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micahamey t1_je8ojuy wrote

u/NotSoSuperHero: "Hey u/frigganlazer, do you have a favorite color? Or is your life just various shades of evil?"

u/frigganlazer: "Ah, u/NotSoSuperHero, I see you're quite the comedian. But to answer your oh-so-original question, my favorite color is actually rainbow. Yes, that's right, even us evil masterminds enjoy a splash of color in our lives. Shocking, I know."

u/CuriousCatastrophe: "u/frigganlazer, what's your favorite pastime when you're not plotting world domination?"

u/frigganlazer: "Well, u/CuriousCatastrophe, when I'm not busy holding the world hostage with my space laser, I enjoy knitting. Nothing quite like creating a cozy pair of socks to warm my cold, villainous heart."

u/UnderwhelmedUnderdog: "If you could have any superpower, u/frigganlazer, what would it be and why?"

u/frigganlazer: "Oh, u/UnderwhelmedUnderdog, such a thought-provoking question! As if having a space laser capable of obliterating your precious Earth isn't enough. But if I must indulge your curiosity, I'd choose the power to make everyone's Wi-Fi go out at random times. You know, just to keep things interesting."

u/SpaceLaserEnthusiast: "u/frigganlazer, any advice for aspiring super villains out there?"

u/frigganlazer: "Dearest u/SpaceLaserEnthusiast, my advice for budding evildoers would be to remember that even the most diabolical plans can be foiled by the most mundane of obstacles. So, always remember to double-check your evil lair's Wi-Fi password and, of course, invest in a solid backup generator. Best of luck!"