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MintGreenLoveMachine t1_jcfdnhi wrote

"What do you mean I'm not ready to open!" She shouted at the robotic being before her, holding a small cardboard box in its hands. It gave a shrug and turned its body away from the scientist, who quickly attempted to maneuver around the being and get closer to the box. In response, it held it above its head.

"You're not ready to open it! It would make things too easy for you!"

"That's absolutely ridiculous, give me the box!"

"No!" The being shouted back, keeping the box away from the scientist. "You have spent your entire life pursuing this question, have you not? Do you want me to undermine your entire career by just giving you the answers you've sought for - this whole time sitting in this cardboard box!"

"Give me the box!" She shouted, almost like a child throwing a tantrum. The being sighed and said calmly, "You are so close." She paused.


"You are so close. These answers will come to you in time, and you won't need the cardboard box. I've seen your work. Keep pushing. You're so close. Would you rather have the satisfaction of finding the answer yourself, or claim to have discovered the truth all the while knowing that you weren't the one who discovered it? Perhaps I am making sense, perhaps not. But giving you the answer would do more harm than good."

She paused.

"You know, you're right. But you're a ******* jerk for showing me the box in the first place!"

The being crushed the cardboard box.

"There was nothing in the cardboard box - why would the secrets of humanity be in a cardboard box! It was a test! Humans are so complicated..."

They sat in a brief moment of silence before she laughed.

"Sorry, you're right. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to need your help on the next experiment."


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