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Fuji-Jufi t1_iue6ts9 wrote

I walk over to the punch table and get myself a drink, this party was a great representation of the after-life (dead). I pour myself some fairy punch telling myself it’ll make it better, knowing full well nothing will change. But even a momentary ease to the pain and boredom is good, right?

I stare down at the sparkly pink drink; eyes glazed over, feeling zapped of all energy, who knew this is what the pearly gates were like. I can still hear his screams of pain next to me, as he burns in the fire. The lights, the sirens, the pain that hung in the air. Sure, life is all rainbows and butterflies now, but it doesn’t make forgetting the past any easier.

“Hey gorgeous” I hear as though in a dream, and slowly melt back into reality.

I look away from my drink, as I feel something touch my arm. Only to see Micheal standing in front of me brazenly, his hand touching my elbow as if we are familiar with each-other.

Speak of the devil, I thought; the angel of death, and his presence just that, one that immediately kills my already horrendous mood. No wonder this date party is such a drag, the most interesting Angel, one that dreams about death. As he yearns to carry the souls of other woman in his arms to heaven. So that he can dazzle and charm them, serial emotional cheater (and a piss poor one at that IMO), I wonder why in this very moment he had to choose me of all Angels to flirt with.

“Hello Michael” I mutter under my breath.

Micheal smiles widely and laughs. However, I can feel the icy undertone in his demeanor.

“Did it hurt when you flew to heaven?”

“No Michael it did not.” I mustered in response, slightly rolling my eyes.

“Well it’s cause you were in my arms, care to be in them again tonight” he smirks.

*I chuckle absurdly, and then give him a straight face. *

“No.” I say firmly, clearly annoyed. “I’m gonna get another drink.”

I quickly chug the rest of the fairy juice, and shuffle towards the bar.

“Rawrrr, playing hard to get huh gorgeous. Well then, until next time.” I can hear from behind me.

I gag a little and keep heading towards the bar. I pour myself another drink.

“Woah slow down there Cowgirl” I hear from a familiar voice.

I turn to see Gabriel standing behind me with his soft smile.

“Oh thank God, I was beginning to think this was a date party for the creepy Frat Boy angels only.” I jest.

He laughs heartily and keeps beaming.

Then he gasps jokingly and feigns “oh no, you have taken the lords name in vain I must strike you down,” and laughs again.

“Very funny,” I say laughing and rolling my eyes.

“Aha you think I’m joking, but you’ve merely run into another frat bro.” He raises his chest and puts his arms out wide, “hey baby.” He looks around on my wings, “sorry just looking for the tag that says made in heaven.” We both start laughing hysterically, gathering the eyes of everyone else at the party on us.

—Part 1… I’ll be back later to actually get to the prompt part 😂

I’ve made a subreddit for my writing! This story will be continued here: The Fallen Angel


Fuji-Jufi t1_iufaisj wrote

As everyone looks at us, we only laugh harder. Enjoying the next few seconds, before settling down and blending back into the “party,” if you can even call is that.

As Gabriel and I continued catching up, the low soft hum of the harp is played letting us know that hors-d’oeuvre were to be served shortly.

A few minutes later the kitchen doors swung open. One by one, the staff of waiters bring out acclaimed dishes to the likes of Angel eggs, unicorn bone marrow with rosemary lemon, and angels on horseback.

Having been in heaven for quite sometime, this food was merely commonplace. Unimpressed and unconcerned with the food affairs, Gabriel and I continued talking, until from the corner of my eye I say him. Well what couldn’t be him. I mean he was gone, right?

My head started to spiral, everything was beginning to blur. I looked around, unable to remain steady. I stuck my hand out to lean against the wall to help keep my balance.

Gabriel looked at me and raised his eyebrows, and moved towards me “hey Ariel? Are you okay?” He says nervously inspecting me. However, I can’t bring myself to respond, I just look at him in shock. All the noise starts to drown out and I can feel tears streaming down my face. Gabriel is saying something to me, but I don’t understand. I rush towards the waiter id just seen returning to the kitchen. But I can’t keep myself steady, crashing into guest along they way. The closer the kitchen door I get the heavier my wings feel, I don’t think I can keep going. I land softly and start running, my eyes blurred from all the tears. Suddenly, I trip and everything goes black.

Part 2… to be continued… because I’m extra 😜


Fuji-Jufi t1_iugrbu3 wrote

When I come to, I’m on a couch in a dimly lit corridor off to the side of the party. Gabriel is next to me, staring off into the distance.

I move a little, and he notices turning his head towards me and smiling softly

“Good morning sunshine,” he says in a calming voice.

“w-What happened” I somehow manage to spit out as I glance around.

he smiles and chuckles “I was hoping you could tell me, you saw something and went into a panic. Until you inevitably wiped out, spilling your drink all over Sir Romeo a.k.a Michael. Which was quite funny btw.”

I look up at him, confused at first, as I tried hard to remember. When suddenly it clicks “G-Ga-Gabriel… O-One of the servers… it was a-Amon”

Gabriel’s eyes went wide with shock. “You’re surely mistaken” he stammered, the first time he’s broken his cool demeanor all night.

“I-I’m not, it was him, I need your help to talk to him.” I said still partly delirious.

“Surely, you cannot be serious Ariel… I mean Amon was punished, banished to the depths of hell, banned from heaven. For him to be here, not only defying Zeus’s orders, but at a date party for mythical beings… And to assume the form of a zombie, hidden among the wait staff? It is ridiculous! Preposterous even! Surely this is some kind of sick Joke.”

He continued on and on, in hope that if he kept going it might just be some type of sick dream. The longer he spoke, he beloved, the more likely I was have to tell him Angel Fools.

I glanced at him and he immediately knew I did not jest.

he took a large gulp and nodded, and I knew he would help me

Part 4… is on the way!! For my very gracious and kind reader OP ☺️


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