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lakija t1_jcbh0ef wrote

Secret Dragon

Sasha frowned. He always looked so frustrated during class, grumbling to himself. He was staring down at a piece of paper, our latest test. Another D. He crumpled the paper and threw it into his bag. “I hate this fucking place,” he whispered under his breath. He sat at a table alone behind us.

My friend Pam hazarded a look. She was a slender lizardfolk with sleek greenish skin. She had a long pretty face. “He’s failed again. I feel bad for him. Maybe he needs a tutor. You could.”

“I don’t know. He seems kind of intense.” I was larger that her. I was Komodo. I’d always been rather sensitive that I was larger than everyone else except other Komodo like me.

“Don’t be judgey Leila. Anyways let’s be partners for the next project.”

“Bet!” I said. Our professor spoke up from her desk.

“Alright class. Go check the list to see who your partner will be for the next assignment. Then join tables.”

Of course. Me and Pam rolled out eyes and laughed. “Or not,” she said, hunching her shoulders.

I glanced at Sasha. He just rubbed his furrowed scaly brow but didn’t bother to get up. I left mine with Pam.

I stood in a small line waiting to see the list on my way out the door.

“Leila and Sasha! Heh heh, good luck smarty pants!” I pushed Jonah’s arm. He was a greenish lizardfolk with big green eyes.

“Don’t be an ass. We will be fine.”

“He’s the worst student in class. Even you can’t work your magic on that.”

I folded my arms and watched Jonah walk back to his seat. Pam looked at me. “So about that tutoring then?”

I groaned. “He doesn’t even need tutoring,” I said under my breath. Even so, I could not afford to fail an assignment.

I stalked back to my seat and grabbed my things. Then went to Sasha’s table. We had never interacted before this moment. His skin was red and scaly. He wore a long sleeve jacket.

“Hi partner!” I said trying to be chipper. He glanced at me, his brow raised skeptically.

“Hi,” he said as quietly as he possibly could. His voice! It was deep with a curious rumble underneath. He didn’t speak to anyone, and never spoke during class, so I was a bit taken aback by it. “Smartest girl in class huh. Well I’m sorry you have to get me for a partner,” he whispered, a bit bitterly.

“U-uhm… no don’t say that. We’ll be just fine. So, right. We should decide on our topic for our documentary.”

He looked exasperated. “I know. I’ve thought about it. If you don’t mind?” He gestured toward the seat next to him. I was surprised he actually had an idea. I smiled and sat down. Hey, it wouldn’t be so bad if he was looking forward to it.

We all were told that Sasha was a lizardfolk like us, as that is what the story was when he transferred. But we assumed it was a cover because of his dad’s job as an ambassador.

I had my doubts about his lineage as well of course.

He was a big guy, and much more slow and deliberate with his movements than any of my fellow lizardfolk friends, regardless of their lizard ancestry. Some were extremely skittish, and others were a bit more regular speed. I was slower but not like him.

Now sitting next to him up close, I could see more aspects of his appearance. His teeth were thicker and sharp. His jaw strong. Even though he wore long sleeves—always now that I thought of it— I saw beautiful scales underneath on his wrist. He tugged his sleeve down, hiding them. He claws were similarly thick. They were like obsidian. They shone in the light.

I’d never met a lizard folk with scales like that. Sasha was always intense. But now, looking at his notebook, he seemed more subdued. He flipped through the pages.

He leaned over and pushed it toward me. “These are some ideas I wrote down over the week. They’re all kind of similar…” he said enthusiastically. Now that he was closer and speaking at a normal volume, I could hear that rumble underneath again, like a motorbike almost. A strange intense heat wafted from his mouth almost across the page. I moved my hand, and that made him clamp his mouth shut. “Shit…” he whispered through his teeth. That heat sealed the deal.

“Don’t say anything,” he pleaded.

“I won’t!” I said. He was searching my face, probably to determine if I was telling the truth. His eyes were green, the slit pupils ringed in green. He relaxed. “Thanks. We can talk about it if you like. It’s complicated.”

“Uh huh…” I said, dazed.

I must have been staring hard because I heard my phone vibrate. Shaking my head from my reverie, I saw that I’d gotten a text. It was from Pam. OMG GRL Close your mouth! Ur basically drooling!

“Fuck!” I whispered, putting my phone down. I wiped my lower lip.

Sasha glanced over. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing!” I said a bit too quickly. I quickly texted back while professors back was turned. OMG He’s like… idk. Fuck!

I had not idea what to say. He just raised raised his eyebrow and chuckled under his breath.

Damn he’s got you like that?? Pam texted.

Yes. His voice is so deep!

I saw my professor turning toward us so I pushed my phone away. “Right soooo. Ideas. Which do you want to do the most? I’m game for any of them.”

He inclined his head toward the page and tapped it. “This one. The True Life of Dragons.”

“Cool. What’s the gist?” I asked, taking out my notebook.

He lowered his voice. “We aren’t like what these books say. None of it is true. It is appalling and downright offensive some of the things we learn here. Dragontongue is much worse. As a native speaker, no one speaks that way. It is so robotic. It lacks any nuance at all.”

My eyes widened. “I wondered about that. Everyone knows about your grades. But you have near perfect grades in everything else.”

He sighed, heat gently rolling from his mouth. “I answer honestly, but get marked down because it does not line up with this horrible curriculum. I refuse to answer with untruths. Of course no one here knows. You wouldn’t know.”

I looked down in guilt. “Well I’m Komodo, and my ancestors are from Lyfax so I’ve known of a lot of the discrepancies. But I learned this version to get good grades. I’m studying abroad there soon.”

He smiled. “I knew it. I’m from Lyfax.”

“I know. We all know; your dad is to be ambassador but no one has seen him yet. And we weren’t certain about whether you were dragonfolk or not. Lyfax is diverse place.”

“Yeah it is. Sometimes people can be a bit funny about us dragonfolk. But…well the cat’s out of the bag already. I did not know people suspected.” He twirled a pencil in his hand. “So what do you think of this idea?”

I thought about it. How fitting it would be to document actual dragonfolk instead of the sanitized history we learned. It would certainly make a splash and shut up a lot of people about him.

“Okay,” I agreed. It was a gamble but an intriguing one. “Why hide it then? That you’re dragonfolk?”

He smiled. “I suppose you’re right if everyone knows already.”

He removed his jacket for once, revealing his large arms with sleek reddish scales. I place my clawed hand to my chest. My voice caught. Pam turned around to whisper something to me, but she stopped, shocked. She spun back around.

“Okay partner. We better get to work then,” he rumbled. “I’ve been looking forward to working with you anyway,” he laughed.

My phone buzzed. Ur in trouble

I was in trouble. But I was looking forward to it.

Edit: just a little more story below.

Edit: I cannot believe y’all got me to write a whole steamy story about dragons.

Edit: If you should come across this and want more. Stop by every once in a while.


lakija t1_jce9nok wrote

There is always more.

We had spoken so deeply about the project that neither of us noticed the bell had rung.

He looked around and chuckled. “It seems that for the first time this class is actually engaging. Usually I am the first to leave.”

I put a hand to my cheek. Was it hot? Or was it that he was speaking in my direction and making it hot? He kept chuckling at me.

Pam walked quickly over to our table. She smiled cheerfully at Sasha.

“Hi. I’m Pam,” she chirped. Her hand shot out. Sasha gently shook her delicate hands in his large ones. Pam gave me a knowing glance or drama. “Shall we depart this place?”

“Yeah let’s get out of here,” I said, hurriedly gathering my items.

Sasha gathered his as well. He looked warily at his jacket, then opted to put it on.

Classes with Sasha were much more interesting for the rest of the day. We didn’t have every one together, but the ones we did were fun.

He was more talkative to me and Pam but no one else. Especially in Dragontongue. He spoke so quietly, as much as he could, that I had to lean all the way in to hear his voice.

“If you were to say that word in the southern regions it would mean to place bricks or stones atop each other as if building something. If you said that in the northeastern region, it means to fu— I’m sorry. To have relations with someone.”

Pam squealed and covered her mouth. I covered mine too. “Are you serious?!”

“Yes. And if you were to say this one in the Northernmost tip of the country, it is basically calling someone a piece of filth, while just a few regions down it simply means to clean something. You could get into a fight if you just go around saying some of these things just anywhere.”

He pointed out even more egregious language errors. And I leaned closer to see each word he pointed out. At one point, I had become so close that the heat radiating from his mouth warmed my face. I felt myself tremble. It was like some deep memory of my ancestors was awakening in me. Gods, all I could thing of was what kissing him would be like. That breath of flame like fire. I wanted to look into his throat where I knew a flickering flame lie in wait.—

“Class is over,” he rumbled into my ear, the hotness washing over my neck and head. He knew. He knew what I was thinking. His hand brushed against my arm as he got up to gather his things. I thought it was an accident until he glanced at me and smiled faintly. I composed myself the best I could. But Pam was at the edge of cackling.

Dragontongue had been our last class of the day—“you want that Dragontongue real bad huh?” Pam had teased—and Sasha was still wary of speaking aloud to others, and would not remove his jacket again. I was weak in the knees to be honest. I had no idea what to do with myself. I knew I was being so obvious. I am not good at hiding that sort of thing.

“It has been a fun time today. I hope we continue to be friends this semester. You two have been the most welcoming.” He said graciously. Pam smiled and waved. He made to leave.

I must have looked so disappointed because he stopped and turned his head around.

“Unless you had no plans?”

My whole brain broke. Plans? Uh…

“Huh?” I asked.

Pam perked up. “Nah she doesn’t have any plans.”

Sasha raised his chin and looked out the window. “We can go for a walk and speak of our project.”

“Okay see you later Leila. Call meee!” Pam said, and she hightailed it out of there. She left me!

I put my hands in my hips watching her speed away. Then I sighed, looking back at Sasha. Now that we were just standing there, I realized just how large he was. He was literally the only person in school taller than me. He gestured for me to walk beside him. I did. We didn’t say much until we left the school building. We walked along the quad together. Some students were staring at us. I suppose we made quite the pair walking together.

Truthfully, I had been staring at him in classes since he arrived that first day. I had noticed how smart he was in everything, and had been silently competing with him…

We ended up in a secluded spot near the lake, shaded by trees. Why did I lead him here. I know why I led him here. Or did he lead me…

Needless to say, we did not talk about the project. I plopped down on the grass. He did as well. I could hear that deep guttural noise in the back of his throat. My gods, if this was going to mess me up every time he made a sound I was a goner.

He seemed to be mulling over something.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I apologize if I was forward in Dragontongue class today,” he said. His baritone shook me to the core, the perfect frequency to rattle my bones. Was that it?

“Wait. Sorry? What?” I replied, confounded.

He chuckled to himself. “I don’t know what came over me,” he said, looking puzzled. As if this did not happen to him often.

Now I could play this one of two ways. I could play coy and flirtatious and mysterious. Or I could do the opposite of that and make a fool of myself.

“I… liked it?”

Fuuu— why did it come out as a question?

He looked surprised. And relieved. He brought himself closer, accepting my invitation. He removed his jacket, his muscles arms flexing.

“Really? I thought I messed up,” he mused. Laying the jacket behind him.

“Did you not see my goddamn legs shaking,” I muttered quietly under my breath. Not quietly enough.

He turned toward me. “Yes, I did” he replied, a wash of heat over me. I rubbed my face. What was he doing to me?

“I wish you would do it again,” I heard my mouth say. I was screaming inside.

I think the rest might be a tiny too steamy for WP. I had to Edit this one. I’m not sure. If you want to hear the conclusion of this particular part just let me know.


Jyx_The_Berzer_King t1_jcefjes wrote

OHOHOHOH, you bet your ASS i wanna read the rest of this masterpiece! i am but a humble lump of broccoli on your stovetop, steam me!


VibesInTheSubstrate t1_jchfwjy wrote

Incredible! I'm hooked on this story the same way Leila's hooked on that drag swag. Read and loved your additions too. It's sexy, it's smart, it's sweet.

Team up with an illustrator and you'd do SERIOUS numbers on certain art sites that I have definitely never visited and have absolutely no knowledge of lol.


lakija t1_jci2tlv wrote

How do you know I haven’t made a money catering to exactly these places neither of us knows about that’s not really my personal thing but I don’t mind that at all…


VibesInTheSubstrate t1_jcis7ux wrote



lakija t1_jcit3qz wrote

I can’t remember if I linked the next part to you. If not here it is.


VibesInTheSubstrate t1_jcnechs wrote

Thanks! Very steamy stuff, plus juicy worldbuilding. You've got a gift.


lakija t1_jcv4j4m wrote

I tried to tag people in my latest chapter but I’m not sure if it worked or not.

If you happened to get a mention notification can you let me know? 😅

The next chapter has arrived.


VibesInTheSubstrate t1_jd04enu wrote

No dice, I only saw the notification for this reply.

Gotta step out right now, but I can't wait to get back home to read some more!


eclipticos t1_jcbw1gt wrote

This is fire! So glad you are returning to writing.


TheOutWriter t1_jcdxcum wrote

This is amazing. I hope you add more to this because that could be amazing. Dragon Fantasy Lovestory is amazing


lakija t1_jcea2hp wrote

I did a little bit more. I couldn’t put the whole thing in there. It’s a bit too much for WP I think.


MarathonReader508 t1_jce0kpy wrote

Excellent! Intriguing world building in such a short story. I'd read more!


lakija t1_jcea3vf wrote

I added a little more story as a reply. Feel free to read that.


Slave-to-the-bunny t1_jcd4233 wrote

You wind up friends. Jim is a good dude, so when you’re hanging out one day, you just kinda blurt it out.

“Jim, you do know… that you’re a dragon, right?”

“I know, I know!” He’s sighing, rolling his eyes and looking pained. “Look, I was raised by humans, okay? I guess I was supposed to be some kind of pet, but my mom… well, they couldn’t have kids, and I became their kid. Maybe they didn’t know that we could talk? But honestly, the first time I spoke, my dad was filming, and you should see her face. She lights up in a way I can hardly describe. She’s the best mom ever, and she wants me to learn about dragonology and my history and whatev, so here I am. I don’t even really care that much, but it’s super important to her. I mean, the connection I have with the human community is pretty unique, and maybe someday I can utilise it to try to make reparations between our cultures.”

“Reparations? What do you mean?”

“Oh…. Yeah. I forget, it’s buried pretty deep among the stuff we get taught. But the humans screwed us over pretty good. Hiccup and toothless made it look good for the movies, but dragons were enslaved, man. It wasn’t cool. And when we fought back, they called it mutiny or whatever. In reality, they were asking younger and younger dragons to work, to be pets for their kids, which really means getting beaten up and not reacting. Or being beaten by the adults because they defends themselves from the kids. That’s not something I’m gonna subject my kids to - hells no. That’s why I’m kinda failing class, though. My assignments don’t match up with the curriculum - I’m telling the truth.”

It takes a while for all of this to sink in.

“But… if you were raised human - sorry, raised BY humans, my bad - and your mom wants you taking this class to learn the history, how do you know the alternative stuff?”

A glint appears in Jim’s eyes and they appear slightly shifty for the first time.

“I… uh… did some of my own research, you could say.”


Nomyad777 t1_jcbkp2s wrote


Charlie Weasley. Keeping this journal for fun, why not.

Day 1

"Not a Dragon, no." Herkson replied to my accusation. "I'm... how do I put it? Right. Well, the thing is that non-magical folk have been using the fundamental realities of the universe to help them, and have recently found ways to see past the Veil. I'm a scout from the only magical government to keep up with the non-magical's society and figure out how bad the failure would be when, not if, the Veil Failure occurs."

I snorted. That was preposterous. Muggles, doing anything more than farming? What was this guy thinking.

Herkson looked serious. "The Canadian Magical Governance Agency is going to try to break it to society that magic is real. But this is more pressing. You guys have a hard enough time staying hidden when they aren't looking for you. Image eight billion people combing the world for you.

"Oh, and also: I took dragonology back in Canada. Your course lesson is completely backwards. For example, and hear me out now, dragons are sapient."

I laughed. This was getting crazy enough for me to scoff at it, and my reputation was already something to behold.

Herkson simply strolled out the door. "When the military comes, don't underestimate their guns." Then he was gone.

Day 18

I think I lost them.

When they came to Romania, I thought that it was a prank. Then they tried to arrest us. We opened fire, and they responded with those guns. I... I can still hear the sound they made. Global war against reality warpers, or whatever. The CMGA got out mostly unscathed, the moment the first reports landed on non-magical desks worldwide they already knew about the Veil Failure and came clean. Some policy thing about crime and fraud or another, I'm no politician, and they're fine.

Still, there's a team of the guys with guns on my trail. Were. I cast an illusion spell over myself and hid in a tree, they passed right under me. One of them looked at me with those black goggles, but I think they didn't notice me.

Day 21

No, no, no! They got me. When I came down, they sprang a trap. There was a ping and then fire all around. I woke up in a hospital, where they healed me using their own magic. Science, they called it. Workings of the universe. I should have taken Herkson seriously.

Day 34

Herkson visited me today. Said that as he was responsible for writing the report on Romania, he was the de-facto representative of the region, given that the CMGA got inducted into the Canadian government.

He said that he was sorry for not doing more. Around a million wizards are dead worldwide, and another fourteen million have been captured. Basically everyone with magical powers is currently under observation, and every magical government there is (excluding the CMGA) has been charged with every type of crime there is, Fraud, tax fraud, sales fraud, money laundering, murder, and more.

I regret everything. Why couldn't I have an open mind?

Day 48

So, the Dragonic Coalition is a thing, and they managed to get away from court without too many penalties. All of the dragons that burnt villages in ages past are dead of old age anyway. The dragons got assigned bodies that they can Transfigure into, IDs, and citizenship. That's it. And I am here in this hospital.

Day 108

Got out of the hospital today, right into prison for opening fire on government authorities. Who am I kidding. I just want to see Ron again.

Day 112

The family came to visit. Percy is caught up with the ministry, but Dad got away because of his position in writing laws. I'm so happy they're safe. Bill is fine, but couldn't come because every last wizard wants to withdraw their money.

Day 136

I signed a contract about the use of magic recently and got let go on 'probation,' which is essentially they trail me where I go. Moved back home to the Burrow immediately, and I'm just waiting here. Apparently, this would have gone faster but the CMGA is swamped representing people in court cases. I saw Herkson, the guy looked like he hadn't slept since we last met. I wouldn't be surpised if he hadn't.

Still. Welcome to the Muggle world, I guess.


Fontaigne t1_jcbsl69 wrote

Love it. Happy ending, as far as I'm concerned.


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Bevroren t1_jcaud6u wrote

I ran a game of Shadowrun (a cyberpunk tabletop RPG where you play as hidden mercenaries called Shadowrunners). One of my adventures was an infiltration of a corporate security convention; among the panels my group could go to was "How to spot a Shadowrunner infiltrator." They really enjoyed attending it.


VibesInTheSubstrate t1_jcawea6 wrote

Maybe the course material is wrong, due to genuinely mistaken research, deliberate misinformation, or a combination of both. The dragon student answers with the real facts but get marked poorly since it doesn't match the official material.

Come to think of it, going that direction sounds like something that'd pop up in the webcomic Vainglorious.


Rallaster001 t1_jcb8hwb wrote

Doesn't seem that far off... Several foreign exchange students in my HS almost failed their native language class. How many native speakers do better than a C in their language and grammar class?


tazz4life t1_jcbzryj wrote

Just came here to say: I'm a teacher, it would not surprise me if a dragon failed a course on dragonology.