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gaborrero t1_jeahrks wrote

The sound of joyous laughter echoed just outside the humble hut that this peasant's family called home. The children playing were full of vigor and life, pretending to be knights and monsters, engaging in battle with one another. It was almost cruel to subject this poor, young boy to the sounds of people his own age making merry when he couldn't muster the strength to speak.

Nobody knew for sure what was wrong with him, and to be honest, it didn't matter to Arian. She emerged from the shadows of the boy's room, and her arrival stirred him into wakefulness. He saw her as a fair-skinned woman with long, straight, silvery-white hair and iridescent eyes. She was wearing a simple black robe on her slender form, otherwise barefoot. Arian approached the boy, but stopped a couple of feet from his bed.

"It won't be long now," she whispered to him soothingly. "It will all be okay."

"Do I... have to go?" the boy rasped out. He would be surprised at his ability to speak if not currently more awed by Arian's arrival.

She reached out a hand to him, but stopped herself from making contact. "The longer you stay, the more it will hurt," she responded.

The boy looked at her outstretched hand. He struggled to lift his own hand and took hers, holding it. "Will you stay with me?"

Arian smiled sadly. She noted that his parents were not home, and his siblings were among those playing outside. She closed the gap between them and nodded, standing beside his bed. "Of course... would you like to hear a story?"

"A... a story?"


The boy's eyes grew teary. It had been so long since anyone paid him enough mind to spend this much time with him. "Please."

"Once upon a time, a long time ago, the Underworld was a dark and dangerous place. Nobody could traverse it, save demons, the Lord-and-Lady of War, the King of the Underworld, his Queen, and the Winged Sisters. When someone would die, their soul would be set to wander the Underworld aimlessly, no matter how bad or good a person was, searching for any hint of life. If they were lucky, they found nothing. If they were unlucky... they were eaten by a demon and gone forever.

"For a long time, this was just how things were. One day, however, the King and Queen had a child of their own making. She was not their first, but she was their youngest. The young girl, unlike her siblings, was not born with any powers of which to speak. It wasn't until her third year that she came into knowing what she could do. She kept her powers a secret from her family, but not from humanity: she was the Lady of the Beyond Lands.

"She discovered she could summon a door in the Underworld that would open up to a world not unlike that which the mortals had come to know and love in life. Green, rolling fields; a perpetual, gentle sun; friendly, fluffy white clouds. From that age onwards, she would attempt to arrive before the Winged Sisters, and would gather up the souls of the innocent, the kind, and the reformed to come to the Beyond Lands with her. She still, to this day, searches the Underworld for any older, wayward souls who may have deserved to retire to such a place but had not found their way to her."

The small boy, in his bed, coughing, found himself smiling by the end of her story. "Is anybody I know in the Beyond Lands?"

"Do you remember your grandparents?"

"Nana is there?"

"Yes. She is. She talks about you often, and how you were when you were a baby."

Tears began to flow freely from his face. "I miss her."

"You don't have to miss her. We can go to her, together."

It's hard to say what goes through the mind of someone when they exhale their final breath; still, he did, like a long, relieved sigh. He sat up from his body and climbed off his body and bed, hand-in-hand with the woman before him. "Please, take me to Nana."

"As you wish."

The two of them, together, descended into the shadows of the room into the frightening, crimson underworld with its wine-dark sky full of baleful stars. As soon as they arrived, Arian outstretched her hand and a red, white, and gold door appeared before them. She opened the door inward, and behold, before them, the lands of which she had spoke: there was grass on endless hills and valleys! A warm sun, which he had not seen in weeks! People!...

... and an elderly woman with her arms outstretched, calling to him.

"Nana!" He sobbed and laughed, and ran through the door off to the woman. "Nana!!"

Footsteps were approaching Arian on all sides, and so, she closed the door as quietly as she could and allowed it to vanish before the unclaimed demons descended on her once more.

An endless cycle of misery and suffering, all worth it for that moment.


nallywallu t1_jeakvim wrote

Wow! Is it your original lore or is it based on a folktale from someplace? Either way I really enjoyed reading it, quite captivating and game me the warm fuzzies.


gaborrero t1_jeal2yw wrote

Original lore. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you have a wonderful day!


JayKanish t1_jeao8zi wrote

"Hello, I'm Jacob. Who are you?"


They smiled. They had worn one of Their friendlier faces for this encounter. No grinning skulls and black robes. In this case, it was the look of a kindly older man with an easy smile and soft voice.


"Well, I get called so many things that it's often hard to remember them. What do YOU think my name is?" Sometimes, with children this young, letting them answer questions helps with the transition. It's hard to be afraid when you're curious.


Little Jacob put his chin his hand and looked at Them with the earnestness that only a child under ten can possess when confronted by such a question. Finally, he said "You look like that Mr. Rogers guy that my dad has me watch sometimes. He's really nice... I don't know his first name though. Should I call you Mr. Rogers?"


They laughed. "His first name is Fred. You can absolutely call me Fred." It rhymed with one of Their colloquial names anyway.


Jacob suddenly looked around as though confused. The two of them were outside of his school and he said "Wait, you're a stranger. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. I should get my teacher."

'Fred' shook Their head "Well, you may not know me but I know all about you Jacob. You're 7 years old and like to be called Jake since your that's what your dad calls you. This morning, you had peanut butter crackers for breakfast although you said you ate your fruit, you actually traded it for more peanut butter crackers because they're your favorite (besides Cheetos but you can't have them at school)."


Jacob almost protested but 'Fred' made a friendly shushing motion and continued.


"No no. I'm not going to tell and you won't get in trouble. I'm glad you ate something you liked. I also know that your Mom and Dad have a password for anyone coming to get you that you may not know." 'Fred' winked. "It's 'pancake salad'."


Jacob laughed. He was much more at ease now and had always giggled at his password. However, now he got a little curious.


"Are you here to take me home?"


'Fred' held up Their hands as though balancing two sides. "Kind of. I'm not taking you to the home you know but to a new home, somewhere new that you've never been."


Jacob looked worried and started to tear up. "But Fred, I want to go to MY home! I miss my mom and dad!"


'Fred' got down on one knee and placed a hand on the young boy's shoulder.


"I know. But don't worry, you'll see them again and it won't even feel very long for you. But right now, you need to be brave for them because you get to start a new adventure before they do. They're going to need to hear all about it when you next see them. Can you be brave and just a little patient for them?"


Jacob sniffled and nodded. Then he beamed. "My dad is going to be so jealous! He loves adventures so I bet he can't wait. I'll make sure to tell him all about it when I see him."


'Fred' stood up and put out Their hand for Jacob to grab, which he did with only the tiniest hesitation.

"Are you coming with me, Fred?" Jacob asked, with a brave face barely concealing his unshed tears.


'Fred' smiled down at Jacob as they started to walk out away from the school. "I'll be with you all the way to the door of where you're headed. Then, when you get inside, someone else will take over and show you around."

"Oh, so you're kind of like a school bus driver? And the teacher will come and get me at the door."

The being that had taken the name 'Fred' laughed with real amusement. They were older than the mountains and could still be surprised by children.


"Yes! I'm exactly like a bus driver, except I don't drive a bus so we'll have to walk. Is that okay?"


Jacob nodded excitedly.


"Now, Jacob, are you ready to get going?"


Jacob did a little dance of excited nervousness and said "Are you sure my mom and dad will know where I am?"

'Fred', who was incapable of lying, told the boy honestly "They may not know right away but when the time comes, I'll make sure that I come and get them for you. I promise."


Jacob squeezed Their hand and beamed a smile that would have melted hearts. "Thanks."

He looked a little hesitant afterwards and 'Fred' caught that.

"Go on Jake, if you have any questions ask away."


"Do you have any Cheetos?"


'Fred' laughed an real laugh again as they walked. And after handing Jacob a bag of Cheetos, continued to laugh as the questions poured in.

"Why are we walking? Don't you have a car? Do you have any games on your phone? Why don't you have a phone? Do you know the real Mr. Rogers? Does this mean I don't need to take my spelling test?"


As the two walked away, motion slowly returned outside the school. Screams sounded as people realized that a car had tried to go around a boarding school bus and pinned a child under its tire. While the boy seemed to be alive for the moment, he was unresponsive and later died on the way to the hospital. The first responders that showed up would later say amongst themselves that they were glad the boy was unconscious because if he had been awake, he would have been in terrible pain and instead seemed as though he passed peacefully in his sleep.


Legolas_legged t1_jea43pp wrote


mirror child

wear away dear child wear away

struggle on and struggle on and

see another when you see a mirror


a mirror when you see yourself dear child

will show yourself to you as you dream

like the light hits the mirror without struggle


struggle away dear child struggle away

wear away today and renew another

be proud as they see you in their mirror


a way i see away with your resistance

aware you are a way a weary soul

i see when i look in the mirror


wear away with me today

tomorrow is your peace

no mirror left to hold you


JustAGuyWriting4Fun t1_jebaffd wrote

“Well, well, you wandered quite far, haven’t you, boy?”

“Please sir, I’m lost and I just want to get home.”

He was a tall man, dressed in a clean black suit, with a black tie and top hat. He carried a cane with a bird skull head, which, when the boy looked at, had made him feel like he could look into its eye sockets forever. The man checked his rusted watch.

“Sheesh, sorry, I must have missed you. You know what, I’ll make it up to you,” The boy looked confused.

“I’ll help you get home, but I have to pick some people up along the way, ok?” The boy nodded and took the mysterious man’s hand.

“It’s so… cold” the boy shuddered, walking next to the man. The boy looked down at his feet for but a moment.

“First stop!” said the man. They were suddenly standing in a narrow alleyway. The boy could see there was a van at the end of the alleyway, with an interesting code of paint. Green, except for a red splash at the front. The boy wanted to get a better view, but the man stopped him.

“My acquaintance should be just by that van. I’ll go talk to him for a minute, stay here,” he turned around, and made eye contact, “and don’t move,” he said with an expression that erased the boy’s curiosity.

A few minutes later, he returned, bringing with him another man who was holding his stomach as if in pain. “It should go away in a minute. This is the boy I was talking about.” He said, pointing. The other man waved.

“Kid, this is Jake. You two should get to know each other,” he said, followed by an awkward silence.

“Ok, two more to go,” the man said when they were all together.

Both men walked past the boy, and when the boy turned around, they were in a different place again. This time, they were in front of what seemed like a normal house, but the boy could hear a couple arguing inside.

“Ugh, it should’ve been him,” said the man in black, walking towards the house. “Wait,” said the boy, but received no reaction.

“What’s your name?” said Jake.


“Pleasure to meet you Alex, I’m Jake, though… I guess you already knew that heh.” he said, scratching the back of his head, smiling. “I hope we can get to know each other better.” Alex remembered his dad, who shared these goofy mannerisms.

“Do you know what’s going on?” asked Alex. It’s not as if he did not notice the teleportations, but it just seemed to… make sense somehow, like it would in a dream.

“It will make sense soon enough.”

The duo waited for a few more minutes until the sound of a woman interrupted the silence. “Ah, that must be Alex!” said the woman, walking out of the alongside the man. She had her hands on her throat, as if massaging it.

“You seem eager to get out of here!” said the man.

“Can you blame me?”

“With a husband like that? Ha! No.” The two laughed and joined Alex and Jake. Her laugh reminded Alex of his mother.

“I’m Cassandra, pleasure to meet you Alex!”

Alex had never told the woman or the man his name, and he did not understand why these strangers were being so nice, but he would soon.

“Ok, last stop, that’s your house, young man.” The man stamped the ground with his cane, and a shadow engulfed the group for a moment. When it receded again, they were standing in front of Alex’s house.

“Walk with me,” said the man.

Once inside, the Alex finally understood. He was dead, and that was his body on the bed. His parents hadn’t noticed yet.

“Do you think mom and dad will be ok?”

“Y... yea” said the man, but Alex could tell he was lying, and started to tear up.

“This never gets easier…” grumbled death. He stood for a moment, then hugged the crying boy. “You will meet them again, Alex. Until then, Cassandra and Jake will take care of you. They’re good people.” he paused. “You have a long death ahead of you, boy,” he said, smiling, as he could not cry.

They spent a few minutes in the embrace, then started making their way out. Outside, Cassandra and Jake were waiting. Death struck the ground with his cane again, sending everyone away. He checked his watch, and left to guide the next soul, just as Alex’s mother saw her son.


xeroasteroid t1_jec7ege wrote

Light broke through the small window into the tiny room. Bits of dust floated through the light, falling like snow. The little boy shifted up higher in his bed to peek over the window sill just a little bit more. The sweat rolling down his temples seemed to glisten. “So I’ll be like the birds?” he wheezed out.

“Mhmm…” said a tall pale man. He wore a long black trench coat, unbuttoned to expose his black suit. He passed from the door of the room to the foot of the bed. Standing just inches from the rays of light that swept over the little boy in his bed. “Do you hear them out there?”, he asked. “Each one of them calling to their friends, they fly so high sometimes, not even I can see them.”

The little boy twisted his mouth. “I don’t know if I want to fly that high, and I have friends here. Will I be able to play with them?”

The man lowered his head and ran a finger along the foot board. He looked up with a soft smile and said, “No… no i’m afraid you won’t. It’s not quite their time yet. You’ll see them again though… one day.” The look of sadness was set deep in the man’s eyes.

“But what about brother and sister? What about kitty?” asked the little boy.

“Mmm… i’m afraid you’ll have to wait on them too. I know… I know it seems scary, but you’ll see them before you know it.” The man came around to the side of the bed; between the little boy and the window. He pulled the chair from the corner and set down, careful to not bunch up his coat. He clasped his hands together and looked at the ground between his legs before looking up again.

“You know… everyone dies. It happens for every person and animal. It’s what makes life special. Your brother and sister, kitty, and your parents will all die too one day. They’ll fly away too, and that’s when you’ll see them again.”

The little boy started to softly cry. “I don’t want them to die! Please don’t let them die!” Tears began to roll down his cheeks.

“Oh no…” the man reached out and gently grabbed the little boys arm. He gave the little boy a soft smile and continued. “It’s okay, that’s what makes it special.”

“It makes what special?” asked the little boy through sobs.

“Life, it makes life special. We all only have so many days. If people never died then no one would know what’s important.” said the man. “ They are so special because you love them, and because they love you. It is why someone hurts so much when someone they love dies. It’s hard to say goodbye. You will not feel anything. In fact you’ll feel much better.” The man looked out the window and then back at the boy.

“When will I see them again?” asked the little boy. The last of his tears hanging to his chin. The man reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the tears from the boys chin with a smile.

“Some you’ll see sooner than others. You won’t even know how long it will be though. You’ll be having so much fun.” the man neatly folded the handkerchief on his thigh and put it back in his breast pocket. “When you see them again it will feel like only a days time I promise. You’ll fly so high and be with so many others.”

“Do they play games like me and sister?” squeaked the little boy. His eyes wide with curiosity.

“Mmm, I can’t say I know if they do play games. I’ve never been there myself…” the man’s smile slipped to a frown and the look of longing eked across his face, but only for a moment. He regained his composure and continued. “What I do know, is that way up there they can see the whole world. They can see all the mountains and valleys. They can fly across all the oceans and see all the wonderful places and people in this world. Doesn’t that sound like a fun adventure? Then one day, everyone you love will be up there with you. Then you can all see the world together.”

The little boy turned his eyes back to the window. His eyes red and puffy. “Okay…”, his lip quivering. “I’m gonna miss them.” he said, tears starting to form in his eyes again. The man leaned over and put a hand on his shoulder.

“And they’ll miss you too.” said the man. “Are you ready?” he asked.

The little boy looked out the window again. and shifted in the bed from one side to the other. He looked back at the man and nodded his head.

“Okay… just close your eyes.” The man sat forward and put one hand behind the boys head and another over his heart.

With his eyes still shut the little boy spoke. “Will you ever die?” asked the little boy.

The man looked at the little boy for only a moment. His face full of heartbreak. “No, no I don’t get to die.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” said the little boy. Still squeezing his eyes shut.

“Mmmm…” the man continued to look at the little boy. “Now just relax… like you’re going to sleep.”

The little boy began to relax. His face began to relax, then his shoulders. Then the color began to fade from his fevered face. His body became limp and the man softly laid him down in the bed.

The man stood up, looking down at the boy. He grabbed the handkerchief out of his breast pocket and wiped a tear from his eye. He pulled the blanket up to the little boys chest and fixed his head on the pillow. He turned and looked out the window. Far in the distance, against the blue sky, he could see a small white bird flying high and then swooping low. The bird spread its wings and began to fly farther and farther away. The man smiled and put his hands in the pockets of his coat and turned towards the door.


catschr0dinger t1_jeehgpc wrote

"Who are you?" The young boy looked up wearily at the dark figure looming above him. The figure was blurry around the edges, wavering in and out of focus. The boy wasn't sure if it was his eyes playing tricks on him or not. The hazy figure then leant down, his face level with the boy's. The boy couldn't even muster up enough energy to be scared, despite how intimidating the figure was. He was so tired. He wanted to sleep but he couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get to sleep.

"It's alright kid." The low voice of the cloaked man rang through the room, startling the boy into a more alert state. He shifted in his bed, pushing himself up into a sitting position and peering curiously at the strange person.

"No kid! Lie back down, don't exhaust yourself." The shrouded figure gently pushed the boy back down onto the bed and fixed the sheets around the boy so that they were fully covering the little boy once again. The veiled figure brushed his arm as he did so and the boy shivered. The figure was cold to the touch. Finished fussing with the bed sheets, the concealed man sank down into the chair by the boy’s bed, setting down what looked to be a long stick with a curvy part sticking out of the top. It rattled as it rolled away from the person, but they grabbed it deftly and rearranged it so it was resting against the side of the bed.

“Wow, is that a lightsaber?!” The boy exclaimed, with a glint in his eyes that hadn’t been sighted for many weeks. He made grabby hands at the pointy stick, not quite strong enough to bring himself to move towards it. The person in the seat next to him chuckled.

“Yeah, bud. It’s my lightsaber. You want a go?” A faint smile could be made out under the mask the person wore.

“Yes please, Mister!” The blurry man stood up from the chair, the seat squeaking in relief from the weight. The man grabbed his lightsaber and placed it along the boy’s legs, supporting the weight so it didn’t crush him.

“Woah…” The boy whispered. “So cool.” He ran a hand up the length and admired the shiny black colour. “Does it light up?” He asked.

“Only in special circumstances, and only for worthy people.” The blurry man replied. In a softer voice, perhaps thinking the little boy wouldn’t hear, he muttered “You’ll be one of them. You’re a good kid.”

Ignoring the man’s comment, partly because he was too sleepy to truly unpack it, the boy tried to swing the lightsaber like he was a Jedi that he’d seen in his favourite T.V show. The man lurched to steady the stick, caught off guard. The boy let out a delighted laugh and after a few moments, the blurry man joined in, his deep voice reverberating about the small room.

Tiring quickly, the boy tried to keep playing with the lightsaber. Seeing this, the shrouded figure slowly peeled the lightsaber away from the boy telling him it was time to sleep.

“Thank you…” The boy breathed, his tiny hand outstretched towards the man. He wriggled his fingers and the blurry man took the hint, gently holding his hand and squeezing it to comfort the boy. His presence was soft and warm, and the boy felt safe and at ease. He could finally go to sleep.

“You’re welcome, bud.” The blurry man hesitated, but spoke quickly before the boy slipped completely into sleep's tender embrace.

“Don’t worry, kid. I’m here. I’ll watch over you. You’ll always be safe with me.” The boy’s face smoothed out, all traces of anxiety wiped from his face. A slight smile grew on his tiny features and he gripped the blurry man’s hand a bit harder before his hand went slack.


catschr0dinger t1_jeei4m0 wrote

this is my first time writing here, so I'm wondering what you all think of it. Is it off-putting calling the grim reaper's scythe a 'lightsaber'? i tried to kind of write it from the boy's perspective but it was also in 3rd person so I'm not sure how well that worked out.



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EmptyUse3414 t1_jec04cu wrote

Jerry was such a joyous little kid full of life and dreams, he was particularly fond of his older brother Filip and was thrilled almost ecstatic whenever they would spend time together, it didn't have to be something extravagant; Jerry was happy even if his brother would be sitting by his side, taking comfort in the silence of the moment.

But unfortunately Jerry was born with a severe health condition, he was trapped inside his own mind, not able to move his frail body nor able to speak any words that made sense. He couldn't communicate his feelings or needs, his pain or his happiness.

As time passed Jerry's whole world, his brother grew apart from him, and as his brother grew apart so was the will of Jerry to cling to life. He became weaker and weaker until his condition deteriorated even more, to the point of no return.

One day, while Jerry was laying in his bed alone, a gentle wraith-like figure emerged from the shadows of his room, a shadow with a face so well known to him, it was the face of his dear older brother Filip. Jerry immediately bleamed with happiness after such a long time, and for the first time in his life he managed to utter his first actual words; b-brother is that really you? Oh I've missed you so much my dear brother, why didn't you visit me earlier, I was all alone all this time.

And so the shadowy silhouette replied with a familiar and at the same time not a familiar voice; Dear child, oh dear child, you don't have to suffer no more, I'm here to soothe your pain away, I'm here to give you a voice, to give you a body that is able to run, to give you a body that is able to play around, you will be able to do anything you desire.

-F-filip.. you're not Filip, who are you?! Why do you have his face?? -Dear child, this is my only and last gift to you in this cruel world, I wanted to take you away with the face of your most beloved person in this world, to look at your brother's face for one last time. -If I follow you, I won't be able to see my brother anymore? -No I'm afraid, not at the time being, it's too soon for your brother to join you in the lands beyond yet. -If I follow you, will I be able to be normal, will I be able to walk side by side with my brother the next time I see him? Will I be able to do all the things I so long wished to do in this life? -Yea dear child, take my hand and I'll lead you to the realm beyond, where finally you can be happy and live without pain in your life. And so Jerry took the shadowy silhouette's hand and for the first time in his life felt his body light.

...echoes of laughter and joyous giggles could be heard from the land beyond. Jerry was finally free, the chains that were keeping him prisoner inside his own body were finally broken.


First_Hovercraft_197 t1_jecixd3 wrote

(Poem) Last twilight

Oh silver Twilight of the Moon How I wish I could see your beautiful light one final time As I lay here in the dark,a soft glow around,I hear people mother says maybe I'll pull through but the blood doth flow. Father says stay strong and their is still a chance.

But tonight I saw him ever closer ,the man in gold.

He wears a smile as gold and pure as light. I see him but my parents don't. He seems friendly. As I sit each night ,the man in gold approaches. He wears wings of gold and holds a book out to me.

The toll of the church bell doesn't bring me comfort,the doctor says their isn't much time. 4 days,8 days,12 days,my condition gets worse. But oh Lady twilight each night the man in gold ,gets closer and closer. Last night I saw my dog Rex who I haven't seen in years,he licked me,and sat at my side. I didn't understand it,but Rex is still here. 2 days later ,at the sound of the midnight bell tolls ,My cat lex came and sat at my side. I pet him and Rex,for the first time in a while,I cried and just sat their with them all night. Not fear or tears... Just calmness.

At the toll of the bell tonight,the man approaches me, looking at me softly reaching out a hand and gently touched my cheek. He looks at me with sad eyes. "It's time Liam,come home with me. To a world where your suffering is over. And you can sit with your pets and your family who missed you.."

I look at the man,not with fear but with a small smile and a brave face. "Will I be free of pain and suffering,will mom and dad not have to watch me suffer anymore?"

The man in gold ,with his eyes a small heart as he takes my hand. "No Liam,no more fear,no more pain. Your mommy and daddy won't have to worry anymore. Your coming home." Liam smiles for the first time in a long time"who are you Mr?" The grim reaper looks at him walking to the fields of freedom and looks at him "My name ... It's been so long and I go by so many. But you can call me whatever you wish." Liam smiles softly "I'm going to call you my friend Goldy." The grim reaper smiles as Liam's Grandma takes his hand "Alright then Liam,I am Goldy,and you are my friend. I'll never forget you".