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Xyragn t1_je9p7jm wrote

"Ready or not here I come! Baarbieee! Where are you?"
Three weeks of this fricking job- darn it, I still cannot swear fudge this shooty contract. This was meant to be a clown's job, not a fallen goddess's. At least she thinks I am pretty, stuck hiding in a literal closet, I wait for my torment to end. In an odd way, I am the monster in the closet she asks me to check for, she probably knows that though, who knew that a dumb summoning party for a 'bloody mary' would bring ME OF ALL ENTITIES to this DARNED PLANE. One week ago a budding satanist had her 5th birthday, all was alright, until they said the WRONG ENCHANTMENT.

A divine contract I literally could not refuse, funk hell's rules, I had power once, a singular black rose in a plane of ash, I made mankind lust, made them all fools, an empress of darkness, all reduced to a simple 'barbie' if I were to break free, the 1st thing I'd do is burn all the world in beautiful flame, take control, start a newer, smarter civilisation, but nooo- I am STUCK HERE being this girl's 'only real friend' her existence should be short, but it feels painfully long.

"I found youuuu, Barbie!" I sigh, her infernal giggling haunting my mind. "You're counting now! I have the best hiding spot ever, don't look in the kitchen!" I start counting down from 20, 19, 18, 17, etc. Children, so very idiotic, so simply controlled, except for the fact that I CANNOT HARM THE CHILD- I decide to play along for once in my glamorous life, strutting elegantly, towards the brat's bedroom, looking around, prolonging the inevitable find, "Boo! I was behind you the whole time!" It seems she isn't as dumb as she looks, there may still be hope in this ghastly contract of a lifetime.

"Oh my! What a good hiding spot." I coo towards the girl, her stupid blonde 'piggie tails' bouncing up and down with the rest of her. I am ordered to 'play nice' what a friggin joke! No 'cussing' until the spawnling is 13, no murder or any crime until she let's me, an order to ''save the child's life'' whenever I can, what is this, a guardian angel contract???

"I'm bored now, let's watch a movie, can you pleeaseee make me some snacks?" At least she knows how to request politely, "Hmm, yes, you have been an excellent child." I am repulsed by my words, but then again, it's not the worst I had to say, 'yeah, your sausage is good enough' terrifying. I summon some of the most delectable treats a mortal could ask for, caviar, luxury coffee, win- 'no alcohol until the child is 20', the finest cheeses, and some apple juice, 'oreo' cookies and goldfish crackers for the beasty.

I balance the plates, is this what mothering is like? To where the child is "You took forever, I made a drawing of you while I waited!" A scrawled bunch of 'abstract art' is on a peice of watercolour, I assume the fanciest scibbles are me, the dark ebony on my lips, the long raven hair, my eyes that burn hellfire, the large skeletal horns, and my oh so beautiful ivory skin, all reflected in a childish imitation of 'art' "Looks, breathtaking sweetie."
The little creature seems pleased with my response and hastily takes the apple juice, oh I would kill for some alcohol right now. We watch through 'Barbie life in the dreamhouse' for what seems to be the 60th time, at least it's bearable. A vision appears, a luxury car pulls up in the driveway, perfect mommy's home.

"How was your day Evelyn?" I am somehow invisible to the runt's parents, lucky me...
"Amazing, Barbie made me some snacks, She also spent time with me!"
"Oh, I see, that's lovely darling!"
"Barbie's really pretty, I wish you could play with us." At least the child knows beauty, suddenly I feel a tug, I am brought out of my resting spot on the lounge, a blonde woman looks up in shock, the mother seems agahst. "Who knew my prayers for a guardian angel were answered, thank you Barbie, hehe." This, this is wrong, I am a heathen, a sinner, only angelic in looks, what is wrong with these people?

"It was no problem ma'am, your daughter is in good hands." What- is this some automated response? The only other time I've heard this is wait...

~Many, many years ago~
I was lazing in my brimstone palace, my sister gone for her duties, I decide to meddle and lift my hand towards the skrying pool, the dark waters and darker lotus flowers greet me, 'Show me Peony Darkstar.' I see my elder sister's figure, tall, imposing, delicate, a strong representation of the family, "It was no problem sir, your dauther is in good hands." The fuck is that? I swear on our missing mother's soul that she was fufilling a contract.
A week after that she disappeared, seemingly ascending to the heights.

~Present time~

Is this, my redemption, no, this can't be, I must look for the records, the mother already took her daughter to bed, putting her to sleep so I am free to do as I please as long as the contract abides. Maybe the child died and she left, what was her name, ah Kiara Anne Silvester, thank the ancients for perfect recollection. I teleport to the office of divivne matters, searching for deaths, Kiara Ane Illerston, Keera Anna Spellta, Kiara, Keena, finally, Kiara Anne Silvester, 'contract absolved, the demon Peony Darkstar saved the child's life, giving her own, through sacrifice she died, her soul rising out of hell and onto earth, her new identity is to be confirmed, but scouts say she looks around 25, has been reincarnated with long blonde hair, if you are looking to find her, you must repeat the phrase "Arkath Katmina Dooma, Peony Rathmea Dakethae Rastero" eight times around 6-10 pm.' Wow, that's just great a way to find my sister, it's utterly useless!

I warp back, deciding to practice the phrase, I send signals across the globe, the message 8 times as instructed, expecting nothing the mother of my punishment replies "OretsaR Eahtekad Aemhtar Peony Amood Animtak Htakra!" Only one word stays the same, it must be her. I would want to ask all my questions, but I am beseiged by another vision. A dark, bloody hag, possibly the one originally summoned peers through the window, there's no going back after this, I engage in divine battle, demon against demon. The clown fatally wounded, it seems I can still destroy beings as per usual, perfect. The little girl sleeps soundly, unknowingly saved from an attempt on her life.