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ChloeWrites OP t1_itx9p3s wrote

"Next!" roared Phineus over the large crowd of healers past immigrating to the various schools of necromancy. "Name?"

"Sylvia Silverhand, at your service!" The entire crowd went silent and turned to face.

The crowd started to murmur at first, then started to step away from Sylvia.

"No way! It can't be her! I thought she died!" One crowd member looked over in awe and horror

"I heard she slaughtered everyone in her party, only to bring them back to do her mindless bidding!" Another crowd goer screamed and turned around to run away, but froze in his tracks, aging rapidly into dust before everyone's eyes.

"Enough, cowards." Sylvia snapped her fingers as the patron slowly rematerialized, alive where he stood previously. "I'm here to teach the rest of you scrubs what you can do with necromancy AND healing magic."

The crowd grew quieter as Sylvia walked through the school's main gates to the headmistress' office.