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clear-pine t1_iy2dsjg wrote

The way she walked, the way she talked.. she was perfect. And she could always make a boring day come to life. There was an unassailable purity to her. Thinking about her, nothing could hurt me.

She slipped me a note under the desks of our homeroom, but all I could think about was how well her dress accentuated her figure. Abashed, I turned away before reading the note. Her beautiful blue eyes just made me so nervous, I couldn't help it. But... something occurred to me as she dejectedly left, while I was still clutching that folded note... the note just had three words.

I love you.

She moved away the next day. Family stuff, I'd heard. We didn't keep in touch... she was hurt because she thought I didn't return her feelings. I was just a nervous kid, but she was a sensitive kid, too.

Then... years go by. I'm... alone. As usual. Perusing a magazine I'd found at the truck stop I was at. And as I turn the page, I stop. My breath catches at the familiar face and figure, interrupted only by creases and staples.

My blood runs cold. My memory has just been sold. My angel is the centerfold.


Malzun t1_iy34x57 wrote

I feel like this might go over a lot of heads, but I want you to know that you gave me the dopiest smile when I realized what you did. You've also got the song stuck in my head now, so thank you.


Masterpotato002 t1_iy2ralf wrote

I'm confused. What happened in the ending?


DefiantlyBreeze t1_iy3bjlx wrote

I see what you did. Good job. Aaaand now it's stuck in my head.


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