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Niliks t1_iu60ros wrote

Paper is terrifying under this curse.


Sea-of-Essays t1_iu6hxng wrote

Oh shit, that means if you trip and fall or something you die a gruesome death

Accidentally touch some blood from a bandage? Gruesome death

Get a wound? Gruesome death

Exist? Gruesome death

What dumbass thought up this idea


EllipsisMark t1_iu7f6n6 wrote

Also, guns and bombs still exist, so... yeah, I feel this prompt should explore the dumbass god who made this curse rather than the people living through.


xienwolf t1_iu7rs1p wrote

Yeah... menstruation is a MAJOR ISSUE under this curse.


Also... how did they define blood to skin contact? Because as I recall health class ages ago, only the outer layer of 7 skin layers is dead. The rest get nutrition delivered... via the blood stream.