."

Leanna looked between us in confusion.

I looked at Leanna for a moment, cocking my head, then made a decision. "Come with me, both of you." I rose, leaving the cushion on the ground, and headed towards the main door - no need to show Leanna where the secret exits were. I heard both young women rise and follow me, and smiled slightly when I caught them reaching for each other's hands out of the corner of my eye.

"The Wall wasn't my idea." I spoke casually as I led them to the stairs and down a level - somewhere Leanna had never been, as I made a point of being in my office whenever a hero came calling. It was much easier to keep any property destruction or collateral damage to a minimum that way. "My workers started to put it up after Green. They wanted a record of the change we were having, and, honestly, it's become very useful in tracking the actual results of our work, but when they started putting up pictures of our good works, I made one stipulation." I paused in front of three pictures. "I wanted every entrance and exit to the Wall to have the pictures of any mistakes we'd made, so that no matter what everyone would see the mistakes twice every time they saw the Wall."

The three pictures made my heart hurt every time I saw them, but I refused to look away. I touched below the first picture. "Andros Klein, a friend and confidant, whose death during a fight with Rime resulted in me pulling back from any villainous activities until I could properly protect my people from any and all counter-attacks."

I moved to the second, again touching directly below it. "Richy. Richard Easton, 6, was caught in the blast that killed his parents - real estate moguls who gouged their tenants into poverty and dumped them on the street, then called the police to 'clear out the riffraff'. Richard had been scheduled to be at a sleepover, but had gotten sick and stayed home. After his death, we paused our activities until we'd created protocols and technologies that allowed us to ensure no one unexpected was in the target zone."

I moved to the third and final picture, my hand trailing along the wall into position. "Victoria Tillie a.k.a. Springtime," a soft click indicated that the door to the Wall had unlocked, "was a hero who was supposed to surprise me and be able to kill me that way, and she nearly managed it. Actually threatened and hurt by her barbed vines, my failsafes kicked in, caging her in a sensory deprivation environment designed to keep any hero from being able to use their powers to escape through a combination of restraints and unexpected stimulation - mild electric, water, touch, etc - triggered by attempts to move. Unfortunately, we put too much faith in the chamber, and no one stayed to monitor as my people carefully extracted me from her vines. By the time we got to her, the chamber had done irreparable harm to her body and mind. She lived, which honestly may have been the cruelest fate for her.

"After Victoria, we made deals with the people in charge of heroes. We got our people into a position where they could monitor the abilities and assignments of all the heroes. I don't use the information to avoid the heroes, just to make sure I was never surprised by them. Never needed to use my failsafes ever again." I looked over at Leanna. "Your handlers understand, too, why this is necessary. They need villains, so that people don't turn on the heroes as dangers. They need to be able to separate people like us into good and evil and show that they have control over the good ones, otherwise normals would call for the extermination of us all."

"I'd never even heard of Andros or Victoria - they're not on the list, though Richy is." Leanna spoke quietly, staring at the three pictures.

"They hid Victoria's very existence. They didn't want any of the other heroes to know that what happened to her could happen to them." I looked Leanna in the eyes. "By the time we reach the end of the Wall, I am 99% certain that you will agree with me that Richy and Victoria are the only ones who deserve to be on that list."

"Not Andros?"

"Andros was killed by Rime. He's on my list of failures, not my list of kills." I closed my eyes, remembering holding Andros' hand as he slipped away. Calling his name. Calling for help. I didn't care that Leanna and Issy both saw the tears that escaped my eyes. I wasn't ashamed of my grief.

"Papa, please tell her the rest about Victoria." Issy said quietly. "She needs to know."

I glanced over at Issy, then sighed even as I smiled sadly. "We'll visit her after the Wall. I'll explain then."

Issy nodded her assent.

"Tell me now." Leanna demanded.

"They locked Springtime away. She'd lost control of her powers." Issy held Leanna's hands and looked up into her eyes. "They considered her a danger. Father rescued her, brought her here. He talked to her family, but they rejected her. She lives a few miles away, safe. Our people take it in turn to visit her, wearing protective gear specifically designed to stop her powers from hurting them."

"They haven't needed it nearly as often recently." I commented, more to Issy than to Leanna. "They still wear it, of course, but they're only getting tagged when she has an episode these days."

"That's so good to hear!" Issy reached over and squeezed my hand with her free one. She was Victoria's friend, and she knew how much Victoria's situation haunted me.

"Anyways," I reached for the door and pulled it open, then looked over at Leanna. "By the way, don't touch the door handles. They deliver a nasty shock if you're not in the system." That was a lie - not the shock part, but she didn't need to know all the secrets of my base. Issy, who knew the truth, accepted the lie without complaint, though I did catch her squeezing Leanna's hand briefly.

So, a squeeze of the hand means there's more to the story? I placed the words delicately in her mind, and caught an immediate wash of annoyance tinged with hurt. My guess was wrong. Sorry, love. A sigh accompanied the poke in my side as Issy started leading Leanna down the hall, pausing every foot or so to let her look first to the left wall, which had pictures and lists of misdeeds, then at the right wall, which had touch screens with small data chips, programmed to display a timeline of the results of each person's death, each point on the timeline clickable to pull up a detailed analysis of cause and effect. On the timeline, net positives were in a bright blue and bold, net negatives in a slightly dull red and italicized, and net neutrals in standard black.

At the first few pictures. Leanna spent time clicking through the analyses, but as we continued on I noticed her spending more time reading the lists of misdeeds, then glancing quickly over the analyses. I could tell she was noticing the two things that we'd worked very hard to achieve - the lists of misdeeds got more specific, to the point of needing interactive displays of their own more and more often, including names of those harmed where possible, and the timelines showed more blue and less red.

The Wall wrapped around the top level of the underground portion of our research facility, though with only 174 pictures, there was still plenty of space before we'd have to start condensing the displays. Currently, the pictures didn't make it halfway around yet, so when we reached the end I turned us around and walked us back, pausing in the antechamber to run my hand below each of the three photos there and say their names out loud again. "Victoria Tillie a.k.a. Springtime. Richy - Richard Easton. Andros Klein." Then I opened the door and led the pair back to my office.

The low table was still sitting there, the cushions straightened but still on the ground, and three steaming mugs had been added to the table. I smiled as I settled in and took a sip of the Thai tea in front of me, humming in pleasure at the creamy, sweet taste. Issy took a sip of the mug in front of her and also smiled. Leanna looked at the mug in front of her suspiciously, so I reached over and picked it up, taking a sip without hesitation before handing it back even as I made a face.

"You like your coffee black? Really?" I asked, somewhat disgusted. I quickly cleared the taste with more of my own tea.

Issy reached over and took a sip as well, making a face. "It is your favorite bean, and roasted just the way you like it." She, too, quickly took a sip of her own drink.

"Who? How?" Leanna looked at me with deep suspicion.


PenHistorical t1_je20bga wrote

I raised my eyebrows. "I did tell you my people made it their business to know everything about the heroes."

"What possible need could your people have to know how I like my coffee? Or even that I do like coffee?"

"Antifreeze." I deadpanned, and Leanna paled.

"You did that?" She looked at me in horror. "He's not on your wall."

"No, his CO did that and blamed it on Heathen. My people have access to all the information that the HERO project gathers, and after that we made it a point for at least three people to have the base data for a hero memorized - one per shift. That way if someone has a question, there's at least one person on call who can answer."

"What about weekends?" Leanna asked.

"Everybody's on call to answer questions, and they know they'll be paid for the time and disruption if they do get a call. We try not to, but it does happen." I shrugged. "So, do you have any thoughts on the list?"

Leanna's brow furrowed as she frowned down at her coffee. A stubborn look crossed her face, and I prepared myself just in time as she stood and flung her mug across the room towards my desk. The desk itself was already protected, and the mug bounced off the bubble around it while I quickly deflected the coffee away from myself and Issy, letting it splatter across the floor.

"DAMNIT!" Leanna stalked away from us to the side wall and punched it, hard. It gave under her hand with a heavy crunch, and she pulled back, staring at her fist. "WHY AM I NOT BLEEDING?" She turned to glare at me.

I telekinetically tapped a button on a panel that pulled out from my desk when I bothered using my fingers to manipulate it, and the wall popped back into place, looking untouched. "The walls are designed to do as little damage to anyone hitting them as possible." I replied calmly.

"DAMNIT!" She whirled around and punched the wall again, and again, and again.

"That's enough." Seeing the flash of the warning light that let me know real damage was about to be done, I sent Issy back to the bubble with her coffee, the cushions to their cubbies, the desk into the floor, and my own tea to my desk, then stepped to the center of the room and pulled Leanna back from the wall, turning her towards me. "Stop taking your emotions out on my wall."

"Fine!" She lunged for me, using her bare hands instead of drawing her blades. I allowed her to close, using her momentum to send her into a tumble. She took the roll with trained grace and popped back to her feet, lunging at me again.

For a good five minutes, until her energy was well and truly drained, she came at me, and I tumbled her to the ground, the entire thing feeling like a low level but intense randori on the aikido mat. Eventually, she stayed down and just looked over at me.

"I never had a chance, did I?" She rasped, breathing heavily.

"In here, or in life?" I asked, settling into a kneeling position an unthreatening distance away.

"Both." The bitterness in Leanna's voice touched my heart. It was an emotion I knew well.

"No, but you do have a choice."

She rolled over and pushed herself up, mirroring my pose with a wince. "And what choice would that be?" Bitterness rolled off her lips with the words.

"Well, first off, you can chose whether to put yourself in pain or sit in a way that's more comfortable for your body." I pointed out, allowing a level of snark to slide into my voice.

"Can we sit at the table again?" Issy asked, having stepped out from the bubble.

"Sure, hun." I popped the table back up with a thought and stood up, holding my hand out to Leanna to help her up. She stared at it for a good minute, then took it, letting me pull her to her feet.


PenHistorical t1_je2n9i3 wrote

As Leanna looked down at me, capping my height by a good foot, she blinked. "You're so small." She mused. "I'd never noticed."

"I was estrogen-afflicted as a teenager." I shrugged. "Didn't get any testosterone-fueled growth spurts until after my growth plates had fused."

"Wait, so you're..." Leanna trailed off, blinking. I let her process the new information. It wasn't exactly something that had come up before in her life.

"Did you ever wonder," Issy asked quietly, "why most of the heros you know are trans?"

"Not really. I kind of figured they just kept us together for our own safety. It's not like we get to know everyone. Besides, a lot of the newest ones aren't." Leanna shrugged.

"You're about the same age as Issy, so you weren't alive when it started." I spoke quietly. "The conservatives were losing ground in their battle to keep the status quo. They kept targeting the trans community, trying to make trans women public enemy number one. It was failing, in part because the existence of trans men threw a wrench into all of their arguments about 'keeping women's spaces for biological women,' so a few people with a lot of money decided to deal with the problem extrajudicially.

"They targeted injectable testosterone and estrogen, falsely assuming that only trans people use it. The thing is, they weren't trying to kill us outright, because that would be too obvious. They added things that attacked our DNA, changed us, and in a way they succeeded. You see, it's not illegal to be trans, but it is illegal to be Changed and not register with the government. It was only about five years ago that the government found out what was causing the changes and stopped them very, very quietly. We know because our people are the ones who inflitrated the companies, found out what was going on, and leaked the information.

"The United States government kept it hush-hush, and convinced almost all the other governments to do the same, because they realized that they had just been handed, gift-wrapped, a means of keeping a database of all the trans people. Heroes are the Changed who accept their orders. Villains are the Changed who either refuse to register with them, or refuse to bow to them, and though they track non-trans Changed, they don't conern themselves nearly as much with them unless they are actively harming others."

"What about the new kids?" Leanna asked. "They're not on hormones - hell, most of them are actual children."

"The people deciding what to add to the hormones didn't think about the fact that trans people can reproduce." I replied dryly. "Or that genetic changes might be passed on."

"That's - stupid." Leanna looked disgusted by what I'd told her.

"Bigots usually are." Issy muttered.

"They also really didn't expect the number of cis people who had changes, though many of those were far less intense. You see, the changes occurred incrementally over time and by dosage, so a cis man just supplementing his testosterone got a much smaller overall dose than those of us completely replacing our hormone production." I chuckled. "Athletes, on the other hand, had rapid changes that often ruined their careers, but because they were illegally doping it was pushed under the rug and the companies were able to quickly pivot and start producing just enough uncontaminated to supply to athletes so they wouldn't get caught. The whole thing was considered a single bad batch and then the world forgot."

"Is that why you're so powerful? Because you took it for so long?" Leanna asked suddenly.

I smiled. "Yes and no. A lot of us figured out pretty quickly what was happening, and the ones who had a choice often chose to stop taking their hormones or reduce their dosage. I was curious, and at the time I had no hope, so I actually very slightly increased my dosage. A group of us got together and figured out which companies were selling the contaminated hormones - all of them, by the way - and we figured out how to filter most of the contaminants out. It took us almost 10 years to figure that out, and another 13 to infiltrate the companies and gather the evidence we needed to get them shut down. We became a reseller of as much of the stock as we could, but they never sold only to us and we could only do so much. Through all of it, though, I took the contaminated stuff, but only when each change was finished. We wanted to know what would happen, and I didn't have any other reason to bother living." I shrugged, long at peace with the decisions depression had guided.

"You also spend a ridiculous amount of time every day training." Issy added with a half-glare.

"This is also true." I acknowledged. "About 3 hours a day of mixed cardio, body weight and resistance exercises, and martial arts."

"On his rest days, he goes on a three hour walk." Issy snarked, speaking to Leanna, but pointing her ire at me.

"I get stiff if I don't move enough." I shrugged nonchalantly back at her, my exercise being a longstanding annoyance of hers. "And I have to be able to contain any heroes who come by at any time without killing them."

"They're planning to drop a targeted nuke on your base." Leanna blurted out.

"I know." I replied.

"Today!" Leanna added.

"I know." I pushed my mug away a bit and leaned back on my hands. "My people will be clearing out of the upper levels soon, just in case."

Herbert poked his head thorugh the door, saying only, "it's time."

"My people will be clearing out now." I addended. "You'll either want to go with Herbert, or head out. You won't want to be here." I got to my feet and stretched, then waved the girls to stand as well.

Issy reached over and grabbed Leanna's hand, tugging her towards Herbert.

Leanna started to follow, looking like her head was spinning with the information I'd given her.

I reached over and caught Leanna's arm. When her eyes met mine, I flicked mine towards Issy, then placed the words take care of her in her head. She looked taken aback, then nodded.

As Issy and Leanna were led to the well-shielded areas below, I took the stairs to the roof. It was time to retire.

What only those who are completley trusted know - and we'd used me and the others who kept taking their doses to figure out how to selectively unlock abilities, so our most committed members were all telepaths - is that I am not the head of the organization. I am the face. The villain everybody knows about. The one everybody blames. I am the one heroes try to kill.

And I am tired.

Today, our compound will be razed to the ground, all lives lost.

In ten years, or fifteen, or five, somebody will realize that people are trying to pick up where "my" organization left off, and another face will rise. Another villain will take the stage and dance with death again and again.

Someday, maybe, the last true villain will lay dead. The last liar who will rile up the masses with hyperbole and falsehoods just for views and fame will be a bloody smear on the ground. The last vestiges of corporate and personal greed that leave others hungry while food lies rotting and poisoned in dumpsters, leaves people cold in the rain while apartments lie empty, their prices too high for anyone to actually rent, will be erased from this planet.

Someday, maybe, my daughter won't need armed guards when she marries her partner. For now, though, I know that, whether I live or die today, whether I can control this blast while stopping the knife I'm pretty sure will be planted in my back or not, if she needs those guards, she will have them.


PenHistorical t1_je2nd5y wrote

Ok, that's it. Done.


JerrePenguin t1_je3dwpu wrote

Well fluck.

Now i'm curious to Issy's and Leanna's story after.


Socratov t1_jdzcshr wrote

"Audrey! Dinner!"

My daughter moans something through her door about not wanting to do family dinners anymore. Her door opens.

"Dad, how can we have family dinners if we aren't a family anymore? Besides I live on my own now. I'm an adult you know... I have my own life."

"Audrey, you know your mom and I discussed this. what you do on campus is fine by us, but when at either of our homes we sit down for a family dinner. Besides, a family is whatever you make of it. No need to get all 1950's on me."

My partner winks at me, cute as a button in an apron embroidered with the text I could tell you the secret, but I'd have to kill you.

"Ugh! Fine." A grunted sigh escapes her lips.

We take our places at the dinner table as sirens start blaring. I stand up.

"Please, continue. I'll go check. Must be some rodent skulking about."

I pull up a camera feed on my phone and notice my nemesis. Angrily shaking her fist and mouthing words. I engage the audio feed.


As the audio spreads through the room I notice my daughter freeze.

"So Audrey, sweety. Anything I should know about you having your own life?"

I mute the audio and engage defences. Not noticeable, but doors get reinforced, walls get covered by a subtle forcefield, weapons start coming online.

Audrey looks like she's seen a ghost. My partner looks at me and motions for me to leave the room. He was always great at these things. I meanwhile leave the room and move towards my lair. I engage the microphones in the dining room.

"...and then she..." sob

I get dressed for battle as I hear how my daughter, my all, my everything tells my partner what happened. My boots click in place while I hear about the humiliation. My gloves slide on as I hear about the abuse of trust. My helmet seats firmly and connects to the torso part as I hear about the use of mind magic, coercion and ensuing blackmail.

As I leave my lair's postern I have heard enough, yet still my daughter continues telling about how my nemesis made her miserable. How she tried to end things, only to be coerced back into it.

I come into my nemesis' view. I make sure that the sound from outside carries through to the livingroom.

"Finall-" I cut her off. "You come to my house, to demand I hand over MY DAUGHTER so you can abuse her some more? I have heard all I need to. You have 3 seconds to remove yourself from my sight. If I ever see you again, you shall wish you were never born."

"What do you mean your daughter?"


"She is mine. I have claimed her. and I shall take her after I reduce your body to smouldering ashes"


My nemesis moves towards me to attack. Confident. Thinking she has had the upper hand. Fact of the matter is, I have been holding back.

When I started out, and was still married to my daughter's mother, I made a mistake. it made all the difference. Where before I was just a crazy scientist, but considered benign. After the mistake I was labeled a villain. I caused someone to die. And I swore not to do so again. But my ex-wife couldn't live with me anymore. So we separated. I promised not to tell Audrey about me, who was still an infant at the time. She would later discover my lair and I would come clean. We made it work. I promised not to meddle in her affairs she promised to keep everything under wraps. it was she who inspired me to branch out into acts of eco terrorism. Wrecking some pipelines was all for her and even though I couldn't make sure they weren't replaced, it was a bit of a bonding experience.

"Three" I say softly.

My nemesis hits me with a punch. It connects. But instead of me getting a transfer of kinetic energy and moving I stay put and absorb the impact. Other times I would only absorb part to keep up appearances.

Not this time.

As my nemesis starts throwing hit after hit, punches and kicks flying I stand there and see in my HUD various dials moving. The kinetic energy she puts out would be immense for a human. But she is not human. She is more than that. My suit takes some damage, minor stuff really. My energy reserves are near capacity.

I catch her foot.

"My turn"

I pull on her foot to get her torso closer to me as I bring my other fist forward. I engage the energy stored in my suit. An explosion of blood and viscera. When the red mist drops all I am holding is a leg. Her head has dropped and her eyes and mouth twitch.

I reach into a pocket and open a container with spores. I dump the contents on the bloody patch of ground and see fungi devour the blood and gore until nothing remains. I get back inside. I store my suit away for cleaning and trudge back inside.

I see my partner consoling my daughter. Red-eyed and bleary. She looks at me. A mix of relief and worry.

"I thought you swore you would never kill again."

"I did. But when it comes to you, I will do anything for you. If the world burns because of that then so be it. We will roast some marshmallows. "

Audrey hugs me.


knnn t1_je00401 wrote

Nice Dresden reference at the end.


SleepyCorgiPuppy t1_je0c0uv wrote

Omg when is the next book coming out…

Edit: his website says he just started the next book, Mirror Mirror. Book 18 and he has 19 planned as well. At least they are coming!


knnn t1_je0e9mg wrote

FWIW, as of the latest update, Mirror Mirror has been pushed back to 19, and "Twelve Months" is 18.


Socratov t1_je4capi wrote

Well, it's the most concise way of conveying what a parent should do for their children. So I absolutely had to fit that in there.


TiredSoul97 t1_jdxyvvc wrote

"What in the blazes? Hey! That's a new carpet, Magika! Enough!" Circe yelled as Magika turned to her, a hateful glare in her eyes.

"YOU KIDNAPPED RHYS! YOU KIDNAPPED MY GIRLFRIEND!" Hang on, what? She didn't have time to think, only time to dodge as Magika aimed a spell towards her. "GIVE HER BACK!"

"Bloody hell woman, would you calm down! Rhys is fine for crying out loud, you're scaring her!" Circe yelled at the superhero as she dodged another spell. When the hero didn't stop, Circe waved a hand and froze the hero. "I told you to stop. You didn't listen. Now you're going to listen to me regardless of if you want to or not." Circe snarled, and looked towards Rhys. "You need to tell her. Now."

Rhys was terrified. How was she going to explain that the Supervillain Circe was her mother? That she used to be the former hero Phoenix? She glanced at Circe who only smiled gently and nodded towards Magika.

"Hey.... Alice... I've been meaning to tell you. Circe's my mother. Has been for 10 years. I used to be the hero Phoenix, but... something bad happened. My, er, bio family kicked me out for being gay and did some worse things, and Circe saved me. Please don't be mad at her. Be mad at me for hiding it, but I hid it for what I thought was a good reason. I'm sorry." Rhys nervously laughed as Magika slowly began to unfreeze. The look of anger on Magika's face shifted to one of concern as she regarded the both of them.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't..."

"You didn't know. I understand, Magika. We kept it that way for a reason." Circe spoke up, a sigh on her lips as she dissipated the spell she put on the superhero. "Her family was, to put it bluntly, quite horrendous. My wife and I have done so much to help our children grow to be the way they are today, but they still suffer sometimes. You're good for my daughter, but you need to hold a reign on your anger. Especially since we're going to become closely acquainted." Circe smirked, and Magika glared without heat.

"Oh bugger off you." Magika grumbled, but softened when Rhys giggled. She figured she could handle dating the daughter of a Supervillain.


(Hope y'all like this continuation of a previous story I made about 2 months ago. got to flesh out my characters here a bit!)


mauricioszabo t1_jdy1bby wrote

I wanted my life to be simple. Well, as simple as someone wanting world domination could be, honestly.

Since I got my superpowers, I spent my life trying to make things right. And by right, I meant, fix the problems humans created from themselves. I knew I would be hated, but I tried to understand their fears. The hero itself, well, he was just a nemesis, someone that I would drag a fight, make him believe he won, while I made my schemes behind the scenes.

And how, he's saying I kidnapped his girfriend? And.... at my side... the look of distress, the panic...

Finally, he enters my chambers. Demanding to see his girlfriend. He doesn't know - of course he doesn't know.

Listen, everybody, I am not a bad guy. I really am not. I never hurt too much the hero, and I don't want to. I meant, I had to hurt him a little otherwise he would think the fight was too easy, and probably would know I let him win. But now... how do I not hurt him?

- "Give up, fiend, I know you're evil, but I never though you would be capable of... this... dragging innocents into this? What happened to you? I demand to see her! Otherwise, I'll f... kill you!" - Great, now he's cursing. Good for him the media is not here... and what now?

- "Your girfriend.... well, let me just say that you're wrong. For a great... many... things..."

- "I would tell you..." - great, now any hope of not destroying the hero's spirit is gone - "but I was afraid you would not understand.... please, forgive me..."

- "Amanda? Is that.... you? What did he do to you? Did he...."

- "It's not Amanda, dear. It's Andrew. That's how.... I actually want to live, that's who I am. But I was afraid that telling you the truth, you would..."

- "That's not true*!"* - his voice dances in the air, papers and chairs and furniture flying, a sonic boom destroying the ears of my comrades, and following all that, a huge blast of energy - that, if it was not for my power, he would.... my son...

- "Listen..." - I try to keep my calm - "you almost killed my son. Let's make a deal - you exit my house, think if you can love somebody regardless of gender, and if not, forget all this, ok? Now be a good boy, go back, because I want to believe you just lost control of your powers for a minute and..."

- "He did this with you, didn't he? He... turned you... into this... aberration?" - sigh, great. The hero is a transphobic. I look at my son... and it breaks me. I see the distress, I see all the trauma from his childhood, all.... I can't.... I can't loose my calm now.... I need to know I may be able to kill him.... - "I'll fix this, you'll see! The media is outside, waiting for me! You'll see that I'll fix you, and everybody will know that my power can even..."

- "STOP TALKING" - it was not an order for my powers, but they manifested anyway, in the most interesting possible way - without air, there is no sound, right? I can see the hero suffocating. For a microsecond, I think - maybe, maybe I can still avoid the worst... but I hear it.

I hear my son sob.

This night, the world will cry. They won't understand how the hero died. They won't understand why the villain is coldly executing the most vile and abhorrent criminals and politicians.

This world will not see the sunset. But hopefully, a new world will see the sun rise.


0011002 t1_jdyfcpm wrote

A hero would sacrifice you for the world but a villain would sacrifice the world for you.


ShadowPouncer t1_jdz4a20 wrote

I... I really like how you sum that up.

But I think that means that if I ever gain super powers, I'm probably not going to end up as a hero.


Papampaooo t1_jdydarn wrote

Oh my god I love it, oh my god I can't tell you how much I love this.

Also supportive parent for the win!


Jaximus t1_jdyg83w wrote

I got chills when finishing the story. Those last few lines were phenomenal my friend.

And the worst part of it all is that it's raining now.


mauricioszabo t1_je04pdr wrote

>Those last few lines were phenomenal my friend.

These... took way longer than the rest of the story. Actually, my first try was to make into a comedy, but then it didn't work out; second time, in the end I went to describe how the villain could see the hero voicing against minorities when he was not "on duty", but that got boring, and the history was almost over anyway; third, I tried to describe the destruction the villain would do, but that also got boring :D.

The one that almost made was if this world is not going to treat my son right, this world have no right to exist, but I though it would be out-of-character of the villain, and also it got a weird taste of "did he asked his son if he wanted the world to be destroyed?", so I decided against it; finally, I tried making him into a dictator, but there was no power on the last lines, and that's when I decided on this final version... which I feel could be better, but I am quite happy with the result :)


McDuchess t1_je2xe38 wrote

It feels right. So very right, with the words being tossed about just today.


Forresst t1_jdzab5n wrote

Jessica and I had just sat down to our cups of tea. It was a lovely Assam, mine black, and hers with a touch of milk. As I sat down, a faint chime sounded.

Really? An intrusion event? In the middle of Saturday morning family time? I put my cup down and pulled out my phone. Perimeter cameras showed my front door in a smoking ruin. Motion sensors flipped camera views to me until Paragon came into view. The smug, smarmy, infuriating lantern-jawed man was methodically working through my defensive lines, which were currently at minimum staffing. We hadn't launched any particular projects lately. I'd assumed he'd be busy with... any one of a dozen small-time operators in the city.

I looked at Jessica, and motioned her to the safe room door. This was familiar. We'd done this hundred of times. You don't grow up in the shadow of The Corporation without retreating to a plush bunker at least 3 or 4 times a year. But, her face told me something was different about this time.

"What is it, baby?"

"Mom, remember that time I came home with Dr. Deadringer?" Jessica asked.

"Yes dear, now let's head for the safe room," I answered.

"OK and remember when I met him, he was just Todd, yeah?"


"Well, that's Jay," she finished, pointing at my phone.

"I see," I said, as a headache flared up at my left temple. "And... do you know why Jay is currently... kicking the absolute piss out of Mr. Jensen on level 4?" I asked. We'd made it to the safe room.

"Well..." she hesitated. I gave her my patented Look. "Well, I think he probably thinks you've kidnapped me," she finally answered.

"And, why would he think that?" I asked mildly as my other temple joined into the headache party.

"OK, so, we've been dating for a while and-"

"DATING?! Are you serious right now?"

"Well, yes but but butbut I broke up with him a couple of nights ago and I didn't want to hurt him but he has been-"

"Broke up? And he's still-OH I DO NOT THINK SO! Get in the room I'll be back to see you in a minute, baby!" And I closed the safety door.

I snapped about and marched through the door to our industrial complex. As I headed toward the action I picked up my favourite equipment from caches spread strategically through the compound. Fury rode behind my eyes until the world looked like a target, as the noises of a rampage got louder and clearer around me. Finally, I burst through a door, face to face with Jay the Paragon, who had just finished smashing one of my access control stations to a smoking pile with what looked to be a metal baseball bat.









"WRONG ANSWER." And I tripped the electric trap he was standing on. Several dozen thousands of volts did their work pretty quickly, and that lantern jaw glowed for the first time. The smell was awful. I wondered briefly if he'd figured out who I was, since I'd showed up out of uniform. I wondered even more briefly if he'd figured out at any point who Jessica was to me. But then I called a cleanup crew and went back to the offices to let my daughter out of her safe room.

We still had Saturday morning tea and catching up to do. I needed some ideas for her 22nd birthday party after all.


Slayer-Prime t1_je0twb7 wrote

Golden. The fact that he dies so fast before even figuring it out was a turn I wasn’t expecting


Forresst t1_je0vdbq wrote

I feel like I should edit it a little and make reference to rhe traps,somewhere before it hits him. I just don't know where it would go in Well.


Peter_deT t1_jdzvq32 wrote

The outer perimeter alert gave a soft buzz. I tapped my ear-piece and the control room reported that a known hostile, tentatively identified as Galax, had triggered the system. I relaxed: Galax was probably just passing by, and my lair was well-concealed. I picked up the thread of conversation with Duella.

"Sorry for the interruption. Just a random hero. If you think this internship is not working out, do you have any ideas about what else you might do?"

She was uncharacteristically nervous. "I do, but I'm not sure if I should tell you now. Umm, I haven't seen the Command Room in a while, and I'm sure you've made some changes. Could we take a quick tour?"

"Sure. Just let me finish my tea. I have done a few things to the place. It's not finished yet, but .." I was about to tel her of the latest improvements when an alarm went off and the control room reported again. It definitely was Galax, and he was coming directly for the main door.

"Uh, honey, we have a situation. That hero has somehow located this place. He'll be at the door in minutes. I'll have to deal with this."

Duella nodded vigorously. "If you like I can leave and come back later."

I considered. "No, the Control Room is the safest place, and you wanted to see it anyway. Come on."

On a Control Room screen I watched Galax march directly up to my hidden front door and start smashing it in. It was designed to yield fairly quickly - just tough enough to let the hero work up a sweat, just weak enough that they got over-confident. The small maze beyond would baffle him while I considered my choice of weapons. There it went, and the crimson-clad oaf was through. He hesitated, mumbled, counted on his fingers, and took the correct passage, and then again, and again. I frowned. Duella drew a breath, and I glanced sideways to see her leaning forward, lips parted. She picked up my glance and smoothed her face over. What was my daughter playing at?

Galax by-passed the honey-badger pit and somehow figured out how to disable the air-shark trap. He was calling something out. I activated the mikes.

"Suella, I'm coming for you! I'll save you! Never fear! Galax is here to rescue you, Suella dearest!"

"Suella?" I queried. Duella blushed. "He thinks he's rescuing you? From me? Why?"

"I , er, I may have given him the idea that I'm attracted to him."

"To Galax? I had thought better of you."

"He's very stubborn."

"I can see that," I said, gesturing to where he was working doggedly on the adamantium door puzzle-trap. He had lost six fingers already, which must be painful even if they did grow back.

"Oh, well. I did say that I had made a few changes. Watch." I tapped in Program Number 42, the door sprang open, Galax sprang forward, to see myself holding a pistol to Duella's head. He shot a ray which would certainly have held me, and probably snap-frozen Duella, the hologram vanished as did the floor, and acid-squids did the rest.

"Now, daughter, just why did you give him the location of my hide-out, and a guide to the traps?"

Duella looked down, then spoke rapidly. "He is very stubborn, wouldn't take no for an answer, and you have always said he was a major pain in the arse. Then, it's your birthday coming up, and I knew you wanted to test the new gear. So I gave him a few clues. Well, actually, I practically coached him. He isn't - wasn't - very bright.

Which brings me to what I want to do instead of the internship. Dad, I want to join you and rid the world of obnoxious entitled super-heroes."

"That's my girl."


JTCHlife t1_jdzyqbd wrote

Sounds awesome :-) I could real a book about that :-)


CalmInvestment t1_jdzdnxb wrote

You find yourself focusing intently on your daughter’s nervous disposition. A foolhardy endeavor, perhaps, in light of the superhero blasting through your base—in record time, you note with a hefty dose of respect.

“Gigi,” you say sternly. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“…No,” she lies. Badly. So badly you could feel your very soul cringe. Had she forgotten everything you taught her?!

“Georgia,” you say sternly. She twiddles her thumbs, and opens her mout to speak. Only for an explosion to rock the very ground they stood on.

Second later, Ultima bursts out from the ground, eye burning white and clad in a brilliant crimson aura. You take a step back at the sheer power coming off him in waves. You almost want to bow your head in respect. He’d certainly taken his talents further than his father and mother—and perhaps even yourself, if you were being honest—ever could.

His features soften when he notices your daughter. Relief and…love? Yes, love, coming into being. Of course, when he shifted focus to you, that love vanishes, burning hatred taking its place. The kind of hatred you’d never seen on him before, even when you slayed his father all those years ago.

“You!” he hisses with all the venom in the world. You barely had time to call upon your own powers—golden energy covering your form—before he’d slams you into a wall.

“Daddy!” Georgia cries out in fear.

“I can forgive my father’s death by your hand,” Ultima spat. “And to be honest I was relieved when my mother finally died after she was dumb enough to challenge you. The lives they lived—the paths we three walk—are dangerous ones. But for you to take the woman I lo—“ he stops himself. His aura fades, the white in his eyes disappearing. He lets you go, and turns to Georgia with an utterly flummoxed expression. “…Did you just say ‘Daddy’?”

“I did,” your daughter replies, staring down at your feet.

Ulti—Roy whirls back towards you. “You’re her father?”

“I am,” you say.

Slowly, he turns back to your daughter. The anger he directs at her makes your blood boil on an instinctual level, but you decide to the let the cards fall where they may.

“You lied to me,” Roy says, voice barely more than a whisper.

“Roy,” Georgia steps forward, hands clasped together pleadingly. “I swear I didn’t mean to! I didn’t even know who you were on our first few dates, but then I saw you stop that bank robbery and I didn’t want to ruin what we were building by telling you…who my dad is.” She reached out to touch him, but he recoiled as if she were a rabid animal.

“You deliberately hid the truth from me!” he spat, aura coming back full force. Your daughter activated her own blue aura to keep her feet, and, if at all possible, Roy fell further into despairs. “You lied your own selfish desires!”

“Roy, no, I—!” Whatever more she had to say, Roy refused to hear. He flew into the air, crashing through the ceiling and disappearing into the evening sky.

You stare after your young foe. Frankly, you can sympathize with him. After all this shit his mother pulled before and after he was born, you’d do the same thing. Well, you probably would have just blown everything up, but that was classic Roy. All that power, and not the will to—!

You cut yourself off as your daughter’s sons filter into your ears. Quick as a flash, you gather her into your arms and slowly sink to the floor together.

“There, there,” you soothe your child. “It’s alright, Gigi.”

“He hates me!” your daughter sobs. As was his right, you think, but hold back from saying. Withholding the such a truth from your lover would strain any relationship. But then, you’re honestly not sure if your daughter knows of Roy’s sordid history. You have to assume she doesn’t, otherwise she would never have lied to him like that. Or she did, and was more selfish than you though. Neither option was terribly appealing.

But those were all future problems. Right now, you just needed to focus on keeping her in your gentle embrace.


ColebladeX t1_jdx3v6b wrote

I wasn’t a dumb man being a super villain you gotta be smart or you don’t last long in the business that’s just a fact of life, and I was a very smart villain. Sure I hadn’t achieved world domination but at this point it was a little pointless, my nemesis was just too enjoyable to defeat I could’ve destroyed her years ago I had the plan in place and all the materials for it ready. But I had other things to worry about, like my family or the fact my daughter had a new girlfriend one which my minions employees couldn’t find any information on (I’m a bit of a helicopter dad I’m entitled to this after the werewolf boyfriend incident). My beloved daughter had been gushing about her girlfriend when she came by for lunch. So when Olympia kicked open my very unlocked door and demanded their girl friend back I quickly put two and two together. Which is why with an evil grin and said. “Hi I’m her father let’s have a talk and get to know each other.” I knew this was gonna be a good day as they both cringed and took a seat knowing I was gonna milk this for hours.


Glitchracer t1_jdxha57 wrote

It would be easier to read if broken up into paragraphs, and a little more attention to punctuation. The werewolf boyfriend aside was great, and I like the idea of a supervillain invested in his daughter’s life. Also that her SO is another girl.


Tahxeol t1_jdxl7nm wrote

To add to this: depending on your device, pressing enter may not be enough to jump a line.

On my phone, I personally need to press it twice. There is a full empty line between those two paragraphs. Otherwise, it does this (Yes, I jumped three times, no, it doesn’t display beyond the editor)


ArgumentativeNerfer t1_je11cmf wrote

The thug pulled the black hood off of Jenny's head, revealing her face to the air. I frowned at the sight of a small bruise high on her cheek, the tear-streaked cheeks, and the duct-tape gag over her mouth. "I thought I told you she was not to be harmed," I growled.

"Forgive me, Doctor Oblivion. The girl struggled, and I had to keep her quiet," Jonas said nervously.

I scrolled through the PainApp on my phone and tapped Jonas's icon. The big lunk screamed as he fell to his knees, every nerve in his body activating at once. "Your orders were to go to her house, knock on her door, and ASK her to come with you to the Lair of Fate!" I bellowed. "NOT to grab her from behind, put a HOOD over her head, and smack her around!"

Jonas fell to the ground screaming and twitching. It was tempting to hold down the icon until he shit himself to death, but I relented. "Take him away. Put him on stable duty for two weeks. Maybe some time mucking out the doombeast stalls will teach him the meaning of following orders to the LETTER. Now leave us."

My squad of mirror-masked death goons bowed respectfully and exited the room. I waited until they were gone to lock the doors and turn off the internal cameras. "Godddamn it. I'm sorry about this, Jennifer," I said, giving my daughter a tender pat on the head. "This wasn't supposed to happen this way. This is going to hurt like hell, by the way."

I ripped the duct tape off her face in one swift movement. "FUCKING HELL!" Jenny screamed. "Goddamn it, Dad, I thought I told you! No more sending death goons to my apartment!"

"It's been a long time since I last saw you! I thought you might like to have lunch! Guido makes a delectable spaghetti with Sunday gravy. Hang on a minute, I'll untie the ropes." Jonas had used a granny knot to tie her hands behind her back. I made a mental note to hold a hogtying seminar with my death goons at a later time: this sort of sloppy behavior did not bode well for them.

"Then send me an email! Or a TEXT! Or CALL! Don't just send a death squad over to my place with orders to bring me to your lair!"

"Emails and texts can be traced. Calls can be tapped. Our connection cannot be made public. For your sake." I gave up on untying the knots and just used my vibro-scalpel to cut the rope in half.

Jenny sat up, rubbing her wrists and giving me an incredulous look. "Calls and emails and texts are no go, but kidnapping me in broad daylight. . . never mind." She sighed and rubbed her forehead. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

"I mean. . . the usual. How's college? How's your mother? Are you seeing anyone yet?"

"College is fine. Mom's all right. And yes."

"Oh? What's his name?"


"Is this one of those gender-neutral names? Like Pat or Lee?"

"No. Tracy's a 'she.' A Black 'she.' "

"Oh." I heard the screaming of my grandfather's ghost in my ear, howling about miscegenation and unnatural relations. I quieted the inner voice with a stern reminder: This is my daughter, whom I love very much. "Does she treat you well?" was what I said.

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief at that, and I saw the tension release from her shoulders. "I mean. . . she's great," she said, curling up on the couch. "She's sweet, she makes me laugh. . ."


"But she keeps disappearing for days on end. . . cancels dates on me at the last minute. I'm worried she's keeping secrets from me. Worried she might be. . . you know. Cheating."

"I could have my death goons trace her movements. Find out what she's up to."

"God, Dad, not all problems in the world can be solved with death goons! I'll just talk to her about it the next time I see her!"

"That would work too. But I want you to know, if she does hurt you, that death goons are on the table."

"Like with Jeremy Clark?"

"Jeremy was a little thug who bullied and tormented you, and he deserved what happened to him."


"And the lesson he learned served him well to this very day. Model citizen, I understand."

Whatever Jenny was about to say next was drowned out by the sound of the Red Alert alarm. "Fuck," I muttered, tapping my earpiece. "Delilah, what's going on?"

"The Lair is under attack by a superhero," Delilah Doom said. "Patching the feed through now."

I threw the image onto the big screen. A dark-skinned young woman with black dreads, dressed in a skin-tight red outfit, was speeding around the outer perimeter of the Lair, punching death goons in the face. "DOCTOR OBLIVION!" she screamed. "I KNOW YOU'VE KIDNAPPED JEN! DOES YOUR TREACHEROUSNESS KNOW NO LIMIT!?"

I slowly turned my head, one degree at a time, to look at Jenny. My daughter's face was a mask of horrified realization. "So. . ." I said. "'Tracy'. I don't suppose that would be a nickname for Trace Margrave? As in. . . the secret identity of the superhero Tracer Fire?"

". . . she told me she had a part-time job," Jen whimpered. "Dad. . ."

I sighed. I'd kept my relationship to Jennifer as secret as I could. Kids of supervillains often end up as targets for the types of antihero vigilantes who think that killing bad guys is the same thing as helping the good. And Tracer Fire was exactly the kind of hero who might blab Jen's real identity out of impulse or some misguided sense of honor. . . or even worse, break up with her. "Don't worry about it," I said. "Dad will take care of it."

I fired a dart from my wrist-launcher. Jen whirled around, clapping a hand to her neck. "Dad, you fucking asshole! I meant you should talk to heeerrrrrrr. . ."

She was passed out before she could finish the sentence. I caught her and lowered her gently to the couch. "Sorry, honey. Not my style."

I took a moment to address my goons over the private channel. "Death Goons. Engage Rapunzel Protocol." Nonlethal weapons only. Don't escalate against the attacker. Secure essential areas, but leave the path to my private chambers open. Try to funnel the attacker into my private chambers for a 1 on 1 confrontation. Do not interfere with their escape. Full medical care for anyone who is wounded, full retirement benefits for anyone who suffers a career-ending injury.

I took a wad of bills from my wallet and tucked them into her jacket pocket. "A little spending money, hon," I said. "And apology money for the kidnapping." I took a moment to arrange her theatrically on the couch, then took up my position standing at the window, looking out over the bubbling magma pools.

Tracer Fire kicked down the door with a mighty CRACK! Then she gave a mighty gasp. "DOCTOR OBLIVION!" she bellowed. "WHAT FOUL DEEDS HAVE YOU VISITED UPON MY BELOVED JEN!"

"WHAT!?" I screamed back. "How DARE you imply that I could. . . I could HARM AN INNOCENT!?"

"Then why did you kidnap my GIRLFRIEND!?" Tracer Fire shouted.

"To lure you out of course!" I cackled. "Too long have we danced around each other in this little game of ours. . . today, it ENDS!" I tapped the badge on my chest, and my powered armor deployed around me with a thousand little clicks and whirrs.

'Tracy' let out a gasp. "Then this. . . was a TRAP!"

Sure, let's go with that. I tapped a control on my wrist and closed the blast shutters: I'd had them installed for those times when the magma pools got a little extra-bubbly. "NOW YOU ARE TRAPPED IN HERE WITH ME!" I bellowed. "AND NOW YOU MEET YOUR DOOM!"

I deployed my defensive turrets, surreptitiously turning down their accuracy so that every shot would barely miss. Knowing Tracer Fire, she'd take out the turrets before going after me, which would give me enough time to deploy the catwalk over the magma pools. A quick fistfight over the magma, a dramatic plunge for me into the molten rock. . . it would test my powered armor's mega-shields, but they should hold long enough for Tracy and Jen to make their daring escape.

The things I do for my daughter. I sighed. "I hope you appreciate this, young lady," I muttered, activating my electro-fists.


Atreigas t1_je12mti wrote

This was great. Also neat how the secret doesn't end up getting outed.


PainInAnonymity t1_je1lgkh wrote

This is hilarious!!! Love it!

If you ever decide to create a full-on book, comic, webtoon, etc, let me know lol


Pope-Francisco t1_jdyy9vn wrote

The superhero, Barracuda Steel, hiked up to a mountain, facing a large cliff. Inside, Titan was having some tea with his daughter, Rebecca, while they talked about some crime dramas. Barracuda Steel then shot right through the cliff & into Titan’s lair.

“What the fuck was that?!” “Bring her back Titan!” Titan looked at his surveillance to find Barracuda ripping & tearing through his stuff with lighting speed. “Who’s her? I haven’t even kidnapped someone yet!” Rebecca scrunches up in her chair. “Oh you gotta be kidding me, your dating him?!” “Ok, I didn’t know he’d know I’d be here!” “Well you certainly did something wrong.” “Is it my fault that you drove to my place with your suit on?” “Touché.” The lair begins to rumble. “Alright, I’m tired of your boyfriend & his tantrum, I’m gonna kill his ass.” “Wait! I have a plan to get him out of here with less damage!” “Go on.”

A moment later, Titan stands before Barracuda Steel with his arms cross. “What the hell is all of this? I try to take a day off & you wreck my place?” “Ha! Nice try! But I know what you did!” “Do what? Steal your girlfriend?” “RAAAAAH!” He lunges for Titan, Titan doesn’t budge. But just as he is about to pierce Titan chest, his ear piece suddenly goes off & Rebecca begins to talk to Barracuda. “Honey? Where are you?” Barracuda stops. “Apple pie?!” “Apple pie?” “Where are you? Are you ok? I’ll save you!” “What the hell are you talking about? I went to a dress up party & come back to our place to find the door broken! And don’t try to lie to me! Your suits gone.” “…Oh.” “Do you mind explaining yourself?” “Um… yeah, that’s… long story really!” “What ever, explain yourself when you get back.” “Right! Be there Apple Pie!” Rebecca hangs up & Barracuda looks at Titan. “Sorry for the misunderstanding.” “Whatever, remember the fact that I don’t do crime on weekends.” “Right… bye!” Barracuda dashes off blushing. Titan than pulls out his phone. “Nice idea for me teleporting you back to your place to make it seem like you never came here.” “Aw thanks! Your dress up party was a good idea too!” “Thanks, maybe we should plan together more often. Would really help me against Cosmic Mind!” “Sorry, college has got me all tied up.” “Ah, that’s fine, it’s important to focus on school!” “Thanks Dad! But, I would still love to do some villain planning with you after I graduate college & become a teacher!” “That’s my girl! Love you!” “Love you too!”

In the end, everything works out. Rebecca becomes a great 2nd grade teacher & helps her dad with planning anti-hero schemes. Rebecca also dumps Barracuda for being too possessive, all while Titan enjoys learning pottery.


TomTom_xX t1_je1eqsu wrote

I dust off an old VHS tape as I hear the doorbell ring. "Hey, dad. It's me, Bella." I put the tape into the player and take off my oven mitts I forgot to take off. I open the door, and the icy cold breeze hits me. "I brought gifts! I know how much you love sweets." It's the apple of my eye, my everything standing before me. "Bella, it's so good to see you! It's been so long since you've visited, I prepared some hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies!"

As we settle in, drinking hot cocoa watching our usual Christmas movie marathon, I get a ping on my watch. It's a notification about my ring doorbell picking up some movement. "Hmm, did I invite anyone else?" I think as I go to check the recording. On my screen, I see Arturo the Honorable, my nemesis, standing in front of the door, waiting impatiently. While most people would miss this detail, I notice a tiny crew of nervous looking small-time heroes hiding behind my rose bushes. I open the door and say: "Um, hello? Do you need anything, Arturo? I served my time." "Yeah, I need something. I need my girlfriend back!" He yells as he unexpectedly elbows my jaw. I hear the tense and perhaps annoyed voices of the heroes in the distance "he's done it again." "I told you we should have just went by ourselves" "What is he doing!?" Arturo tries to jab at me with his left hand, but I'm quickedr than him and I dodge it by an inch. I grab his hand, pulling his arm behind his back as he winces in pain. I know well of his powers, so before he can do anything I activate my forcefield, and he, also knowing that I can't come close enough to hurt someone while using the forcefield,stands up as I let go of his hand and he dusts himself off. He looks at me with a very angry expression, huffing and puffing like a kettle. He tries to regain his sense of reason, and with a forced but calm expression, and maybe a hint of a scowl, says: "I know u have my girlfriend. Give her back and I won't report a kidnapping to the police." "I don't remember taking your girlfriend. I'm not lying." "Like hell you aren't!" He yells again, and as he is about to shatter his fingers on my forcefield, someone puts his hand on his shoulder in a calm and very collected manner. "I am very sorry for the inconvenience Arturo has caused you, can we please discuss this inside?" Recognizing the man's face immediately, I, out of respect open the door for this uninvited bunch of buffoons. The man, was the only hero I ever saw eye to eye with, Marco the Brave. Marco was the one who convinced me to let go of my anger, and to stop the bloodshed of an endless revenge cycle. He was the one who took care of my daughter while I was incarcerated, the one who made sure my daughter knew why I was who I was. "Daad, you're gonna miss the most important part! Who's at the door?" I could hear from inside as the multitude of heroes stepped into my home. "Please take off your shoes when you come in." I urged them, as I went to pour some water for the kettle. "I'm going to brew some tea, is Earl gray okay?" "Yeah it's no problem. Thanks." Bella steps into the kitchen, saying: "Dad, are you not gonna introduce me? I thought u said you didn't invite anyone els-" she stops as she notices Arturo, and is almost taken aback about why he is here. The other heroes also notice Bella, and look confused, wondering about why she wasn't locked up somewhere. Arturo is too angry to notice, and looks like a little kid pouting because he didn't get an Xbox for Christmas. "Yes, so we are here about the supposed kidnapping of Bella Carlson. But It appears she is.. unharmed? Are you tricking us? Is this some kind of deception?" One hero says as Marco looks unbothered, sipping his tea with the extra sugar he always liked. Arturo looks up at me, with fury in his eyes. But as soon as he looks up, he also notices Bella, and is about to shout something, when another hero puts her hand on his mouth, stopping him from shouting. He looks even more frustrated, and as soon as the hero takes her hand off his mouth, he is about to say something again, but shuts up when he sees the angry stare from Marco. He looks apologetically at me, almost embarrassed and continues about what he was saying before they came in. "So yes, Im very sorry about Arturos behavior, those are not actions befitting a hero. We came because of a report of a kidnapping. I told them this was bogus but they didn't listen." They was almost definitely meaning Arturo, with Marco scowling at him as he emphasized They.

"What do you want with my daughter?" I chime in, being sick of just listening to them talking."YOUR DAUGHTER!?" Arturo yells, and again another hero from the group places her hand on his mouth, but it's much harder now, as he is rabid, furiously trying to take the hand off while even more people pile on top of him. "Who are you to my daughter?" I ask, trying to stay calm. The heroes stop restraining him, letting him answer. "You kidnapped my girlfriend you motherfuc-" he says as the heroes again restrain him. At this point, it's becoming tedious to watch. "I think we should all stay calm, and talk this out like civlized people. Arturo is your daughters boyfriend. I'm sorry of not informing you earlier, and Arturo himself didn't know Bella was your daughter. I only recently became aware of this, after Arturo ran off yelling about kidnapping or something. I followed him, and contacted HQ like protocol. By the way, Bella, it's good to see you again, you've grown so much from the last time I saw you!" Marco says as he greedily sneaks a gingerbread off a tray on the table, dipping it into his tea, and nonchalantly taking a bite out of it. I'm shocked. My nemesis and my daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend? To me, this is surprising to say the least. Part 2 maybe later? Who knows


TomTom_xX t1_je1fj0x wrote

Fixing the no paragraphs thing, I have a wall of china thing going on with the text rn.


TomTom_xX t1_je1mn93 wrote

Nvm I'm on phone paragraphs literally do not work. Sucks


Repq t1_je2upec wrote

Try to double space instead of just once for making a new line.


ElderberryNo1936 t1_jdyogmq wrote

In Two’s This water drama continues…wo he tips, wo he toes, wo he gets Holy water in his nose but why, nobody knows or where he goes, and yet he looks for someone no one knows, who wears flowers everywhere she goes, yet how tonight our feast glows in chainsweat moon light prepared down to pin and stripe of that raging moon, drugfull night she calls us all, who hears my starlit kite, howling the forest so bright, our fangs a gleaming fright, her fathers eyes her fathers might, for a few hours we have to get this right, Rage, Rage, Rage, my night shades plight. ©


M1chaelLanz t1_jef2bg4 wrote

A man in a white lab coat tossed another henchman across the concrete floor. Seven in total were rolling around in agony, staring up at the high cavern walls of their bosses' lair. The man responsible for their pain was none other than Dr. Phillian. He was a young practicing doctor at St. Vinci's Hospital and moonlighted as a hero. His rage was more consuming than the acne on his face, but he had mercy on the henchmen. They were not the reason for his anger nor were they worth his energy. There was only one he wished to release his full wrath upon.

"Stenson! Come out and face me like a man!"

Stenson watched from his surveillance room as the hero trashed his lair and more henchmen came rushing to receive their own beating. He pushed his thin frame glasses up his nose and turned to the henchman on his right.

"Why would my nemesis come to my lair? Did we do something to him?"

"I don't think so, sir."

"This is between you and me! Let my girlfriend go!" Dr. Phillian shouted and kicked the last charging henchman in the groin.

Stenson and the henchman by his side winced at the last blow they watched from the monitors. Dr. Phillian meant business and stormed off to a blindspot.

"Girlfriend? I never captured anyone. Did you, Jeffrey?"

"No sir…"

At the same moment, they came to the same realization and slowly turned around to a young blonde teenager who gave them a nervous smile. She sat in her chair, trying not to fidget too much.

"Ellen, do you know Dr. Phillian?"

"Doctor who? Phillipian? Nope. Can't say I have. Why would you think that?" Ellen tried her best to not let her voice get all high pitched and guilty.

"Ellen," Stenson said sternly.

She began to sweat and looked over to Jeffrey who crossed his arms in disapproval. Ellen knew she was busted.

"You know, I'm thirsty. Jeffrey, can you get us something to drink?"

"Not until you tell us why that lunatic is wrecking your father's lair."

She gasped. "Daddy, you're going to let your henchman talk to me like that?"

Stenson stepped forward. "Jeffrey is family and his question is valid. What did you do?"

Shoot, that didn't work. Better drag this out. "Soooo…I maybe…kinda–"

"Damn it, Ellen. You're not pregnant, are you?"

"What? No! Jeez Dad. He's just a guy I flirt with sometimes."

"He seems to think it is more than that."

That was when Ellen was hit with a stroke of genius. She got up, strutted over to the monitor, and pointed to Dr. Phillian on the screen. "Do I look like the kind of girl who would be with that? His whole face is covered in acne."

She shivered to sell it better, but if she was being honest, his acne was the best part. It gave his face texture and character. A man with flaws who was bold enough to not hide behind makeup. She was not that strong, but he never made her feel that way. Ellen removed her finger from the screen, realizing she was trying to feel those beautiful bumps through the glass.

"And besides, he never said my name. It could be anybody."

"Ellen, hold on! I'm coming for you!" Dr. Phillian declared, going up a flight of stairs.

Stenson and Jeffrey glared at her. Her ruse was up and they demanded the truth. Ellen hung her head down in defeat. There was no more delaying the inevitable.

"Okay, fine. You caught me. I was dating him."

Jeffrey quirked his eyebrow. "Was?"

Ellen realized there was a lot they didn't know, but she wasn't so keen on letting them in on her love life. She decided the less they knew, the better.

"I've never broken up with a hero before, so I thought the best way to do it was to leave a ransom letter."

The smack from Stenson facepalming himself echoed in the room. He couldn't believe his own daughter would do something so boneheaded. Ransom letters were for high value people, not for superhero girlfriends. It gave the wrong kind of attention and left few possible culprits, especially since it was his nemesis.

"Why can't you break up with someone like a normal person?" Stenson strained to ask.

She crossed her arms and stuck out her hip. "Why can't you just follow the law?"

"He's at the door." Jeffrey marched toward the solid metal door and grabbed Ellen's purse on the ground.

"Hey!" Ellen said.

"Ellen! I'm coming!"

Jeffrey ignored both of them and pulled out the pepper spray. He pressed the big blue button to open the door. The door swished open and Dr. Phillian only got one step in before getting a face full of eye burning spray. He flopped around on the floor while Ellen rushed to his side.

"Chuck, are you okay?" Ellen asked, laying her hands on him.

"My eyes. It hurts so bad," he said.

Ellen ran her fingers along his bumpy face and touched his eyes. The pain went away like a toilet being flushed. He gazed up at her, glad to see her alive and well.

Jeffrey saw Dr. Phillian's eyes cleared up and got ready to spray him again. He did not anticipate the doctor's speed, who kicked the can out of his hands from the ground. Dr. Phillian got up and twirled Ellen behind him.

"Run. I'll take care of these two."

"Ellen," Stenson said. "Are you going to explain this or will I have to?"

Dr. Phillian didn't take his eyes off Stenson. "What's he talking about, Ellen?"

"I don't know. Let's just go." Ellen tried pulling on him, but he stayed put. It was the wrong move.

"I never sent you a ransom note." Stenson pointed to Ellen. "My daughter still has a lot to learn about breaking up with someone."

Dr. Phillian froze. "Your daughter?"

"Yeah. I'm not surprised you don't see the resemblance. She got everything from her mother, including her dumb ideas."

Dr. Phillian slowly turned around to face her. She wore a wounded smile, but the betrayal cut deeper. All the lies had piled up and struck him where he was most vulnerable. His heart.

"You–you lied to me..."

"I didn't mean to."

"How can I believe that? You have lied to me constantly."

Jeffrey walked over to Stenson and whispered in his ear. "Should we give them some space?"

"Nope. She made this mess. I want to see how she cleans it up."

Ellen leaned in and placed her hand on Dr. Phillian's cheek. "I promise. No more lies from here on in."

Dr. Phillian moved her hand away. "Is your father telling the truth? About you wanting to break up with me?"

"I did, but I don't want to anymore. You're a good man. Better than anyone else in my life. I couldn't do better than you and I see that now."

"What other lies have you told me that I should know?"

"I don't know. If you have something in mind, just ask. Let me prove I'm serious."

"Did you tell him you're only seventeen?" Stenson asked.

Dr. Phillian looked over his shoulder and then back at her. "You said you were in college."

"I'm taking college classes. It's basically the same thing."

Dr. Phillian grunted and stormed off.

"Wait! I can explain." Ellen chased after him, leaving her heels clicking against the stone floor. Stenson's smile slowly grew until he bursted out laughing. Jeffrey was far less amused.

"Aren't you worried about your teenage daughter dating an older man?"

Stenson slapped his knee and tried to stop his laughter to answer. "She's not dating him any more."

"What if he took advantage of her?"

"I know my daughter. If anything, she took advantage of him. Heck, if she did sleep with him, I could get him thrown in prison for a few years. Could you imagine the kind of damage I could accomplish without him interfering?"

"You are a terrible dad."

"Well, she is a terrible daughter. Maybe one day we'll figure it out. Until then, go send someone to check out his place. If we can find any evidence, we will want to use it," Stenson said and whirled around to watch his daughter frantically chase after her former lover like a deer on ice. "She runs just like her mother."


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Whats with all the A named daughters in this prompt?? So weird