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Wise_Race9748 t1_je3hkq1 wrote

Good and Evil . . .

The duality betwixt the two had governed the world I called home. Their very concepts imbued within the fragile society of order and anarchy. Thus , heroes who sought to uphold " justice " and villains that sought to destroy it were born. An endless cycle of never-ending conflict with no victors in sight. Never in history had there been a being that was born in one or the other , a true mix of both concepts. Having both sympathy and apathy within them , able to enact either side until now.

I've always been one who did not care for the quarrels of the heroes and villains that occupied everything. It was such a bore and annoyance having to hear the constant bickering in the classroom on which side was better. I held my own interest ───── arts , science, mythology, and alike, but such did not matter. My peers were either puzzled or looked at me with discontent, resulting in being alone for most of my youth. I did not mind it , it gave me solace truth be told. I was able to enact my own ideals and dreams without the worry of upsiding oppositions. I grew to learn many things such as woodworking , martial arts of a grand variety, and many skills other deemed useless.

Then , my eighteenth birthday arrived. My parents, who were heroes, anxiously awaited the announcement of what side I would be placed in. My elder siblings were all placed within the hero class with the exception of one, but we do not speak of them much. Once the mayor looked upon the piece of paper , he stared for a moment, his eyes widened as they rapidly dragged over the piece they were given. Sweat dripping profusely from the side of his temple afore he hesitated to speak.

My mother nearly fainted whilst my father had the most puzzling of looks. Everyone began to whisper amongst themselves whilst I stood there , always dawning my stoic visage. In reality, I was quite relieved , finding out that I would not be placed in this endless dreadful cycle of good and Evil. . .


Xexotic_wolfX OP t1_je6rbep wrote

I know I’m late seeing this, but this is great! It’s very well written. I love your writing style and choice of words; it makes it sound very formal and sophisticated, which I think matches this prompt perfectly.

Amazing work!


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Repq t1_je2tqc1 wrote


The day arrives! Your assignment awaits!

It’s time for the teams to know there fates.

Your future is coming, and so is your class.

The deck with clear cards, practically glass.

Pick a card, watch it change color.

Is it red or blue? Wait, another‽

This one is purple, with etchings of a clock,

and spinning brown spirals that’s pulling y- STOP!

It’s calling you into a deeper trance.

With an outstretched hand, “care for a dance?”


Why stop now when in a bliss?

Black and white, it’s all a cliché.

I think it’s time to add some gray.


Xexotic_wolfX OP t1_je2vrgq wrote

Not gonna lie, I was kinda going for story responses, so I wasn’t expecting to see a poem, but this is honestly amazing! Very well written, and very interesting. I loved this, especially the last two lines.

Great work!