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rainbow--penguin t1_iu4bfxg wrote

Seeing as it's almost Halloween, here's a slightly spooky one:

You're a ghost haunting the house of a young woman and have decided she'd be just perfect with her friend who comes around all the time. It's time to play matchmaker from beyond the grave!


dewa1195 t1_iu4bcdo wrote

Genre: epistolary. They could be colleagues or roommates or living in the same building.


Charliewritesbooks t1_iu49dpy wrote

You discovered you have the power to make any man fall in love - with someone else. You've been using your power to match couples everywhere you go, but you tire of creating happiness for others when it has eluded you for so long. You decide to try and find a loophole, some way to be able to use your power to get the love you so deserve. But, how do you do it, and at what cost?


Say_Im_Ugly t1_iu4c3m5 wrote

Two rivals wake up beside each other in a strange world with no memory of how they got there. They have to work together to figure out how to get back home and one of them reveals a big secret.

Good luck on your PM!


inspiredbyhorror t1_iu4ue0g wrote

A homophobe doesn't realize they're gay until they meet what is quite possibly the most beautiful person of the same sex they've ever seen.


Kitty_Fuchs t1_iu4iwbi wrote

Everyone thinks that the hero and their sidekick make for a cute couple. In reality they are just good friends and not interested in one another. The two of them now resolve to find partners in the hopes that the constant shipping will finally stop.


JustAnotherYaoiFan t1_iu4yf0z wrote

An angel has a crush on the a.i. and is willing to do what it takes to prove to the a.i. that it has a soul.


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Fehnboi t1_iu4fzxq wrote

Okay, so I'll give you my absolute favourite romance prompt that I use in almost every romantic setting because I think it's just so cute

A sits under a tree, stands on a balcony or whatever place one might consider, thinking about B, because they're in love with them. And out of pure coincidence, B comes to them and starts chatting. After they talk a bit, B confesses their feelings and they kiss and live happily ever after <3


brainthinkin t1_iu4kn62 wrote

A pair of roomates, one a normal day-shift worker and the others only works nights. Unbeknownst to the day worker, their roommate is a vampire.


TerrificTooMan t1_iu4z99b wrote

An actual demigod falls in love with the definition of a loser. Why? Because they help the demigod retain their humanity.


No-Gene-1955 t1_iu52r6r wrote

Character A is visited by a divine being, who offers to grant them a wish. So A wishes to be united with their soulmate. The divine being then transports them two centuries into the future so they can meet B, their perfect match.


Idontluvmenoonedoes t1_iu56mdk wrote

A continuation of this little world I made.

The queen of sludge, the most feared and formidable of all witches. You have long since thought they were misunderstood, so you invited to your annual birthday ball. You did not, however, expect them to be just your type.

P.s. hoping for a queer romance, but I have low hopes.


Tomorrow_Is_Today1 t1_iu661zg wrote

Character A is fully in denial and character B sees it and thinks it's cute


ReiAsahi t1_iu77jcu wrote

there are two pupils, one is being trained by a villain the other is being trained by a hero, they meet in secret, eventually, fall in love and one day realize, one of them will have to eventually convert, will the Hero's pupil join the dark side? Or will The villain's pupil step into the light? I know this is probably SUCH a cliche but I've always loved this idea and thought it would be absolutely perfect, it can be in a fantasy world, or the world we ourselves live in, or something else entirely