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EllipsisMark t1_iubps1z wrote

Okay, so, the geneva convention is actually the geneva conventions(plural) and it's really wordy and spread across like 12 documents, but I'm pretty sure the wounds caused by werewolf fangs and claws would be considered a violation. Additionally, if the werewolf curse spreads that's definitely a violation and if they spread any other disease that's definitely a violation.


SufficientThroat5781 t1_iubx8j4 wrote

Your completely right, I just got to ask first, do they use dogs in war ? If they do then I think claws and fangs might be negated, just might be. Cause if they count as weapons then yeah, stabbing weapons that inflicts more pain then death, so it is a violation


EllipsisMark t1_iuc1dyn wrote

I think there might be a distinction between using dogs to search and capture and just letting them maul a limb of. Like my great grandpa use to always say "If the cops do it, then it's probably a war crime."