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alexanderpas t1_isuxh3y wrote

You might want to use the quote functionality for indentation, as this prevents it changing into code notation, and also adds those nice lines.

> ⬆️ +3 will_always_reply
> ⬇️ Great idea.

>> ⬆️ -2 nasty_gramps
>> ⬇️ and what does this adds to the conversation?

>>> ⬆️ +1 common_sensor >>> ⬇️ I could ask the same thing about your response.

>> ⬆️ +1 peace_keep_star
>> ⬇️ Don't pay attention to those other posters, it's indeed a great idea.


Obtuse_Mongoose t1_isvcq6s wrote

Thanks! This was what I was looking for in formatting. Newreddit makes it hard to find these tips.

If I had more time, I was going to do another hour of nonsensical additions, but then realized I had a Yankees game to watch. :)


Prof_Bloodsoe t1_isw20ja wrote

Upvoted for watching the much-anticipated (read: 21 hour delayed) conclusion to the ALDS.