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Nakotadinzeo t1_isyken4 wrote

Whoa, no need for the casual racism... Like I said, that was long long ago. We can't hold the ignorant actions of our ancestors in modern contexts. It's not like the elves knew about DNA ether at this time, and if ether did things would have likely been different. The past is a foreign country as they say, and I think many of our struggles are quite intersectional and can be overcome together.

I am glad to hear that you keep strong family bonds, stupport systems are incredibly important.

Try not to hate your human half, humans have their strengths as we all do. It is something special that you may have gifts unique to you because of your dual parentage.

Not to lean into stereotypes, but if you have an elf's eye and a human curiosity, that could make for a very passionate astrophysicist!


PyrokineticZulu t1_iszd6ei wrote

Well, yes, I have been awfully curious about these “virtual consoles” from Nipon. I think the technology has great practical use in space faring, but most of you won’t live to see what I have planned.


Nakotadinzeo t1_it15cpj wrote

Ah, the comp-sci lab at my university just got one of these things.

Quantum computation is quite a feat, there's a lot we can learn from entanglement. Like why magic faded 400 years after the oblivion crisis, if there are parallel universes, cracking the codes holding the elder scrolls deep underground, quantum communication.

We haven't had it long though, the tech scholars are still figuring it out. I have heard that the got it to successfully play Doom.


PyrokineticZulu t1_it17jeg wrote

Yes. Doom. Gore, chunks and bile. Take me back to my days in the 1785 Anglo-Igbo war or something. Don’t remember. I do remember single-handedly terrorizing British villagers and city dwellers.

Or was that France? Or Germany? Or Rome?