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micahamey t1_je8mnpx wrote

For millennia, I have served the divine order as an angelic judge, tasked with the sacred duty of redistributing the souls among the Seven Earths. Earth 1, the celestial realm of the virtuous, was reserved for the most holy and righteous. Earth 7, the final and lowest plane, housed the worst of the sinners.

Over the course of six months, I diligently worked to assess the souls on Earth 7, granting upgraded passports to those who had genuinely repented and sought redemption. Many petitioned for the chance to ascend to Earth 6, or even higher, to escape the darkness that engulfed their world.

And then I met Adriel, a paragon of virtue who stood out like a beacon of light amidst the shadows. As I examined their life, I was astounded by their unwavering commitment to kindness and compassion, even in the face of overwhelming darkness. Adriel was a rarity, a soul deserving of Earth 1.

Yet, when I offered Adriel passage to the highest plane, they refused.

"I wish to remain here on Earth 7," Adriel said, "to guide others towards the light and help them find the path to redemption."

I tried to convince Adriel otherwise, reminding them of the serenity and splendor that awaited them on Earth 1. However, Adriel's resolve remained unshaken, and their words slowly began to resonate within me.

"By staying here," Adriel continued, "we can bring hope to those who have lost their way. We can show them that redemption is possible, and help them ascend to higher Earths."

Adriel's selfless dedication to the forsaken souls of Earth 7 struck a chord within me. For the first time in my existence, I questioned the divine order, the very essence of my being. The thought of relinquishing my wings to join Adriel in their quest to uplift the sinners of Earth 7 took root in my heart.

After a long and arduous contemplation, I made a decision that would alter the course of my eternal existence. I chose to give up my wings and remain on Earth 7 with Adriel.

Together, we embarked on a journey to guide the lost souls towards redemption, to teach them the virtues of compassion and forgiveness, and to prove that even in the darkest corners of the universe, hope could still prevail.


micahamey t1_je8mp3l wrote

Adriel and I worked tirelessly, navigating the treacherous depths of Earth 7. We faced countless challenges, but our determination to bring hope and redemption to the lost souls never wavered. Together, we were a force of light amidst the encroaching darkness.

One day, we encountered a particularly dangerous situation. A group of malicious souls, enraged by our efforts to change the hearts of the sinners, plotted to stop us at any cost. Adriel and I, unbeknownst to the impending peril, walked straight into their trap.

Surrounded and outnumbered, we fought valiantly, defending ourselves and those we had come to help. Adriel, with their indomitable spirit, managed to hold the malevolent souls at bay. However, in the heat of the battle, one of the attackers struck a fatal blow, piercing Adriel's heart.

I watched, heartbroken, as the light in Adriel's eyes flickered and died. Their sacrifice had saved many, but I was left to continue our mission alone. Grief-stricken and consumed by a profound sense of loss, I began to lose my way.

Without Adriel's unwavering conviction, the darkness of Earth 7 began to seep into my soul. I found myself growing bitter and resentful, and, in time, I teetered on the brink of committing the very sins I had once sought to eradicate.

One fateful day, as I stood over a trembling soul, consumed by rage and despair, I prepared to take a life. It was in that very moment, the darkest hour of my existence, that I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder.

I turned to see Adriel, their face serene and radiant, standing beside me. They had returned, not as a mortal, but as an angel, just as I once was. Adriel had ascended to Earth 1, and now, they had been sent back to guide me away from the abyss I was about to plunge into.

"Remember our purpose," Adriel whispered softly, their voice soothing the turmoil within me. "We are here to bring hope and redemption, not to perpetuate the cycle of darkness."

Tears filled my eyes as I lowered my hand, releasing the terrified soul. Adriel's presence was the lifeline I so desperately needed, a beacon of light to guide me back from the edge of despair.

Together once more, Adriel and I resumed our mission to help the lost souls of Earth 7. We knew the path ahead would be arduous and fraught with danger, but with renewed faith and the strength of our bond, we would continue to shine our light into the darkest corners of the universe.