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Commander_Night_17 t1_itkox6j wrote

I'll give you two so you can choose

1 Chrisabelle Anderson The oldest character I desgined. Easily identifiable with her dark brown hair tied up in a half-up, half-down hairstyle and her waiscoat and denim cliffon with light brown cowboy boots.

She's a former popular kid who gave up on the popularity race and spends time now mostly with her best friend, who is not that promiment in the social stage. Her personality is kind, helpful and wise.

2 Jean the dragon Don't let her large black scaly body and emerald green eyed fool you, she's actually a realy nice dragon. Living on a hoard made from her pretending to be human merchant for 50 years, she usually deals with intruders fairly and is friends with a knight named Sir Warren.

Her pesonality is emotional like a teenage girl, a talented accountant, and loyal

(Last seen taking one of the two princesses of the nearby kingdom)

3 Lissandra the Scholarly dragon

A young blue dragon, she is sister to Jean and is remarked for sparing bards and mages from partys in exchange for information and tales, which she magically enters into a leather book.

Her personality is proud, careless and flirtatious.

(Hasn't been found in her cave for a while, the hoard is warded with a dancing curse)

Now 1 and 2 have fairly well done backstories by me (I should work a bit more on 1s backstory though), so I'm curious what someone else might interpret thier backstory but 3 doesn't

Good luck and if you need anything on the characters, just drop a message