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Riona12 t1_jediuyp wrote

isn't there a blob of water bigger than the milky way floating around?


Aphrontic_Alchemist t1_jedt7jh wrote

Yes, but it’s in the form of water vapor. Worse, it’s around a quasar, not really the best place to collect water.


theletterQfivetimes t1_jega50s wrote

Pretty sure water is the most common molecule in the universe by a long shot too. Well, besides hydrogen gas.


MorganWick t1_jegcm89 wrote

And yet look at how difficult it is for us to get hydrogen.

Then again, it's difficult for us to isolate hydrogen because most of it on earth is bound up in water molecules...


MorganWick t1_jefo0k7 wrote

...surely this person would know how dependent humans are on water and could figure out that they must have come from a world where water either is abundant or was at some point?