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Appropriate-Metal-22 t1_iu3d3tc wrote

"It is in 2012 that Harry Potter, King of the Breutton starts his expension in Pas de callé, to stop the ever present threat of the young Swedish king, Emperor Phillip of the Saint Republican dinasty tries to bethrod his nee-san* Ann Frankyu, however. such an engagement was contested by the half brother of emperor, Saint Goku, having had a huge amount of influence trough the spaghetti god church, as such, a festival to see who was the sexiest man was helf over in the isle of France, Marseille, the winner would be declared pog-champ of the young women, the king Harry Potter, adept of Airsoft* begins the combat with a simpe 50. cal bullet towards the flank, seeing such an attack Saint Goku proceeds to channel his KI to stop the bullet mid air and send it back to the sender to avoid calling the red card, which would mean, a CBT act* (doc 57), as such, Harry seeing the near unbreakable shield proceeds to cosplay as Shaggy, the Red Scare of the west, as such Scooby Doo, the second handmen of the jostle was brought to assert the amount of power put to complete the dice roll (doc 914) to make a 55 attack on Saint Goku... "

" Tomorrow, we'll see the rise of Emperor Dominicus Hitlarius Trump and the effect of communism in the American society along with the economical boom of the Blue Union in 2022..."


Yakassa t1_iu4bxo5 wrote

The Secret of the Magical Chalice of Washington

LoPo series Pilot Written by Seliana Uruday
first Published 2810

It was a the best and the worst times, all at once for Jiang Fang dong. A Sorcerer from the Chinese Empire who is about to land using an Aeroplane to travel to new york. He was tired as flying is still a long and grueling exercise. Hounded into tiny wooden cells to cram as many people as possible in.

In the dim candlelight he was reading on his iPhone what his mission was.

Infiltrate Whitest House and retrieve the Magical Chalice that creates infinite gold for the Americans.

The Chinese Elder Bo xi lai has sent him personally. China tried for years to figure out why the Americans despite everything are so unfathomably wealthy. When one of their Mainframe got hacked by elite shaolin monks they found references to the Magical Chalice of Midas.

He existed the Aeroplane and directly called for a carriage to take him to Washington. Flashing his Diplomatic Visa Card the driver gave him a friendly nod, he yelled: "The whitest house, NOW!" The Yellow carriage cracked its whip and the 10 Dogs that where pulling it where giving it their all.

A while later he arrived. It was just about 18 hours into the night and a large shining building towered over the hobbles and wooden dwellings of its subjects.

He made his way slowly towards the whitest house, the closer he got the richer and luxurious everything became. First it was golden Gaslamps that lit up the Street. Then curbs made out of solid gold and when he was so close that the tower would not fit in his field of view any longer. Even the Streets where paved with gold.

"I must be getting close!" he mumbled to himself. When he had to hide behind a large boulder to evade a patrol passing by.

He overheard them saying that the king was about to leave to visit his friend david to camp. He used his Transphasic cloaking device and made his way towards the drawbridge. Standing still so the guards would not notice him.

"Attention! His highness King MacArthur has left the building!" Jiang Fang looked in awe, the entourage of the king was streaming through the gate. Combustible cars, already on fire where speeding out, it followed a carriage made out of pure gold with a giant letter A on the back. "this is him!" Drones and battlerobots where marching behind at a fast pace.

But there was no indication that the chalice was onboard. He continued infiltrating the whitest house, most of the kings guard has left with him, so getting towards the department of treasury was childs play.

He entered the combination the monks provided to him "oldwarrior69fadeto420" . The giant door opened and what he saw was nothing but astounding, a room as large as the largest spaceport hangar was filled with mounds and mounds of Gold, Platinum and Uranium. He couldnt believe his eyes. In the middle on a pedestal stood his price. The chalice!

He unpacked his drone and locked target coordinates. Then using a stick of Dynamite he blew a whole into the Vaults side and the drone flew out with the chalice in his claws. At that moment the alarm sounded. He hurried jumping out of the Hole and with a combat roll landed 30 meters on the ground running. The Searchlights have been turned on and he could hear Flak and other Antiaircraft fire trying to shoot down the drone.

He looked up and ran turning a corner he got knocked out by a Football bat. None other then the King MacArthur himself knocked him out cold. "So now look who the cat dragged in."

The End?

Will Jiang escape from King MacArthurs court? Will he perish? Will the Drone be intercepted? Will China overtake the American economy? If this story receives 50 Creds in 1 day you will be able to read the thrilling conclusion.


Andrew_42 t1_iu69cyg wrote

Alastor huddled by the cubicle walls to recover, sword still gripped in his white knuckled hand. His other hand still shaking fumbled for a flask at his side, a fresh tonic of Mountain's Dew to replenish his energy. The Board of Directors lay in wait through the final dungeon door.

A pack of interns driven by a whip wielding middle manager pushed past Alastor's hiding spot, giving him a moment of fright before realizing they had not noticed him.

Spirits restored, Alastor strode to the dual chrome doors at the end of the hall. He ran his blade along the metal, but no scratch was left, these were Mithril and brute force would not avail. Instead he pulled out his Key of Passing, an Enchanted rectangle that had been imbued with the authority of Upper Management by Davis, the Hackromancer who had called for his help.

With a wave over the Detection Web, the polished chrome doors chimed and slid open, revealing a small room inside. It was no ordinary room however. He stepped inside, and with a stomach churning lurch it slipped onto a nearby plane of reality. He had entered the realm of Upper Management.

Another chime as the doors opened to a palatial estate, a bubbling brook to the side filled with Coffium. Alastor stopped to refill his flask, this was a more potent restorative than the Mountain's Dew had been. In fact he downed his flask of Coffium and filled it again. The liquid burned as it rushed into his system, and his hand began to shake once more. It did not shake from fatigue this time, but rather from poorly contained energy. He felt alive!

With a kick of his enchanted Oxfords, Alastor crashed into the Crossroads of Board, where seven directors each holding a Scepter of their office stood in a circle. They had heard him coming, and were attempting to summon The Chairman.

Sword in white knuckle grip sliced through the air as Alastor charged in a Fury, but the blade was turned aside by a Ward. The Director of HR turned towards him. "Your action of violence has triggered my trap card!" She said, turning a magical document face up, "By the power of Assault and Battery I bind you to jail!"

This was no contest of brute force, but of wills, of wits, and of preparation. "I invoke due process" he shouted back, the incantation of delay. "And I file for employee endangerment!"

He pulled a document out of his leather satchel, "By the authority of the seven circles of OSHA, I condemn your authority! May the blood of your fallen interns bind you instead!"

A Djinn of Judgement appeared as he filed his claim, and the Director of HR's authority was undone, dragged to the very jail she had intended to condemn him.

The Director of Maintenance now turned to face him, a towering 7 foot Ogre. "Pity" he said in a deep gravelly voice "That your authority is only recognized by WiFi"

The lights dimmed as power was directed elsewhere at his command. Alastor felt cut off, his magical protections no longer in place without connection to the Magical World Web. His protections began to fade with no power.

As the Ogre stepped forward, wielding his Scepter of office like a club, Alastor remembered a source of power he still had. By pouring some Coffium onto his equipment, energy was temporarily restored. The Ogre howled in rage, but was not fast enough as Alastor's sword pierced through his flesh.

The lights flickered back on as power returned. At his iron gaze, the Director of Accounting broke and fled, as did the Director of Sales. With only three remaining the circle was broken, and Alastor clove through the remaining Directors with a mighty sweep of his Blade of Server.

Directors scattered, he turned towards the Accounting door. On the other side he saw vast wealth. Billions of Gold Coins alongside property deeds, and a library of patents. He checked his log, and made sure to retrieve seven patents for the Kingdom's needs, as well as the deed to his Father's Homestead that had been reclaimed by a Default brigand.

Once he had those items secured, he filled up his satchel with as much gold as it could carry, and returned home a hero.


_i_am_a_dragon_ OP t1_iu6gnkz wrote

This is exactly what I was thinking of. And the coffium has me thinking of a berserker named Kylimus that drinks a fury potion called "monstrum"


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And the knight pulled up to the dragon on his Vespa. "That pog" said the dragon "Kobe!" The knight screamed as he shot his arrow


_i_am_a_dragon_ OP t1_iu2s9li wrote

I had the idea but wasn't quite sure how to put it into words. Hope this makes sense.