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rdchat t1_iu6ff38 wrote

Nessie picks a Loch.


TheeBdogg OP t1_iu6q1tb wrote

Rufus swims behind me as we travel along the river bottom. For me, swimming too close to the surface isn't a good idea. "This place is nice" Rufus attempts. He's right. A lot of this excursion consisted of him trying to convince to stay in the Loch we're in. Not specifically this one, whichever one we were in at the time.

I agree, it is pretty nice.

"Yeah, I like it"

"Really?" He says, surprised.

"Yeah, I like it. I'm gonna stay here."

"Hallelujah!" Rufus exclaims as electricity sparks from his tail.

"Hey, you're tail's sparking," I tell him.

He makes it spark more "I don't care, we are finally done" I snort at his antics.

He sings Hallelujah as we swim back to grab my belongings.