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madeforquestions55 t1_iswx5pn wrote

Not the asshol.

Orc, twonty thrE, fEmail.

We prize Rselves on two things, bein g brutal and cunnin, and being cunnin and brutal. Dead lifting is a evelushunarry nessessitty. It helps us carry more bigger stuff than if we lift tha regular way. My girl frend is a human, and she can only lift 2 hundrid and ffifty pounds, I dunno how mucht hat is in killos. But I can dead lift all most 4 hundrid kilos.

She's a docter and sikeology, but she still comes to Jim with me to pre pear for mum and dad to visits for tha holAdays.

She don't ev en win tha resseling with tha litl orcs at Orctobberfest. But we still let's her eat tha roast with us cuz orcs don't like seein no one go hungry.

You don't got to. Be bigest in tha pack. Tats tha top orcs job, to be tha bigest. You just got to be strong and be red E to ressel and partisipayt in tha fightin. Orcs love fightin! Re membur that and you got all tha ansers fur wat you got to do to in press yor ork family.