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Takeyouonajourney9 t1_jeagfv7 wrote

Holy fever dream hell. I woke in a sweat, I hated humans.

With every bit of life in my blood. I could feel the freedom of the ocean. The instinctive pull towards the nearest jet stream. The connection to my herd.

The pain I felt from the atrocities from humans and their incessant waste, it boiled my blood.

We, my herd followed my lead. We knew that our creed was against harming if not to defend but was this not to defend?!?

The sweat beaded above my upper lip, the rage was enough to wake me.

My mission in this human body is to fix the word. But my position in this current world is lowly. I need money for food and to supply my life with sustainable longevity based things. We need THINGS in this life and to get them we must destroy the environment through work. Even driving to work creates problems.

I feel stuck and it’s because I am.

Edit: misread the instructions but hope you enjoy anyway lol


Flaky_Explanation OP t1_jedqus6 wrote

Haha I did enjoy it! Well if you're interested, you could do another prompt, I'd do mine where the character encounters a calamity trying to stop whalers and gets offered a second chance, but then again my writing skills ain't great at all haha!


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Masterpotato002 t1_je9f109 wrote

I am reborn as a blue whale and have to stop whaling?!?!


Flaky_Explanation OP t1_je9skr0 wrote

Yeah, coz it's easy enough as a human to just create an alternative to whale oil as a human, so how would you pull ot off as a whale?


wathcman t1_jedxney wrote

10 years later the reincarnated whale is drowned by a group of bored killer whales. The End