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Fereshte2020 t1_itsf9ll wrote

“Oh goodie,” she purred, eyes narrowing to slits, her grin growing, growing, tugging at the corners of a mouth that lengthened into a muzzle, a muzzle whose skin stretched and split and slide off in wet, dense masses, splattering onto the ground around her. Beneath, gleamed white, hard bone. Eyes turned from earthy brown to a starry night, flicks of sparks whirling and burning between the black.

She leaned down, forward, onto all fours, long fingers digging deep into the ground as she shook her head, her shoulders, loose bits of flesh and skin scattering across the grass and sliding down the bark of forest trees.

“I hate when my meals get interrupted,” she crooned, a voice strung from something deep down inside the earth, older than bones and shells and fossils.

The serial killer was right, though. No one did hear him scream. No matter how hard he tried, or for how long it went on for.

He always did pick the perfect spot for a murder.


Yellowtail36 t1_ittckqj wrote

As the masked man holds a knife to my throat, he snickers. I simply stare at him blankly. “Nobody will hear you scream!” He says, cackling. I really had to get an attempt today Huh? I just finished my shift of janitorial work, and decided to take a shortcut home. I didn’t think someone would try to kill me today. “Neither will anyone hear yours,” I reply in monotone. The deranged killer laughs in response.

“The bravado will do nothing for you, have fun in hell!” He says before slicing my throat. However, no blood spurts out. In fact, the killer’s eyes widen as he screams and falls back, away from me. The cut in my neck only reveals fleshy red tendrils that reach out in the air. “What the hell?!” He yells. “What the hell are you!?”

“A mistake, to my creators. But to you? I’m hungry,” I say, reaching for him. He slaps my hand away and jumps up before making a run for it.

“Sorry, but, you can’t leave now,” I say, my arms losing their shape and separating into various red tendrils, surging forward and grabbing his leg. He screams as I lift him into the air and bring him back to me. “At least it’s quick,” I say before lifting my shirt, revealing a gaping maw, with rows of jagged teeth.

In a police station, a clerk sighs as he turns on the light. He hates coming in early in the mornings. He looks at the front desk and screams as a lone head sits in the middle, with a sticky note stuck on its head.

bounty. Free of charge. Have a good day.


Sirius1701 t1_itugj5a wrote

Sounds like something that happened after the ending of Carrion.


Yellowtail36 t1_itv7d59 wrote

Yeah, I just finished playing it. Pretty fun and the comics around it are interesting!


Sirius1701 t1_itwt0f1 wrote

There are comics around it!? I gotta look that shit up!


powerscunner t1_itrrljn wrote

The rain pattered gently against the pavement, the only sound in the dark night. My footsteps echoed in the silence as I made my way towards my destination.

I could see the light coming from the windows of the old abandoned warehouse, and I knew that's where he would be. He always chose places like this.

In the week or so that I had been following him, I had learned everything I could about him. His name was Robert, and he was a serial killer.

He had killed at least eight people that I knew of, and I was determined to stop him. After tracking him for days, and I finally had him cornered.

I pulled my gun from its holster and slowly approached the warehouse. I could hear movement inside, and I knew he was in there. I crept through the door, gun at the ready.

The first thing I noticed was the smell: death. My eyes scanned the room, and I saw him.

Robert was standing over a body, but he had no weapon in his hand.

I stepped out of the shadows, gun trained on him. He slowly turned to face me, and I saw the look in his eyes. It was a look of pure evil.

"It's too late for that," Robert said, "You should have left me alone."

"I can't let you kill anymore."

He laughed, a cold, heartless laugh.

"You can't stop me," he said. "You think I haven't noticed you following me?"

He took a step towards me, and I stepped back.

"I know everything about you," he said. " I know where you live, I know where you work."

"I don't care," I said. " I'm going to stop you."

He took another step towards me, and I stepped back again.

"You can't stop me," he said. "Nobody can!"

He lunged at me, and I pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit him in the chest, and he stumbled backwards.

I stepped forward and fired again.

This time the bullet hit him in the head, and he fell to the ground, dead.

I breathed a sigh of relief and holstered my gun. Robert lay still.

I turned to Robert's victim's body on the ground, and my blood ran cold. The victim's body was missing its head.

Suddenly, Robert's body stirred.

I stepped back in shock as he slowly rose to his feet.

Roberts eyes were hollow and dead, and his skin was pale.

He opened his mouth, and I saw that his teeth had been replaced with sharp fangs.

I emptied my gun into him, but the bullets had no effect. He kept coming, and I turned and ran.

I could hear his footsteps behind me, and I knew he was coming for me. I ran for my life, but I knew I couldn't outrun him. He was faster, stronger, and more powerful than I could ever hope to be.

Suddenly, I felt his hand, impossibly strong, on my shoulder, and I knew it was over.

He slammed me against the wall and turned me to face him, and I saw the unearthly hunger in his eyes.

"Nobody hears the screams of the dead," he said, before he sunk his teeth into my neck.


RoonilWazlib-511 t1_itsiuof wrote

"Nobody will hear you scream!"

"That's right"


"You're correct in your assessment of how far sound will travel and the probability of any other conscious human being's ability to hear it. We're too far into the woods now. It's too dark for anyone to see anything either. Really great location for an attack, good choice."

*sinister chuckle, "So you're not afraid to meet your end? Perfect, an easy prey...less effort, more pleasure.."

"Oh no, I am very much afraid to die, but I've always wondered, are you afraid of death?"

* maniacal laughter, "I'm death's accomplice. Now enough ta-"



"ARGH! What the hell was that!? Did you just try to hit me with a rock!?"

*shrug, " yea ... i mean you were just about to stab m- "

"You idiot! That pebble bare scraped my the muscles on my face. It'll be a rough bruising at best!"

"Well SoRrY I'm not a pro at th- AAAHHH!

*winded, "that hurts"

"Ha! Precisely what I meant to do

"Great... And this is precisely what I meant to do"

*twists arm causing knife to fall with a light thud by feet, sees blade only by stroke of luck and the slight gleam of scarlet red dripping from it. Grabs it from the ground and attacks the side of the torso with a sudden move, going in deep"




*deep thud on ground

*scarce , heavy breathing

*looking down at weak body, "Did you really think I trusted you so blindly to take me 'camping' on a day like this, in a location like this? You're pathetic, and always have been. I knew what you'd been up to but never had enough proof until yesterday. I found your disgusting 'trophies', don't worry, the authorities would know by now...I had them delivered to their station this morning right after we left. After all that you've done, and even after you tried to hurt me... lying here weak and pathetic... no one can hear your screams here, Dad."



killznhealz t1_itsg2hb wrote

"Nobody will hear you scream!" The serial killer said to me.

"Please, don't do don't have to. You could let me go! I won't tell anyone!" I begged him. I was just a 5'4 girl playing my part. Had to get this right...or it wouldn't be as fun.

"Sorry darling, too late to let you go. Maybe if you're a good girl I'll untie you for a bit though. Let you have a little pleasure before you die?" He breathed against my neck. His breath was rancid and he stank as if he didn't bathe for the last week.

"Please, no, I don't want to!" I screamed out. That should really get him going. Things were going too well!

He reached behind me and started cutting at my ropes. He knicked my skin a little. I could feel blood trickling down my wrist...I liked it.

"Okay, I promise to do whatever you want! Just let me go after, please! I promise to be good!" I had him! This was it!

"Let's see just how good you can be." He grinned with his crooked, black teeth. Oh, how I was going to enjoy watching him suffer!

"I don't think I can control myself! Kiss me!" I screamed out! It was probably too much too fast but I didn't care anymore! I needed him! I needed to feed!

My arms wrapped around him as he embraced me slamming his mouth into mine. Yes! Now! It was time! Finally!

I fed on his sexual energy, my body morphing, growing larger, my tail sprouting out, my claws extending, my wings burst out my back. He...was...mine!

He let out a scream as I bit into his face! A blood-curdling, succulent, scream. I moaned in ecstasy!

"Nobody will hear you scream!" I laughed and laughed and laughed as he fell back, face bloody and mauled. He was still screaming, not able to comprehend what was happening. The shock and terror in his eyes sent shivers of pleasure up and down my body.

Oh, how he would learn. I would give him the sexual pleasure he wanted, and so much more...then I would devour him!


AstroRide t1_itsdh7u wrote

##Fight Night

Tapping on my window. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow. When I turn to look, the shadow is gone. The lights turn off.

A scream emanates throughout the room. The scream is followed by cheers. There is a party scene in the movie I'm watching. The couple walks out of the room and closes the door behind them. A door inside my house opens in the process.

Soft footsteps travel along the floor below mine. The third and tenth step creaks. The door into my room whines, and a hand touches my shoulder.

"Nobody will hear you scream." A man wearing a brown paper bag holds a knife over me. He plunges the knife down and hits the couch cushion. "What?"

"You came to the wrong house." I punch his elbow. He lets go of the knife in pain. I grab the cushion and toss it across the room. After that, I leap onto the couch and kick him in the face. After leaping behind the couch, I hit him in the stomach. The man slouches away in pain as I shuffle. "Come on. You can do better than that."

The man holds one of his fingers to request a break. I grab a finger and bend it back. He screams in pain. "Oh my god, what that was for."

"You tried to sucker punch me. You don't get the right to complain about fighting dirty," I say. The man lunges at me. He manages to get his arms around my torso and slams me into the wall.

"Now, this is fun." I laugh and kick him in the crotch several times. Then, I grab his torso and throw him to the wall. He lands back first on the ground. "What kind of lame mask is this." I rip off the brown paper bag. The man under the mask looks at me in terror.

"Please. Have mercy." I shove the bag in his mouth.

"You didn't bring in a gun. You didn't bring a back up weapon." I stomp on his arm. "You couldn't even bother to wear a decent mask. Why should I show respect for such a lame serial killer?"

The man starts to cry. I shake my head.

"Pathetic." I grab him by the shirt and stand him up. "Just know that I could kill you if I want to, but I'm not going to because it would be too easy. Now, are you going to break into someone's house and try to kill them again?"

The man shakes his head no.

"Good. Now get out of here."



VorpalAbyss t1_itvpfck wrote

"And so, no one will hear you in turn."

The poor fool frowned in confusion. He had one hand on the lever, wires protruding from it running to the chair his drenched 'victim' sat in.

"Allow me to explain. My name is Lazarus Geist. Maybe you know me, maybe not. I am what's known as a Reaper. We may go by other names, but the goal is the same: to kill what should not be alive. Or so it should be. In truth, I rejected it. See, at the time, I was murdered. Stabbed to death, funnily enough. And I forsook that path. Condemned the one who brought me back."

Lazarus paused.

"I was eventually killed a second time. Not quite sure how. And I ended up being reborn. Do you understand the implication? ...I see you don't. Essentially, When one dies, their soul is reborn elsewhere. An infinite amount of universes... imagine it. Death just being a pathway to a new life."

There was a click, or perhaps a clack. Maybe a clunk? In any case, the killer lowered the lever.

"It frustrated me." Lazarus continued. "No. No, in truth I was filled with hate. So I sought to kill at least the one who cursed me so."

The killer pulled the lever up, and down again, grunting in actual frustration.

"So I learned to kill. To truly kill. It started small. Humans, maybe other races. Then the vital bits. Hearts, limbs, emotions. Temporarily, sometimes. Then I aimed... bigger."

The fool of a killer stomped up to the door in the small room, and wedged the key in the lock.

"Rock. Stone. Metal, as you now may suspect."

The key spun, but no resistance from the lock was forthcoming.

"Emotions came later. Eventually I could kill even concepts. Faith. Hope. Time. That's a favourite of mine. An excellent hard counter to those who manipulate Time itself."

The fool began trying to pull at the door.

"Of course, this is over many lifetimes. I have learned so, so much. How to keep a prisoner alive for interrogation. Where to cut to keep them alive for the longest time. Which parts of the brain to sever to prevent my prey from escaping into insanity. Things that I have not practiced at for... a rather long time, I must admit. But now you're here."

The metal clasps used to hold Lazarus down, so pristine and shiny, began to turn all shades of orange. The killer, fool and target both, turned around just in time to see this happening.

"Our domain is death, and ours is not just to grant it... but to deny it also."

Lazarus rose, the rusted clasps having all the resistance of dust.

"And we have here a rare opportunity to shake off the rust. Wouldn't you agree?"


shewhoendures6 t1_itw04m3 wrote

"OH man, you really do not want this. You should really just walk away now" the tired looking man said, completely unfazed by the killer's threat The killer's blood boiled, how dare this whelp not be afraid? Doesn't he know who he is? He's the God damn long Island ripper! He wasn't gonna let this piece of shit ruin his fun. He hit his victim hard in the face with his gun to put the fear of God in him. That was his biggest mistake, however. The tired man said "man, I tried to warn you. He was already in a bad mood" as a black liquid began to pour out of his every pore. The liquid completely enveloped the man, and he seemed to grow, towering above the killer. Tendrils of the goo whipped around as massive teeth began to form, failing to contain a tongue that was much too long. The killer fell back, trembling, and managed to stutter "w-what the hell are you?" And the last thing the long Island ripper heard, besides his own screams, was "We Are Venom"


SuperiorCrate t1_itvni94 wrote

"Nobody will hear you scream!" the serial killer said to their would-be victim.

He took his butcher knife and plunged it deep into the heart of the bystander. His victim wore sunglasses, a face mask, and a hoodie. Whatever they looked like didn't matter. What did matter was that he should have paid attention to what his victim's breathing sounded like.

"Ch ch ch ah ah ah."

The victim turns around, knife still in his back, unflinching. The killer's eyes widen as he screams and tries running away. His no-longer victim grabbed his leg and drags him to a dumpster, before tossing him in and repeatedly slamming the lid until his attacker's head rolled off.

'Sigh, 20 years of retirement later and I still get stabbed.' Jason Voorhees thought to himself as he walks away from his kill.


TechnicalVariation17 t1_itvz581 wrote

Scene : Amongus __

The light from the bulb flickers in dark corridor, as he pins me to the wall. His blood-stained knife glints by his side. "Nobody will hear you scream!" the imposter leans closer and whispers in my ear, bursts out in shreiks of laughter. I feel my head throbbing. I purse my lips. This man. The slaughterer of my entire crew! I clench my fists behind my back as something snaps within me. That's the moment I decide, it doesn't matter if I go under, I will bring him down with me. With all the remaining strength, I push him hard, buying time. He falls back on the floor, I make a run for it. But soon I can hear the maniac laughter and his voice, "wanna play hide and seek, eh, Cyan?" But then I see a red button on the wall. I stand close to it. Just before pressing it, I look at him once again, our eyes interlock. His smile fades away. That's when it truly dawns on him, 'Nobody can hear you scream in Space' I press the button.


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Sick_Apples t1_itvl9jl wrote

I like how all the prompt responses are about eating the serial killer.