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Ryzuhtal t1_itliup5 wrote

I have a recurring character in my stories called Damian Daniel Drake. He is the most powerful Superhero in my "universe". He is called "The Lovecraftian".He is the leader of the "Justice Union" a group of superheroes who do not affiliate themselves with any political party or ideology. "Never mix the Superhero duties with politics. Whatever your personal beliefs are, you leave them in the dressing room when you put on your mask."

However, he has a rather controversial flaw. Let's just say, he choose "Lovecraftian" as a name for two reasons, and only one of them can be linked to his reality-distorting powers.He is a racist who hates black people. Despite this the Justice Union has many black members; you see, Damian sees himself as a superhero first and a person second.

Funnily enough, there is only one person in the whole union, who he actively "socializes" with. This person is a fellow superhero, called The Earthen; a black man in his late 30s. Most of the time they just play chess together and talk. I somewhat based their relationship on Daryl Davis' relationship with an Ex KKK member named Roger Kelly.

If you think you can give said character justice, I am eager to read it.