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lostviking822 t1_iskgpnx wrote

It had been a long time since I heard that name. My first dragon, Raze, was a beast and so protective but she had a temper that I was unimaginable.

"Where?" My voice was weak and shaky, "How many were lost?"

My General, Vose, stood at attention in the doorway with his eyes to the floor, "Sir, the entire encampment was lost... she waits for you, sir."

I turned to the trinkets I have acquired over the years. The necklace with a Dragon Blood Gem at the center, a small chunk missing from the glinting stone hung in its place, draped over the chest piece of my dragon skin armor.

I hurried to the necklace and snapped the chain as I tugged it towards me, I turned and grabbed a small book with a leathery cover before shoving past Vose.

"Sir, do you need me to follow?" I shook my head as I stormed forward, "Well.... aren't you going to take a weapon?"

I stopped and turned to him. From the small hole in the books binding, I pulled a ball point pen, a relic from centuries ago, before Raze had begun her destruction on the world. I opened the book and carefully worded the sentence as the tip slid across the parchment.

As I closed the book and replaced the pen in the binding, the dirt at my feet began to swirl and sizzle. Stones and leaves and debris began to swirl and condense before forming a tight ball that grew and grew. When the dust settled, an egg the size of my fist laid on the ground at my feet.

It almost immediately began to shake and cracked before shattering and falling away from a tiny newborn dragon with silver colored eyes and scales that went from a golden yellow to a midnight blue depending on which direction the light hit it. In the moonlight, the entire thing seemed to glow as it stretched its tiny wings.

Vose stood motionless, "A dragon? You are bringing a newly hatched dragon as defense against HER?"

I picked up the baby and ran a finger down its spine. It let out a tiny sneeze and there was a sizzle of electricity that accompanied it, "He's a Wyvern, and he will grow quickly. Don't worry, I wrote him with a purpose."

Without another word, I turned and started in the direction I knew I would find Raze. The Wyvern took flight, already larger than when he hatched and circled my head before landing on my shoulder.

A nude woman stood with her back to me, arms out warm them by the fire that had engulfed the cabin. Her hands fell to her sides when she heard me approach, "It took you long enough," she turned to me, the nudity of a woman was covered by scales. She only had the form of a human woman, and that was my fault. That form of hers had been one of her greatest gifts I accidentally had given her.

"It's a long walk," I snapped back, being sure to let her know I wasn't amused.

She laughed and her blue eyes shimmered a crimson red and the pupils turned to slits, "You could have flown. I gave you that gift, among others." She spoke sensually as she stepped closer. When she got close enough, her fingers grew long claws as she dragged them softly across my chest when she circled. She watched the Wyvern circle above me, "Cute lil gecko. He supposed to keep you safe?"

"Just hept me company on the walk," i cleared my throat, "And you know I don't use your 'gifts' anymore."

She huffed, a little smoke ring escaped her nostril, "Oh, no? Then how have you survived this 300 years? Good eating habits?"

I pulled the pendant with the broken gem from my pocket and tossed it to the dirt at her feet, "The immortality is a curse, Raylyn. Or didn't you know that when you forced it on me?"

"The old name huh? You ARE in a mood. Well, Resh, I didn't force anything on you. I saved your life. Or did you forget about the bullet that tore through you?" I could see her get flustered at the thought of it, me dying in her arms.

I still remembered the day too. It was a normal day, we thought. I had just found the pendant days before and learned that it somehow made me able to create anything living by writing its description down. It wasn't until after I made my dream girl, that I learned that the form of my creations was just a shell and they were all dragons in essence.

The day I almost died, the world conflict had reached a peak and I was shot by a soldier during the initial invasion of my country. Raylyn, she dripped her blood into my wound and the magic blood of a dragon healed me and made me more than human. She went into a rage and began razing the lands, claiming the new name, Raze as she tore the world apart.

In a way, what she did may have saved the world from nuclear apocalypse but at what cost? The extinction of man by dragon?

"I remember, but I remember the 300 years since as well," I pulled the book out of my pocket and looked at her with tears burning my eyes and blurring my vision, "I tried to change you so many times but learned that once something comes into being, that original description is locked in."

I pulled the pen from the binding and opened the book. There were pages and pages of attempts to alter the original Raylyn but all that ever happened was another one of her being conjured.

Each new one had two things in common that I tried to cause in Raylyn. One was compassion for humanity and not just unwavering love for me... the other, was a weakness so that I could kill her. Each attempt just summoned a copy. And each copy, I killed before they could become like Raze.

She looked at me, "what are you doing?"

"After all this time, I finally figured out how to end this," I lowered the pen to the empty page, "I know what needs to be done..."

She stomped on the pendant, shattering it to dust with the force, "with no pendant, your words are powerless."

I finished writing and looked up at her, tears rolled down my face as I tapped my chest with the pen, " You forgot about the shard of the gem that the bullet lodged in my heart."

A flash of lightening flashed and both of our eyes went wide. Together we fell to the ground, our hands barely met as the life left us both. The small Wyvern let out a cry before crumbling to dust beside me.

The book fell open beside me. Lightning flashed once more to illuminate the final words,