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evilplantosaveworld t1_itzgeoq wrote

There was a webcomic literally about this exact thing. Vampires kept humans alive, humans fed the vampires. It sort of stopped without warning but got a few good story arcs in, I remember the art being fantastic too


Kempeth t1_itzohn6 wrote

To save others the googling: Last Blood


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iu13b3a wrote

Thanks. Just spent like two hours reading it on my phone. I got a little lost because I guess I wasn't paying full attention (I can't remember who the bald guy was, for example), but still neat.


evilplantosaveworld t1_itzxbnl wrote

Ha, thank you, I couldn't remember the name and didn't have time to look it up :)


EliRocks t1_iu0fc7v wrote

I think it ended with a note that it might get picked up as a movie. Used to read it way back when. No clue if it ever got picked up though.


OutOfEffs t1_itzxnek wrote

Also very similar to Chuck Wendig's Double Dead.


Pepsi_Cola64 t1_iu0o55g wrote

Reminds me of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa


B133d_4_u t1_iu24er1 wrote

I was gonna say this, too. Not the same, but a very similar concept, and a fantastic read if a little generic for a YA novel.


Pepsi_Cola64 t1_iu2vsp6 wrote

There’s a prequel that’s a bit more NSFW. I didn’t realize it was 18+ until I got to the descriptive sex scene


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iu14khw wrote

I've always said that vampires are a subset of zombie, but no one ever agrees.

Zombies: (usually) former humans that came back to life and can cause their victims to turn into them. Usually craves fresh meat. Almost always human, but some will eat anything with meat. Zombies can be caused by either disease naturally, or by magic (voodoo) or supernatural stuff (I mean, magic is supernatural, but I mean stuff like lich or demons doing it... I think that might be different than magic? I think that force is not the same as magic).

Vampires: former humans that came back to life because they were bitten by a vampire that can also turn people into vampires by biting them. Usually craves fresh blood. Almost always human, but some will make do with like cow blood, I think. Vampires can be caused almost always only by another vampire. But I think infected blood mixing can transform you?

There are differences between the average vampire and zombie:

Vampires are generally smart (sometimes smarter than humans), can talk, can fly, love sex, dress well, and are often very old. Most are affected by sunlight and religions, and some transform.

Zombies in general are shamblers, rabid, don't have urges other than hunger, and don't care about fashion at all, and tend to be falling apart.

That said - there is no hard rule that zombies HAVE to be dumb, etc. Just that they have to die and come back to life - as vampires do. So my rule is not all zombies are vampires, but all vampires are zombies ("real vampires", not people like the countess that bathes in virgin blood).


Ninjewdi t1_iu1k548 wrote

Don't have the energy to write it but a story where Vampires actually started the zombie apocalypse to trick humanity into eternal servitude. They can't control the zombies, per say, but are more than capable of mowing through them. Once a sufficient subset of humanity agrees to a contract without end, the vampires go ham, slaughtering most of the zombies quickly. Any that escape that battle decay until they're no longer a threat, and humanity is suddenly cattle.


EllipsisMark t1_iu1m3ny wrote


"You monster! You want to feed on my blood?"

"Well if your offering, but in truth we just need someone to handle the rising of cattle since we can't go in the sun. Blood is blood after all and while cow blood isn't as good as human it's a lot better than dying. So we got a deal?"


Bwizz245 t1_iu0yz4q wrote

This is a certified Blood of Eden moment


Illidan-the-Assassin t1_iu10acy wrote

This is half the premise of "The Company of Death" and it isn't the weirdest part of that book


commentsandchill t1_iu35l5j wrote

What's the weirdest without spoiling too much?


Illidan-the-Assassin t1_iu363u5 wrote

I haven't read it myself, just talking about the premise, but the premise is not only "vampires sheepherder humans" but depowered grimm reaper teams up with a vampire huntress


knockoutn336 t1_iu1ash0 wrote

The Scar by China Miéville includes a brief description of life as a human in a zombie kingdom. Humans are kept like prized cattle and vampires are stuck begging for blood.


Ylsid t1_iu2uez4 wrote

Quite literally the premise of Code Vein


RevolutionRare5892 t1_iu9eyab wrote

Just saying, Vampire World by P. T Hylton and Jonathan Benecke is kinda this? But then again, that is a massive spoiler alert here... And it's not zombies as much as rabid starving vampires that go after people and last two stronholds are zeppelin in the sky, and the spoiler :P in the spoiler are the "good" vampires that keep their little cattle safe...


the_never_mind t1_iu1oltb wrote

There was an episode of either Escape Pod or Pseudopod that was exactly this, and it was handled excellently. I've tried to find it to recommend to others, but no dice so far


MorganWick t1_iu28elo wrote

This prompt probably could have been written in one or two fewer sentences. Or even in just one sentence: "The vampires have come to your compound with a deal: help feed them in exchange for protection from the zombie horde."