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Jam-Man1 t1_jdnm2ly wrote

I sat in my seat at the little café I'd taken a liking to, sipping my coffee, the place was empty now, and I liked it that way. I didn't need the caffeine, on top of my immortality I'd developed a near immunity to the stuff centuries ago. Still, it was nice to feign normalcy, and the coffee was pretty good. As I put my cup of coffee down, a server came by, giving me a smile.

"Hello, how are you? Enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, thank you, the service here is impeccable," I replied, smiling in return.

Then, a lot of things happened at once. My server tensed, and a moment later, I reacted, jumping out of the way of their knife. In the next moment, they recovered, leveling their knife on me as they glared at me.

"I knew it was you, when great-grandfather learns that I was the one who finally killed you, I'll go down as a family legend!"

"Oh my god, you people are still around?" I exclaimed exasperatedly, "and you've gotten bolder somehow. You can't hope that this will end well, this place has security cameras you know?"

"I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, now have at you!"

I dodged out of the way again, they were good, but I'd had over a millennia of practice, and they really couldn't compare. They took a stab at my heart and I disarmed them in a single motion, holding the knife to their throat I asked them a question I hadn't had the opportunity to in a long time.

"Okay, why are you people still after me? It's been over 7 centuries!"

"You killed my great-great-great grandfather James!"

"He tried to poison me!"

"Well, before that you killed my 6 times great grandfather Oliver!"

"Tried to throw me off of a cliff!"

"Alice The Dauntless!"

"Stabbed me with a rapier!"

"Duncan of Cumbria?"

"Dropped an anvil on me."

"Seriously? Like a Wile E Coyote sketch?"

"Oh it is like that I never realized that."

"Has every ancestor of mine you've killed tried to kill you first?"

"More or less."

"That... wait no! Why should I trust you? For all I know you're lying!"

"Why would I lie? I could kill you right now if I wanted to like, mess with you or your family."

"That uh... I mean that makes sense honestly."

"Yes it does, now, I ask you again, why do you want me dead?"

"I... I honestly don't know."

"That makes two of us," I said, bringing the knife away from their throat.

"Wait! You don't know either?!" My assailant questioned as they rubbed their neck.

"No I don't, the first one of you weirdos who jumped me back in 1271 was already screaming about a generation-spanning feud."

The two of us stood there for a moment, both of us considering what this meant.

"So... sorry for trying to kill you," they said, awkwardly scratching the back of their head.

"Apology accepted, now I'm going to go back and scramble the cameras so you don't get arrested."

"That's... that's very kind of you, also you know how to work a security system?"

"You learn a lot of skills when you're immortal, passes the time."

"Yeah, see you later?"

"Guess so."


RedJazz313 t1_jdo6qbp wrote

I love this. I like to imagine that the first family member had mistaken the main character for someone else


KarmicWhim t1_jdnqhj8 wrote

^(Placed summary below, in my reply to a reply, if you don't feel like reading all that.)


The dagger clattered onto the floor.

"Say, could you remind me about why you're all trying to kill me again? Sort of forgot."

Her struggling halted as I held her forearm in my grasp. Her already racing heartbeat increased in cadence. Had I said something offensive? Her gaze lowered to where I could no longer see her eyes due to the overhang of her light brown hair obscuring them.

"After the hundreds of years it took to discover your hiding spot, I have to say that you truly are as evil as Grandfather described you. Do our lives really mean that little you to you? Do you truly see us as nothing more than cattle, you wretched parasite?"

"... Look, I don't really know or care about whatever your prattling on about. I just asked a reasonably simple question. All I wish to do is live in peace and that is proving to be difficult with you people constantly showing up for the past few days to try to kill me. The least you can do is explain why."

"Live in peace? You've killed millions of us each day since time immemorial. My family has sworn their lives to eradicate you and your kind for generations and now you are saying that you forgot!? "


My head tilted in confusion. I had no idea what this lady was talking about. I haven't killed anyone in a long time, save for past few days. Though I'd say those were justified, after all I was only defending myself.

"Hey lady, your friends over there wouldn't be dead had they not tried to kill me. You all attacked me, not the other way around. If you would just explain yourself then maybe we could simply talk things through. No one deserves to die."

This caused her to once more to meet my gaze. Her eyes analyzed my face as if she was searching for something. The scowl she wore before slowly morphed to be more akin to disgust then, pity, then finally amusement. She burst into laughter.

"Oh I understand now. Y-you poor pathetic thing, [laughs] you're being sincere aren't you!? Your evil has become so second nature to you that you aren't even aware of it anymore, are you? Tell me, is it confabulation or is it delusion [laughs]!? H-have you been hiding amongst our kind for so long that you believe you're human now!? Or were you so unable to live with your sins and transgressions against humanity that you repressed your memory or fed yourself lies!?"

She wiped tears from her eyes, had she gone mental? Her heart was calm when her smile faded and her face grew calm.

"Though it matters not. You wish to know why we will never stop hunting you? Why you'll never live in peace? I will remind you you blood craving devil among devils with the satisfaction of shattering this illusion you have casted upon yourself! Do you remember what this does?" She asked, pulling a small device from her pocket and stabbed it into her forearm which I still held. I was clueless as to why she'd stab herself with a fancy looking dart and inflict self harm.

Blood craving? That bothered me more than it should. What was she talking about, I don't crave blood, plus that sounds utterly disgusting. I much more perfe- ... wait, ... what ... did I eat again? I honestly cannot remember what the last time I had a mea-


An explosion occured between us. I still remained in my original position while she had flown back. Through the settling debris stood the lady using her free hand to clutch the nub that was once her forearm. The explosion had instantly cauterized it. She glared at me as she breathed heavily.


I looked down to my arm. It too was now a nub. Unlike the lady's, mines had been farther from the explosions focal point. It had not be cauterized and still bled. Squirted even.


We stood still for a while as the dust still settle. It seemed so surreal looking at the empty space where my arm use to be spouting blood like a water gun. I began to feel woozy. This would kill me, wouldn't it?


There had to be some way to prevent this ... I-I've had an injury like this before haven't I? How did I do it last time again? My body involuntarily took a step backwards to prevent myself from falling. I looked around for something, anything, until my ears focused on the one constant sound they'd always heard.


My eyes focused the chest of the lady who still hadn't moved. They focused on what lie underneath the flesh. The fruit that beat and pulsated and filled her body with life ... oh that's right ... I remember now. It's been a long time hasn't it?


KarmicWhim t1_jdnqmup wrote


Unphased it stood as the debri settled, eyes trained the stump that spouted its impure blood. I clutched my own which had been cauterized. Unlike the devil before me, I would not bleed out. If it truly did not remember itself, then this would have proven a golden opportunity to end our troubles once and for all. If only ...

I watched the wretched take a step backwards. It disgusted me it seemed to not comprehend that it's life was ending. We'd taken too long to find it once more and given it enough time to live in such peace among our kind that it had forgotten how to fear death.

Behind me were the bodies of my cousin and my great uncle. The beast had merely slain them with its bare hands, out of character of how grandfather had described it's method. I made no sudden movement as to not trigger any instinct of it. If I lived, that would be fortunate though I understood that if it did not die from this then I would not be the one to kill it, it'd already proven too formidable for even I.

And it seemed so that fate did not shine upon me. The predatory crimson red eyes that illuminated through the smoke and locked onto me seemed to be look directly through me. It's reactions had made be begin to doubt myself. That maybe, just maybe, we'd been attacking the wrong individual, but the eyes that stalked me now left no room for doubt.

This was most definitely the one. This creature that stood before me, wearing human flesh, that creature was undoubtedly our long eternal enemy. This was the living vampire, the first vampire, the one with a beating heart unlike the rest of its unholy kin and an enemy to humanity as a whole. The first demon to roam earth.

The only one to have gained life ages ago, overcoming its natural deathly state and circumventing its decay by feeding directly off of human life span. My family will forever seek to destroy it for we know its history.

Our family would instill into the young why we must not let it go unchallenged. Why we must eradicate its existence:

> If not for it, humanity would have 1000 year life spans, however it was the one who snuck the serpent into the garden. Upon the ejection of Adam and Eve from the protection of the garden, it was bold and had taken 70 years, causing them to die at 930 years of age. It grew stronger and more efficient as it siphoned their life and as more humans ... more food for it appeared. It was the one who convinced Cain to kill Abel. Being less capable of defending against the vampire without his brother, it managed to increase its strength and steal another 200 years from humanity, Cain died at 730. By the time of Abraham it had reduced us to 175 year and by Moses, 120. It was at it's peak strength during the middle ages, it's strength manifesting in physical nature, the plague, until my ancestors fought it to within an inch of its life and forced it into hiding. It was weakened to the point that it hand to relinquish 70 years of its efficiency to remain alive and heal its wounds without alerting my family to its whereabouts. While we're once again able to live past 100, we shan't allow it to continue to feed of of us.

I could feel my life fading as it began to walk towards me and focus its siphoning on me. A strand of my hair began to turn gray and in turn its bleeding stopped and its arm began to pulsate. I used my fading strength to leap towards the corpse of my uncle where my amulet had fallen during our fight prior. The beast had unintentionally ripped it from my neck in reaction to it burning its skin. It was the only thing that could stop what it was trying to do. It of course would recognize this to move in a blur to smack my body away before I'd even landed on the ground.

My sight blurred due to developing cataracts and my body grew frail. My thin arm slowly moved reach into my pouch but the abomination would crouch before me and gently overpower my strength, gripping my forearm before snapping it. I was too weak to release any sound of pain. It would stop taking my life for but a moment to meet my eyes that were now level with its own.

I would see such hate and abhorrence in its pupils. Hate that I'd shattered is brief era of joy, that we'd found it, that it knew exactly what my motive was. Despite my attempts to preserve my life, I did not fear death. My death would only serve to reignite my family's flame. My death would mean we'd gone too soft. They would train my young kin to be better warriors than I, those of equal caliber to the ones that had driven the creature into hiding many centuries ago. Warriors that would now have the technology easily cause mortal harm to it such as I did.

It now understood that its stolen time is running out. It is not us who must seek it, now it is it who must seek us. It would have to eliminate my family before we could breed its demise.

Kill or be killed.

My body would slump as it took its final breath. The last thing I would see is a dark mass spreading its large wings to take flight. Even if we failed, even if it took all our lives, it would not be able to cover up the deaths of a family as prominent as ours. There were many contingencies .... and many .... failsafes ... we had set in this new era. We are ... no one's ... prey.


Inageby t1_jdo1pyo wrote

I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

I loved the lore you imparted in part 2, really solidifying the conflict on the human side and lack of awareness on the vampire's side, I wonder if it's beginning to remember now. Hope you have a nice day.


KarmicWhim t1_jdobwk3 wrote

Thank you as well.

> I wonder if it's beginning to remember now.

Yup. Definitely remembers now.


For anyone that is confused:

Idea was that unlike the other vampires that were undead, fed off blood, and slowly withered; this one found a way to feed directly on life spans and inturn gained a life span of its own (and because it has a life span that means it must be living, and not undead).

At some point it had become so efficient at feeding off the life span of humanity as a whole that the process became second nature to it, like breathing. Since it didn't have to focus on manually doing so for so long it just sorta kinda forgot it was a vampire since it's not really doing anything different from a normal person at this point.

The lady practically forced it to have to manually heal itself or die (which killed her in the process), in turn causing it to remember:

"Oh yeah, riiiight, I'm not just some random immortal guy, I'm an immortal monster that took everything from them and am still currently feeding off of them as we speak. Mmm, yeah and this family got pretty darn close to killing me some centuries ago, I should probably go deal with that family while they're still rusty from not fighting me in so long. But gotta be careful not to draw too much attention, humans have some pretty crazy tech now, don't want myself to go too public."


Shallurian t1_jdp8qrv wrote

Honestly, with the way the vampire was acting, thinking that it was a mostly human immortal, that family could have found a way to negotiate with him before attacking. Like, he can still take life energy, just way less of it, considering how many people there are in the world now.


TentacleJihadHentai t1_jdnwg7q wrote

All fifteen of them laid bonded in carbon nanotube chains, utterly bound to the diamond carbon nanotube wall, suspended 400 feet above the underground floor to deter escape attempts.

Thankfully, telekinesis allowed me to fly. Giving me the luxury of staring at them in the eyes.

And yet. No answers...

"So...out of the entire extended family here, not one of you can point out the original ancestor. In fact, you do not even know why you all have been hunting me for..."

The Great Wall...


The Islamic Conquests...

Restitutor Orbis...





"Gobleki Tepe..."

15 sets of eyes blinked at me.

"Err. Maybe not that far..." one of them, an olive skinned male, said.


"THE PYRAMIDS ARE OUR INHERITANCE!!!" they attacked my ears in unison.

"So. What can I have done 4,700 years ago that still offends you today? You know what, I think 47 centuries of assaults and harassment and murder attempts make up for it. But!" And I gave a good pause. "You clearly disagree. So now is the chance that your ancestors would had loved to had. Scream at me." They stared back blankly. "Well now, don't be shy now of all times. Speak up."

They stared blankly.

"Let me tell you what your ancestors efforts gave me. The 'justice'."

"Ahem. 2540 BCE, the first attempt. My wife at the time, and 7th overall chronologically, died of miscarriage after the stress of seeing me get an arrow through my knee."

They shifted nervously.

"Before you ask me what I did in retaliation... nothing. A lion ate the fool three years later. I would had personally impaled him on a burning pike, but death by hungry lion is an alright second I guess."

"But before I continue this list... none of you have yet to tell me what I have done to deserve this."

One of them, a 33 year old woman by the looks of her, moved to speak.

I immediately flew over and faced her eye to eye, not four feet apart.

"Well? Speak your piece," I said as my arm outreached, offering my open right palm towards her.

"According to the legends..." She began.

"According to the legends, as in... you are uncertain if it is even true. Correct me if I am wrong."

"I, uhm."

"My apologies. How rude of me. Please continue," I responded, forcing as much pleasantries into my voice as I can.

"You apparently killed Khufu in a blood sacrifice to gain your immortality," she told me.

I blinked.

"That would be a good reason indeed. However there three major flaws to this theory," I whispered.

"First off, Khufu was mummified, so any sort of that would had made it into the historical record, as they would had noticed the ritual stabbing marks while preparing him, no matter how well I may have hid the wounds."

"Second off, may I add that I was around 6000 years old around this time? And before you say I am lying, I believe all of you know enough magic to perform Deceit Detection. Which you know, is infallible."

"And the third reason?" Another, some Slavic looking girl, asked.

She's not above twenty is she? Abit too young to risk death...

"Assuming you reason blood for blood, may I add that over the course of the past 4700 centuries, your bloodline wiped out my entire progeny. Six. Separate. Times?"

I began laughing as I cried.

"Six. Separate. Times. Hell in the most recent one four hundred years ago, you literally stabbed my infant son in his pregnant mothers' arms! Hell, and then she died in childbirth while I was too busy fighting off you zealots."

They remained silent. Some turned away.

"Now let me answer something your ancestors died asking me. How is magic exactly discovered and used? Well, you are born with it."

They blinked back.

"Well, you can circumvent this requirement by either consuming the blood of a magic user, and do this enough times you get it permanently. Albeit inferior to the person who's blood you drunk. Or, you can use genetic modification."

"So...they are not witches?"

It was my turn to blink.

"I have a question. Why is it 'witchcraft and heresy' for others to use magic, but for you and your allies it is 'miraculous and holy intervention'?" I asked.

"Well, ours is safe," some man spoke out.

"Well of course it is, your ancestors stole the knowledge from me. As proof..." and I tossed him a 10000 year old book, with its pages flipping just fast enough for him to finish reading.

"Any other counter-arguments? Anyways back to discussion. Magic, in essence, is the next step of evolution. As we gained sapient thought, eventually our ancestors gained souls, and with it, Soul Energy. Immortality. The power of reincarnation and resurrection."

"So our priesthood..."

"Singlehandedly held back humanity by..."

75,850 years came up in a screen behind me I had come down.

"Do not worry, that is nowhere close to the Catholic Church!" I jovially responded.

435,250 years

"Who would had fucking thought killing all magic capable people on sight would have ZERO repurcussions! And to think back in my day Jesus Christ would had been considered normal. At least the Brahmin weren't as stupid. If only they did not self-destruct," I explained.

"How did the Brahmin self-destruct?" some eighteen year old boy asked.


TentacleJihadHentai t1_jdnzm8u wrote

"Well first off. Do you see the Hindu priesthood throwing magic WMDs around today?" I asked him.


"Second off. They self-destructed because of... to summarize... 'Brahmastra', 'Indraastra', 'Suryaastra', 'Agniyastra, Brahmashirsha Astra.

"All you did was add 'Astra' to some pagan gods' names," the technically an adult said.

"First off, Agniyastra," I declared as I closed my hands together as if to pray. And as I separated them, a lance-like arrow of Transcendent Divine Soulflame manifested in my between them, the flame prismatic like the reflection of a diamond and emanating golden light. It's radiance was almighty, yet it did not hurt our eyes.

"Agni, the Lord of Flames, the Burning One. Astra, means arrow. And this arrow," I pointed at the Transcendent Magic right in front of me.

They are wide-eyed. Good, they can sense, if barely, it's majestic strength.

"Has more power in it than the combined nuclear arsenal of America and Russia. And it is made entirely out of its namesake."

"And how many of them were thrown?" The first one to talk, Ibrahim if the others thoughts were correct, asked.

"Only 1 per 1000 Astras detonated. The rest were negated by each other. But over a thousand were successfully used. And it reset human history."


"1.8 billion in Ancient India alone. Those are immediate casualities in an eighteen day war. Probably higher once you take in the nuclear winter effect."


"So... over the course of this history lesson. I realized something," I began.

Ibrahim raised his eyebrow.

"I objectively cannot justify showing you all mercy."

They remained silent.

"First off, your entire bloodline has been a menace to humanity, not just me."

"Second off, not only were you menaces. Your ancestors in particular actively decried inventors as heretics rebelling against whatever God(s)^TM your family believed in. Congratulations on killing the inventor of modern medicine fourteen times over. Well done."

"Finally, while the Catholic Church has no idea of magics actual existence, you do! And you did way worse proportionally on a per capita basis."

They were not silent. They were trying to scream. But I was not letting them.

"Add effect Reincarnation Cessation to Agniyastra."

There was some tossing, some light, and then a man floated in silence, a spear of beautiful flames in hand.


Zeroalonter t1_jdmykfg wrote

Son of this, daughter of that... It's been so long I don't really care, these people just don't give up, I've known every single one of their line but I just can't bring myself to care.

Each day it's a poisoned drink, I actually like the almond flavor of cyanide, I try to go for a walk and a couple of arrows pierce my cloak, my tailor must love me, I don't know what I did to these people but they keep yelling "YOU WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN!" as if I knew what happened to them.

Maybe it was an accident, I've had countless over my eternal life, maybe I was rude, maybe they just decided to stalk me and start pestering out of a sudden.

All I know it's that these people just won't quit, and it's honestly quite admirable, I've never had anyone hate me or even remember me for this long, I think I'm starting to like this; being remembered that is.


Takeyouonajourney9 t1_jdobgr0 wrote

After the first few attempts I began digging.

At first it was just me. I hired people from different parts of the world and waited patiently for the answers. Answers that I felt were critical to contribute to my understanding.

365 days later to the day I received a letter in the mail.

The people who were after me were my own family.

They paid every penny they could into training and hunting me.

Their pictures were sent with snipits of who they are.

One woman had blue eyes, that looked so… familiar.

As I got to the second and third picture, I realized that they had all staged their own role within my life. The woman was a grocery store cashier, around the corner from my primary property in England.

The older man with the full hair and brown eyes, was a man who daily walked his dog, (an adorably oversized black lab), up my street.

The young lady with the neat and tidy look of an accountant was a coffee shop owner, 5 blocks from my Manhattan apartment.

Why if they wanted to hunt me, would they pose to know me for this long?

Why would my family be so heartwarmingly empathetic to my daily toils if only to do something to hurt or hinder me?

I grew up in an orphanage. It got awkward when I aged out of the system still only looking to be 5 yrs old, but I found a sympathetic family to take me in.

Where was my real family then?


Verrgasm t1_jdmuil9 wrote

Time guarantees all sorts of troublesome issues, even more so when it is without end. Centuries have passed since I lost my humanity, my very capacity for decay, and across the countless years I've made more enemies than I have friends. So many enemies, in fact, that much of their animosity has become lost on me. Take my oldest still-living adversary, for example. A pompous family line of aristocratic fools, hellbent on writing wrongs committed so long ago that I can hardly recall what those wrongs were to begin with. Which is unfortunate, as possessing such information could perhaps help me heal this, likely petty, grudge which they insist on upholding.

I mean, did I purloin a rare collection of priceless jewelry during my first visit to the French coast in 1640? Sure. Did I spread a particularly nasty brand of syphilis to a number of settlements throughout Europe and Eastern Asia in the 19th Century? Yes, I did that. Was I partly responsible for inciting an insurrection which resulted in the deaths of a few thousand people? Guilty. But still, you'd think the bitterness would subside after so long, however I'm beginning to think that may never be the case.

Just last week an assassin interrupted a rather exciting game of online chess that I was playing in which I was very much on top. Unfortunately, it was ultimately ruined as a result. I just wish that they wouldn't be so rude in their attempts to murder me. Whatever happened to good manners?


Photon_EU t1_jdmypmg wrote

I am an immortal cultivator. Even if I`m no longer bound by time , the cultivation path is endless - there’s always new realms to ascend to and new worlds to reach.
I sense heavenly tribulation approaching me in the near future, a decade or so and I won’t be able to avoid it any longer. As cultivation is an act against heavens they just keep on coming in increasing strength, though my divination tells me I might not survive this one.

Somehow my karma has been declining rapidly the past few centuries - some random people keep coming and trying to kill me - they will drop boulders on top while I'm sleeping, try poisoning the spring I frequently drink from and other various ways while looking at me with bloodshot eyes.

As most of them are mere mortals and rare cultivators among them are at most at mere core formation stage - all those foolish attempts do not harm me in any way. I do not bother to kill them and just relocate - killing those so much weaker than me for simple reasons as disturbing my sleep would just accumulate bad karma.

Though my karma problem is probably stemming from them - not sure why they’re trying to kill me anyway, I don’t remember doing anything after reaching this realm - heck I hardly interacted with people - I just focused on cultivation since finding this remote world.

— clan records —

Year 14257 - there was a flash of light and a huge explosion as a large pit appeared in the farming fields with some stranger inside it. Elders speculated it’s a powerful cultivator and damage was a backlash from entering our world.

Year 14363 - there has been thunder striking down from heavens repeatedly for the whole week - a few hundred hectares around the center were utterly destroyed with no signs of life. Our clan headquarters were unfortunately also inside this radius.

Year 14365 - Clan successfully rebuild the headquarters and contacting other families it was confirmed that heavenly tribulation was caused by an unidentified man from a few years ago.

Year 14468 - 27th lighting incident happened - this time radius was even larger, 45 more clans were destroyed. The remaining survivors joined our clan - according to calculation we don’t have much time left - as the lighting radius grows exponentially, the next one will span across the whole planet - we must get that man out of our planet somehow!


Smewroo t1_jdov6pt wrote

Nature is my only constant. The feel of sand under my feet and the sound of waves breaking on the beach is the same as the first time I ever heard it. Empires rise and fall, languages change like clouds in the sky, everything about the world people create is in flux and always will be. But the sensations of nature orient me, focus me. Every time I begin to feel myself becoming lost in memory I retreat to the closest place I can to feel nature's hand.

The whipcrack of a bullet barely missing my head is also the same as the first time I had been shot at, centuries ago. One hand goes to cover my ringing ear as I run into the surf. I don't hear the second shot but I see the fountain of sea spray come off the wave ahead of me before I can dive in properly. Water becomes a better shield the faster the bullet is. I claw at the sand at the bottom, helping the undertow take me out to sea. My eyes sting with the salt and entrained stand, but even through the blur I can see the cavitation bubble trail of another shot at me.

The undertow has me in hand, I put my trust in it and go limp. With preparation I can hold my breath for several minutes, but I had no time to prepare. Any person can slow their heart and persist long after their lungs feel like they are burning. I had learned far more on down the long years. In moments I had quieted my heart and distanced myself from the coming complaints of my lungs. By the time the ocean carried me to the surface I had estimated more than ten minutes had passed. Still, I remained limp, my heart beating rarely. Barely any part of me would be above the surface. If another shot came I knew I would have to take more drastic action. A minute passed. I raised my face to part the surface and take a breath. Another minute without a following shot. Either a very patient sniper or they had lost sight of me.

I righted myself in the water until my entire head was above the surface. My heart proceeded to race as soon as I had unrestrained it. I gasped and panted for a few moments. Then I heard an engine. It took a moment of coming about as I treaded water to find the skiff. Persistent. Although with the waves carrying both shooter and quarry to and fro, up and down it was almost impossible that-

The shot skipped off of a wave ten cubits in front of me. The bullet then struck my hairline, snapping my head back into the water and taking some shiver of my skull with it. I did not have to try to sink beneath the waves. I was three cubits under them before I could think properly again. In the last century most of the cults and societies that knew of me had fallen to history. Of the handful that remained I had a notion of which one had spawned this assassin.

Two minutes later I was far deeper and had a view of the hull of the skiff. Now, would the assassin be stupid enough to try and enter the ocean and pursue me? The water blurred my sight but an errant flash of white warned me that something had been dropped. Then the grenade exploded some twenty cubits above me. My eyes clouded with stars while my ears rang loud enough to drive thought away for an instant. I sank deeper and forced the pain to a distant realm above the clouds in my mind. The assassin tossed more grenades, varying the depth by cooking off some of the timer before the toss. I hoped I had more time than they had grenades. How many could they have brought in anticipation?

The assault stopped with the deepest detonation yet. The assassin had probably thrown that down as hard as they could have. Now it was my turn, but I had several minutes yet in reserve, no need to breach like a whale. I swam up with deliberate slowness, conserving my wind. I eased myself along the shallow keel to the still propeller. Once my hands were on the plate and my feet on the skeg I let the rocking of the boat dictate my timing. At the downward rock of the stern I lifted my head and shoulders above the water but below the lip of the gunnels. Another pause for the ocean to tell me when to raise myself again.

My assailant sat just before me, his elbow on the tiller as he scanned the water with some kind of electronic binoculars. Apparently, his conclusion had been that I had fled further out to sea. I raised myself again to the rock of the skiff. Once I had my right foot on the gunnel I took hold of the man, wrapping his throat into the crook of my left arm while I locked out the elbow he had had on the tiller. We crashed to the deck and I wrapped my legs around his thighs to lock his knees together. He was strong, quite strong, but my thews had aged like oak and I overpowered him despite his superior size. His mind left him, his brain starved for blood.

That gave me the moments I needed. I released him, turned him over, and wrote the mandala I needed on his forehead in my blood though I had to scrape at my wound to bring forth the bleeding again. A few old words later and the man's body left his control and entered mine. I sat him up and enjoyed the terror and confusion in his eyes as he regained consciousness in a body not under his dominion any longer.

I tried English. Everyone seemed to speak some English these days.



Smewroo t1_jdovlqg wrote


"By the look of you I would hazard to guess that you're an Akkadian," I said.
With a thought I gave him his tongue back.

"You can kill me, but we will never stop until we give you your final death," the man said in English that sounded American, or nasal enough to pass as such.

"We have an opportunity here for a palaver and that is what you have to say to me?" I asked.

The Akkad descendant -how many generations down his line would he be- gave me his best sneer of proud defiance. I started the outboard engine and forced him to return to his seat and steer our course further out to sea. Akkad children did not always work alone, some of my worse encounters had been from sibling pairs.

I raised my voice over the wind and the engine noise. "Do you even know why your family has spent so many generations hunting me?"

"We have to save the world from you," the Akkad assassin glared at me with zealot intensity.

"I've heard that one from your family before," I nodded. "But you have been saying that for millennia now. Has your family long forgotten why you hunt me? Because I certainly have if I had ever known why."

Confusion on his face, but only for a moment before the sneer and pride reasserted.

"You want to trick us, make us think that this is all some kind of mistake," the Akkad man tried to spit at me but I did not permit him to. He settled on calling me a bitch, then a cunt, then a few terms I had yet to learn but were most likely more of the same.

"Spell it out for the old bitch then," I prompted. "What did I do that makes all these tens of centuries worth it?"

"What? No, it's not what you did because you haven't done it yet," the Akkad man said.

"Come again?" I prompted.

"You are going to be the ruin of the entire world if we don't stop you," the Akkad man said. "We're running out of time, but fuck it. I bet I came closer to killing you today than all my ancestors. Maybe it will be one of my grandkids or-"

I cut his speech short with a thought to freeze his face for a moment. I forced him to cut the engine so I could speak lowly, and slowly.

"Am I to understand that more than four thousand years ago your family took up this fucking hunt because of some vague prophecy?"

Even after I gave him his faculty of speech back the man took a few moments to compose his words. "The last of our line sent a dream to our progenitor, every new age something from the dream comes true. Every century we see proof. We can't stop until you can't take away the future of everyone yet to be born."

For a moment memories overwhelmed me. Memories of all the children I had lost, the husbands, the wives, and all of their futures taken from them in order to get to me. I wanted to rend the man before me, to flense his flesh away and dip him in the salt ocean to hear his screams. I took a breath and set those feelings in the field they belonged in and not in this moment.

"Have you considered that this is is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy?" I asked.

"It is because of your family I stopped having families. It is because of your hunt that I have to distance myself from people. From love. From my own humanity. What if, some day far from now, I just can't take it anymore and I burn down the entire granary just to get you, the rats, out of my life? Has that been explained away in whatever dream your ancestor had?"

The man stared at me, uncomprehending. What had I expected of him, some epiphany? Some doubt for the cause he had been born into, raise for?

"We are going back ashore," I said. "You will go home and you will hold your children in your arms. I want you to think hard on how you would feel were they to be taken from you. I want you to think on how that would feel to happen again and again. And when your family's mind sickness makes you want to turn those feelings into redoubling your pursuit of me, I want you to reflect on how long before you turn me into the hunter. Just so I can have someone to hold in my arms again without waiting for your family to take them from me."

I sat down next to him while I made him turn on the engine and turn the skiff about.

"A dream sent from the future," I said to myself. "Some Akkadian has a nightmare and passes that on to his entire line. Who has he made suffer more I ask you. Has it been me or has it been his descendants giving their happiness generation after generation to make that nightmare come true. Just something to think about when you see your family."

"But if I can kill you that all goes away," the man said to me.

"Of course," I patted his knee and put my head on his broad shoulder. "Because if you can't tell yourself that what else did all your ancestors die trying to accomplish? Just like everyone else. One more conquest. One more genocide. One more ethnic cleansing. Then, oh then, the nightmare will be over and all will be Elysium. Please tell me of any such success."

The man brooded, his body locked in my spell.

"Of course," I sighed.

The docks were a few minutes more away. I could at least enjoy some simulacrum of company with the man, as a symbol of another constant in my life even as the centuries rolled on like seasons.


spookycat25 t1_jdoncm1 wrote

I woke up, chained to my bed, a saw in the middle of cutting my stomach.

“Not again” I mutter, rolling my eyes.

I sit up, yanking the chains, breaking them off from my bed frame.

“I can’t just have one nice nap? You people are crazy.”

“We’re not crazy. We’re trying to get revenge.” A voice says from the corner of my room. The person is hiding comfortably in the shadows.

“Revenge for what? You and your lineage have been trying to kill me for thousands of years.”

“You’re still playing dumb?” The person becomes enraged, “Why can’t you take responsibility for your actions?” The person is yelling now, “I hate you!”

And before I realized what’s happening, the person is running at me with a knife, and for a brief second I catch a glance of their face. There’s tears streaming down their face. I felt sorry for them. That was until I felt the knife plunging into my heart.

The person stabs me over and over, yelling things I can’t understand. She’s crying. Suddenly I feel this odd sensation coming over me. The girl starts floating, chanting something from a language I thought dispersed a long time ago.

“Ied. Ied ouy upidts ons fo æ thcib. Ouy suredc em nda ym milyaf ot æ imetifle fo reffungi, dna ety, ouy trelend ouy on’td memrerbe. I pohe ouy ffersu orf lal fo itynrete.“

She explodes in the air, her ashes falling all over me.

Then I remember. This is the Jaïfē family. They descended from the Heavens. I look down, noticing my bleeding heart for the first time. I get up to look in the mirror and I see the horns on my head, the fire emitting off my body. I remember who I am.

I am Shirafę. The devil banished from the Heavens. It was me who led to the downfall of the Jaïfē family. I brought them down with me.

I decided to fall asleep, hoping to forget about this once more. I actually liked the chase, but they didn’t need to know that.

I crawl into bed, still bleeding.

Hopefully, I wake up to the same cycle.


spookycat25 t1_jdongcr wrote

By the way, the “random letters” actually spell something. See if you can unscramble it!


Aquamarine_ze_dragon t1_jdpckgy wrote

>!Die. Die you son of a bitch. You cursed me and my family to a lifetime of ?gunfire?, And yet trelend you don't remember. I hope you suffer for all of eternity.!<


spookycat25 t1_jdpdnr2 wrote

Close! It was “die” I just realized the I can look like an L. Can you get anymore? The rest is kinda hard


spookycat25 t1_jdplttl wrote

Okay you were literally so close. Turns out I misspelled a couple things. “You cursed me and my family to a lifetime of suffering” (I forgot to add the s💀) and “pretend you don’t remember” I don’t even know what I did there. But good job!


TheBlackestofKnights t1_jdqfgeu wrote

It was 03:42 CT on February 14th, 1996, in rural Pennsylvania when Nadya Sobol died once again, for the 32rd recorded time since 1943.

Her would-be murderer panicked as he realized what he had done, removing his hands from her neck. The bruises along her already pale skin did not hide what he did.

"N-no no no no." He stuttered as he quickly removed himself from her and buckled his jeans. He stumbled out of his car and paced around, cursing himself as he thought what to do next.

Eventually, he decided. He reached back into his car, attempted to cover back up Nadya's corpse with the clothes he had torn, and carried her out to a nearby ditch along the road. He uttered a quick apology before he unceremoniously heaved her into it. He started back to his car until a sudden thought had him returning back to better hide her from the road.

After he was done, he ran back to his car and hurriedly drove off.

It was later that evening when Nadya finally woke back up, slowly sitting up as she clutched her head in minor pain.

Dusk is almost upon us, young one.

Nadya looked around in a daze, a hand still holding her head. "Yeah, I can see that, Captain Obvious."

Another decade must pass before that becomes relevant.

She lazily got up and stumbled out of the ditch onto the empty road, her shirt in tatters. She didn't even have her jeans anymore. "Do you know what happened? Last night, I mean."

He ended your life, briefly.

"That cyka! I should've known he would've pulled something like that."

I did warn you of the dangers of hitchhiking, and of offering your flesh for favors.

"Shut it. What did you do? I don't see his body anywhere." Nadya raised her arms and motioned around the road.

He did no more harm than necessary.

Nadya sighed and muttered. "He was supposed to be driving me to the next town..."

She clutched her head again, the pain dimming. It was normal for her, however, after each death. The strain of regeneration took it's toll.

If it may offer you solace, there should be a motel 2 miles east.

"How do you even know that?"


"Nevermind, I don't want to know. Let's get going."

Don't forget your trousers.

"What?" Nadya looked back at the ditch and saw them, bundled up with some of her other belongings. She huffed. "Finally, some decency."

Luckily, her jeans were untouched, unlike her shirt. Even more fortunately, her wad of cash was still in it, along with her jacket. She threw them on and started towards the motel, with only the voice in her head for company, and a set of eyes watching her go from afar.

Nadya slumped onto the motel bed, probably disturbing a nest of bedbugs when she did.

You've done it again.

"You've no right to judge." She said softly.

Yet I do. Have you forgotten what I am?

"That clerk was this close to calling 911. What was I supposed to do?"

Run away. You don't have to do this every time...

"Leave me alone, please. I want to be alone with my own thoughts for one second. Please."

...Very well.

Nadya laid on the bed, alone once again, for what seemed to be an hour before she stripped off her clothes and headed into the shower.

The hot water streamed down her back as she crouched in a fetal position, as black tears rolled down her face. She sobbed quietly until her tears had run dry and her sorrow bottled away.

She turned the shower off and stepped out, and faced herself in the mirror. It was her birthday today, she realized. She'd be sixty-six now.

Yet... Here she was, stuck at the age she first died at, thirteen. Her body had barely begun the awkward process of puberty, then.

Immortality... What a joke, she thought. She had thought it would have given her power, given her purpose. It was not to be. Men still preyed upon her, and she was still so utterly alone.

Nadya glared at her face with hatred. She hated her pale skin, her blonde hair, and her eyes. The same icy blue eyes as her sister. As her father...

She punched the mirror, shattering it and cutting herself in the process. Black blood seeped into the sink and onto the floor as she quickly dressed herself.

She went back to the bed, and curled in on herself under the covers, silently praying until she fell asleep.

Nadya dreamt. She dreamt of the day she had found her sister standing over their father's body.

"Ana..." She stared at her father, eyes wide with shock and fear. Anastasiya quickly grabbed her hand.

"Nadya, look at me, please look at me. We have to go. We have to go, now!"

She finally turned her gaze at her sister, and saw something within her eyes. She swallowed hesitantly.

"W-where's Vasily? Why isn't he here? Why isn't he here!?" Nadya screamed, prompting Ana to tear up. And that's when she knew. Vasily was dead, and that thing that was within him was now in Ana.

"He... Gave up his life for you, didn't he?" Ana let go of her hand and doubled over, heaving until she threw up a black substance.

"Nadya... Nadya... Please, I don't have much time. I'm not a worthy vessel." Ana stared at her sister with urgency, and then it dawned on Nadya.

"No... No..." She stared in horror as her sister sliced her own forearm open with a talon, black blood spilling out. Ana raised her arm to her.

"No, I won't do it. Please, Ana! Don't make me do it..." She cried, as her sister was becoming visibly weaker.

"You have to. There's no other way."


"Nadya, wake up."

Nadya's eyes abruptly opened. She groaned as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Nadya, wake up.

"Can't you leave me alone for one fucking sec—"

We have an intruder.


TheBlackestofKnights t1_jdqfkev wrote

She shot up and scanned the motel room. There, in the corner, sitting down and smoking a cigarette, was a man in black.

The man quietly reached for the ashtray and put out his cigarette, and then put it back in its place.

"Hello, Nadya. It's been a while."

Nadya backed into the wall, and tried to search her options for escape. The man cleared his throat.

"It's no use. You won't be going anywhere tonight."

"Who the fuck are you?!" She yelled.

The man in black cleared his throat once again, and reached for something beside him. A file, Nadya realized. He opened it and began to read.

"Nadya Sobol, born February 14th, 1930, in the Kharviv province of Ukraine, to Jakob and Anya Sobol. Happy birthday, by the way."

Nadya glanced at the bedside clock. 23:47.

"You still didn't answer my question..."

The man in black sighed, and closed the file. "To put it simply, I'm part of an organization — a family, if you will— that has been monitoring you since your arrival in the United States in 1963."

"You mean trying to kill me?" Nadya said incredulously. She was aware she was being watched, but she had not thought much of it.

I told you of the dangers of hitchhiking.

"I admit, our previous members were... Hostile, and succeeded in neutralizing you several times."

"One of them gunned me down! In broad daylight! In a public park!"

"And my superiors apologize for that. In fact, my superiors are are sorry enough to invite you a place in our organization."

Nadya glared at the man. She couldn't tell if he was joking or serious. He seemed to pick up on her uneasiness.

"I know, I know. We've given you no reason to trust us. But what I say is true. You're not the only one like yourself, you know."


Don't listen to him.

"There are others like you. People with... Beings like whatever is inside you inside them. In fact, we have one working for us. Recently, as well. Been around since 1578. I feel you'll like him.

Nadya, he is lying.

"You're lying."

The man in black chuckled. "They're telling you that, right? What makes you think they're not lying themselves, eh?

"They wou—"

"Let me lay it to you straight. If you don't accept the offer, I'll have no choice but to attempt to terminate you. That's my orders. Now, we both know that won't keep you down for long. Even so, we already have agents tracking your every move, and I assure you, they will not be as cordial as I've been.

Please know that we're trying to give you a chance with this offer. We both know you don't have anything keeping you out here, other than prostituting yourself for a damn ride and a shitty motel room."

Nadya perked up at that. "How do you know that?"

"Like I said, we've been monitoring you. The guy who picked you up yesterday night? Well, he turned himself in earlier this afternoon. We managed to get him to tell us where he left you. And the motel clerk? Shit, I killed him for the key."

The man in black leaned back, reached within his coat pocket for a pack of cigarettes, and lit one up. "Think about it."

Nadya thought in silence, considering her options. There was truth to his words. She had been wandering for fifty three years, ever since she first died when she took Them in as Ana's dying wish.

She didn't know what to do with herself anymore. What to decide. They've grown silent too. She glanced at the clock once more. 23:57.

"What do I get out of it?"

The man in black pulled a drag of his cigarette before answering.

"You get to work alongside us, keeping the peace. Under strict observance, of course, but trust can be easily built. We will provide good shelter, food, and freedom. We will explain more."

Nadya asked Them what they thought.

Do what you think is best for you.

She closed her eyes and took a steady breath. "Fine. I'll work for you."

The man in black put out his cigarette and stood up. "That is great news. You won't regret this, I promise you. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. Special Agent Monroe."

He held out his hand. As Nadya reached out to shake it, he grasped her hand firmly. Quicker than she could react, the man had pulled out a silver dagger and slit her throat.

She fell back onto the bed, choking and clasping her throat as her black blood gushed through her hands and onto the sheets. She glared at Monroe with betrayal in her icy blue eyes.

"I'm sorry, but this is protocol. Can't have you getting cold feet. Plus, I didn't bring the body bag for nothing..."

Nadya's vision blurred and her limbs weakened as she fought to stay alive this time. As her consciousness faded, she felt Them chastising her.

Foolishness. Your sister would've been wiser...

It was 00:00 CT on February 15th, 1996, in rural Pennsylvania when Nadya Sobol died once again, for the 33rd recorded time since 1943.


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