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rulethem t1_ixheael wrote

I loved her. Of course, I did. How couldn't I? She was a counterpoint, a question, a poem in the flesh.

She was feral around the eyes and yet she smiled with the warmth of a long-since-longed hug. She held the fierceness of nature in her features and yet her voice was wrapped in a blanket softer than the singsong of the nightingale. She uprooted me with a kiss, sent my thoughts into a frenzy with a look, and took me back into the world with a whisper.

She was, by all accounts, the love of my life.

And so, despite the oddity of her question, I said, "Yes, I would still love you if you were a worm."

A silly game, I thought, until she cried tears of joy and told me she had bought two tickets to a secret place. I was confused but I accepted, after all, her happiness was all that mattered.

Two days later, we left our little abode in the forest and the cold embraced us when we descended from the plane.

"Here, I want this to be a surprise," Jane said and gave me a piece of cloth. "Cover your eyes and follow me."

A bit strange, I thought, but once again I went with it. Half an hour later, the wintry gales whirred in my ears, muffling Jane's words, and the dense snow turned my gait into a trudge. "Where are we?"

Jane reached for my ear and hugged me. At that moment, the cold thawed and melted into tender warmth. "We are here," she said and the whirring of the winds died down. "Count to ten, and open your eyes."

"Okay?" I hesitated, my heart beating fast.

There was a loud noise like the cracking of bones or the snapping of logs. I jumped in place.

"Don't worry, keep counting down, honey."

I obliged, and a moment later I removed the makeshift blindfold covering my eyes. Before me, enormous and immemorial, was a limbless and wingless creature. It was like a serpent, only a hundred if not a thousand times larger, with ice-blue scales the size of ten men and white, streaming whiskers at the sides of its vast, slobbering maw.

I screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt my whole world crumbling and shattering. Jane had betrayed me. Where was she? Why had she brought me to die here? What was this creature?

"Jerry!" the creature said, seemingly offended. "Am I that ugly?"

I recognized the voice. Of course, I did. "Ja--Jane? Is that you?" I shook my head and glanced quickly at the surroundings. We were in a frozen cave full of stalactites and stalagmites, and the remnants of what I could only guess were her clothes lay on the ground.

"Yes, Jerry, this is me!" The creature's tone had a clear edge of exasperation. It turned around as if offended. If it had limbs, I was certain it would've crossed its arms. "You told me you would love me if I were a wyrm. And so here I am, being vulnerable, showing you what I really am. A wyrm."

"A wyrm?" I said, confused. "I thought you said a worm."

She turned back around. "A worm? That's dumb. Why would you love me if I were a worm? I would be ugly and probably dumb too, worms don't think nor feel."

"Honey, I would love you if you were my worst nightmare. I love everything about you, you know this." I paused to take a look at her and drew a deep breath. "And this form of you is gorgeous, breathtaking. I'm sorry if I sound hesitant, it's because I have many questions, but I mean it."



She smiled a smile full of fangs, fire, and drool. "Come over, I will introduce you to the others."


"Yes." She picked me up with her whiskers as though I was a lollipop and onwards she slithered into a vast circular room full of ice pillars.

At the center of the room, there were a dozen of other wyrms, and next to them a dozen of seemingly confused men.

The moment Jane set foot, or I should say belly in that room, they all faced me. The men looked puzzled, the wyrms thrilled.

"What a joy, Jane! What a joy! This must be Jerry," a wyrm with obsidian-black scales said. She was twice the size of Jane.

Jane swayed her head from side to side in what I could only infer was a delightful dance. "Yes! Thank you, Carla. As you all know, this is my beloved husband Jerry."

"Hello?" I said and waved hesitantly. "It's a pleasure to meet you?"

"The pleasure is ours, Jerry. Jane can't stop talking about how wonderful you are," another wyrm said.

I smiled. "She exaggerates, I'm very much not wonderful. In fact, she doesn't love me as much as I love her."

Their expressions shifted to something I could only describe as confusion.

"What are you saying, honey?" Jane said, turning her head completely around like an owl. "Of course, I love you more than you do."

"No, you don't. I have a secret. Something I've been wanting to confess to you."

"Jerry, are we doing this right now--"

Before she could finish speaking, I turned into a worm.

A storm of thundering gasps filled the room, making the pillars shake.

"What in the world," one of the husbands said.

"You said worms were ugly and dumb. Do you love me now?"

Jane hesitated. "Of course I do, you are still you. I wouldn't kiss you like that, though." Her expression shifted. "Wait, how are you a worm?"

"Ah, I see this is the Club of the Confused Husbands, Confused Wyrms, and Confused Husband Worm now," I said and shifted back into my human shape. "A secret is a secret. But I've always been a worm."

There was an uncomfortable silence that lasted for far too long.

"How are we supposed to react?" one of the husbands said. "First my wife tells me she's a wyrm, then transforms into one, takes me into an ice cave, and now someone just turns into a worm and then turns back into a naked man? What is this, a joke?"

"World domination is not a joke," Carla said and slithered to the center of the room. "Jerry your entrance has been spectacular. But now, it's time to plot."


Went full dumb. I don't regret it.

Come over, or else you'll turn into a worm -> /r/AStoryToRuleThemAll


DerG3n13 t1_ixhqhgw wrote

Love it xD


rulethem t1_ixhr0kw wrote

hahaha thank you very much, der! I had to rush the ending a bit cause I had to leave, wasn't sure if someone was going to like it because of that


DerG3n13 t1_ixhrape wrote

Honestly, I actually liked the ending a bit more than the declaration „I love you, of course I do“


rulethem t1_ixhsjg0 wrote

Yes! The first thing that popped into my mind was a gathering of confused husbands waiting for their wyrm wives to buy clothes for some reason, I adapted it from there. These dudes have an army now, they can plan world domination


CrazyTrain_mechanic t1_ixivh46 wrote

Fucking mint. I love how the husband turned out to be a worm and the wife was a wyrm. Absolutely fantastic. The other husbands being confused was just the icing on the cake.


rulethem t1_ixiw9ov wrote

hahahaha, very glad you liked it, Crazy! I was laughing myself when I thought about turning the MC into a worm.


CrazyTrain_mechanic t1_ixiwgp9 wrote

It definitely comes as a surprise. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


P0werPuppy t1_ixjbdgt wrote

This is so stupid. Thanks for making my day.


rulethem t1_ixjbqww wrote

At your service, power! Glad you enjoyed it!


Leashed_Beast t1_ixilir4 wrote

I’ve been waiting so long for someone to actually turn into a worm. I’m happy, I loved this!


rulethem t1_ixipgvb wrote

Glad you did, and glad I turned someone into a worm


Defiant-Peace-493 t1_ixix0gm wrote

"Also, Jerry, I'm calling you 'Jim' now."


NoProblemsHere t1_ixjivth wrote

Ooh, is he going to get a fancy mechanical suit and a ray gun as part of the whole world domination thing? Is he going to have to fight murderous space crows, evil cats, and gigantic ugly bug queens? Will there be cows?


Yrcrazypa t1_ixj9ger wrote

A gigantic serpent named Carla is pretty damn funny. I've always loved the gag of great and powerful beings with mundane names.


rulethem t1_ixjbtvq wrote

Same! I love it as well, contrast is the heart of comedy >:)!


VennTheSW t1_ixkyq68 wrote

> Before she could finish speaking, I turned into a worm.

> A storm of thundering gasps filled the room, making the pillars shake.

> "What in the world," one of the husbands said.

This got a good laugh out of me


rulethem t1_ixlvc3c wrote

Hahaha, glad it did! I laughed as I wrote it as well!


MrRedoot55 t1_ixitfod wrote

Good job. I’m a little concerned about their plans of world domination, however.

…maybe it won’t involve much bloodshed?


rulethem t1_ixitwph wrote

I'm afraid they have a sentient shape-shifting worm in their squad.

Those are the worst kind of trouble.


MrRedoot55 t1_ixiv3t2 wrote

Maybe I shouldn’t ask why that is so dangerous.


rulethem t1_ixiwk2n wrote

They're small enough to fit in an ear and they're 99% evil and 1% wyrm-loving. You can draw your own conclusions from there.



MrRedoot55 t1_ixiwojt wrote

Now I know what I’m about to do.

picks up flamethrower


Chemical39 t1_ixkoxaj wrote

Nooooo, start putting the little guys drying out on the concrete after a rain back in the grass, then when they come for us they will take care of you! (Thank me later!)


rulethem t1_ixlvmii wrote

I've heard on very sunny days if you use a magnifying glass you can speed up the worm-drying process! They will even dance a bit as you do it--and I've heard their dance moves are so good, you may see a plume of smoke!

I recommend this method for maximum worm-gratefulness and protection in the future.

Not financial advice


Chemical39 t1_ixo84up wrote

May the worm kingdom have mercy on your soul.


ForceIll4565 t1_ixk1jdt wrote

Dude... Plot twist that had me rolling! Well done.


rulethem t1_ixkg0cg wrote

Glad you had a laugh out of the story, force!


ProfParadox2111 t1_ixl20kn wrote

You may have gone full dumb, but this is still a masterpiece!


rulethem t1_ixlvoi1 wrote

Thank you, Paradox! Readers seem to have enjoyed it, so I'm glad I went 100% dumbarusky.


Zyukar t1_ixksppr wrote

Hahaha that gave me a good laugh. Great job!


rulethem t1_ixlvpk2 wrote

Thank you, zyukar! Glad you enjoyed it!


AverageBeef t1_ixl4d2i wrote

This was so good. Subverted my expectations in all the best places!


rulethem t1_ixlvtas wrote

Thank you, average beef! Subverting expectations is always fun--and not an escape hatch/silly excuse for poor writing, no, nothing of the sort.



kuhvir t1_ixldzdf wrote

I hope to see this on tiktok


rulethem t1_ixlvvu2 wrote

A wry wyrm-loving worm with a wyrm wife? I'd like to see that as well


Miekyb1234 t1_ixmo0h6 wrote

Is this a rock and morty reference? 🤣🤣🤣 love it


rulethem t1_ixmom2q wrote

It's not, but it can be! PICKLE RICK!


jpeezey t1_ixh97ka wrote

Angelica traced a line down my sternum with her fingernail as we cuddled in bed, the faint light of a Saturday morning peeking down through the skylight in the bedroom. “Baby?” she asked, an air of playfulness to her tone.

“Yes Angel?” I asked as I shifted my arm slightly; it was pinned beneath her shoulder blade and starting to fall asleep.

“Do you love me?” she asked, batting her eyelashes.

“I do love you,” I assured her.

She smiled warmly and nuzzled me. “Mmm.” After a few moments, I felt a tug on my ear lobe. “Baby?” she asked again. “If I was a cat, would you still love me?”

“If you were I cat, I would love you.”

Angelica curled her fingers and pressed her knuckles against my cheek softly. “Meow.” I chuckled at her and placed my hand against hers, pulling her knuckles over to my lips, and I kissed them gently. She continued. “Baby… if I was a horse, would you still love me?”

“If you were a horse… when I saw you, I would say: ‘HAY! … I love you.’ And I would brush your hair and even clean out your stall for you.”

Angelica snorted at that, sounding somewhat like a horse but I don’t think that was her intention. “Gross, you would clean up my poop?”

“I’m used to dealing with your shit already,” I said with a wink.

Her mouth hung open with feigned shock, though she couldn’t hide her grin. “Asshole!” she gasped playfully, slapping me in the chest.

I laughed. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!”

Angelica giggled some more and then we both sighed, happy and comfortably wasting away the morning with our pillow talk. Then her face changed, a hint of seriousness creasing her brow. “Baby?” she asked.

“Yes, dear?” I answered.

“… Would you still love me, even if I was a Wyrm?”

“Even if you were a little worm, I would steal every one of your hearts, and I would put you in the nicest dirt,” I promised her. Angelica didn’t answer this time. “… Everything okay? Hmm.. well technically worms don’t have hearts, they just have aortic arches, but I’d still…” I trailed off as I noticed she still wasn’t smiling, and didn’t even seem to be gearing up for a response to my worm trivia. “Babe?” I asked.

“… What if I wasn’t a little worm? What if I was a big worm?”

“Then I guess I’d need more dirt.”

“… with teeth…”

I raised my eyebrows. “Teeth?”

“… and maybe wings… and some scales?”

“And wings, and some scales?” I echoed. Angelica just nodded. I thought for a moment, picturing the creature she had described; pretty much a dragon at this point. “… Then I would roll a natural twenty to seduce you… and then I’d plunder your cave! Mwah-ha-ha!” I laughed, rolling on top of Angelica and tickling her.

She shrieked. “EEek! Nooo! Don’t tickle me!” she laughed, and after few more pokes for good measure, I rolled back over. I laid there for a little bit, and then sat up with a sigh and slid my feet out from the covers. Angelica twisted underneath the sheets, pulling the now excess blankets further around her like a cocoon. “You already did,” she said softly.

“What?” I asked, looking over my shoulder.

“Rolled a natural twenty to seduce me…” A sly grin curled across her lips. “And plundered my ‘cave’.”

I felt my ears get hot, but before I could respond with something clever or playful, an odd feeling gripped me. I frowned and stood up from the bed, my feet kicking some loose change that was strewn across the floor… quite a bit of loose change, now that I looked again. Piles, even. Turning my head upwards, I peered at the skylight. It was quite large, not to mention how odd it was to have a skylight in a bedroom in the first place. I squinted my eyes, and saw for the first time some scratch or claw marks around the edges of the skylight.

“Is something wrong?” Angelica asked. I looked back to her, concern set on my face. She returned the expression, though I saw her nose twitch involuntarily. “Baby, what is ih… ih… iiihachoo!” she sneezed, and a gout of flame rushed from her nose and mouth, blanketing the room in a golden-orange glow for a moment. “Ah! Excuse me… ugh,” she apologized, rubbing her nose.

“Angelica…” I started, and she looked to me expectantly. “… Are you… a dragon?”

She just stared at me for a few moments before snickering. “No silly… I’m a Wyrm, like I said.”

“………….. Ohhh! Wyrm… not worm…” I realized.

“Uh huh,” Angelica nodded. Silence reigned for a few seconds. I scratched my head, and then saw worry start to darken Angelica’s expression. “So… do you still lo-“ she started, but I interrupted her promptly.

“So… What do you want for breakfast Angel?”



Rupertfroggington t1_ixi208q wrote

Great dialogue!


jpeezey t1_ixi4tx3 wrote

Thanks! I tried to tow the line between cheesy-cringey and wholesome-romantic. It was fun to write, so I'm glad you enjoyed it too!


peterhill160 t1_ixiv953 wrote

"Sex might prove a bit difficult though," Jackson pointed out, taking two extra steps back across the grass to get a better look at his wife - the wyrm.

"Is that always on your mind?" My wife's voice spoke into her husband's head, and he shuddered.



"No, but it's one way to deal with stress, though not in this case" Jackson admitted. "You're a wyrm."

The creature bobbed it's head up and down. "Do you need to sit down, honey?"

Jackson shook his head. "I don't think so. Doooo the kids know?"

One reptilian head popped up behind Elena's large body, then a second head appeared, and finally a third and forth. Jackson could recognise them from their facial structures.

"Hi daddy!"

"Hey pops!"


"Isn't this cool, dad?!"

Jackson adjusted his glasses. "Oh, dear Lord..." He muttered before collapsing backwards into the grass.


jardanovic t1_ixikqhq wrote

When I woke up, Helen wasn't laying next to me. As I got out of bed, I called out, "Honey? Where'd you go?"

"I'm in the living room!"

I stretched out as I slipped out from under the covers and left the bedroom. I was mid-yawn when I saw what was on the couch, which led to me nearly choking on my own tongue in shock. Draped over the couch, loveseat, and rug was a cherry red dragon, with massive wings and no limbs save for the swishing tail at the end of their body. The dragon grinned and said to me, "Good morning, Chelsea! You sleep okay?"

"Wh--Helen?! What is--what is happening right now?!"

"Um, it's what we...talked about last night, remember?"

"Last night?! But all we talked about was--" I stopped once it dawned on me: "Wyrm. You said wyrm, not worm."

Helen cringed slightly. "Ohhhh, I forgot to clarify what kind of wyrm I was referring to. I'm sorry. But, um, yeah, this is the real me. And if this is too much for you--"

"Whoa whoa whoa, are you kidding me? Honey, I love you like apples love peanut butter. And you could be any kind of DND monster you can think of, you're a nat 20 in every which way."

Helen giggled and replied, "Thanks, my lovely little geek."

I grinned mischievously as I walked over to her. "Besides, you're not the only one with a mythical secret."

"What are you talking abou--Oh my goodness!!"

With the faintest shadow of effort on my part, I lifted Helen into a bridal carry. As her wings flared out over us like an umbrella, I remarked, "You know, you're actually lighter than I expected."

"Chelsea, how the hell are you doing this?!"

"Come on, hon, it never struck you as odd that I'm almost eight feet tall? Or that I keep a kid-size baseball bat under the bed?"

Helen used her wings to shrug. "I mean, I was never one to complain about you being huge, and the bat was autographed, so..."

I chuckled and responded, "Yeah, the bat's not actually autographed. It's not even a bat in the first place; it's actually a cudgel I had disguised as one."

"Why do you have a cudgel?"

With a smile, I willed my own disguise to fade away. My skin changed to a dark red, my hair to a stark white, and my eyes to an almost sickly yellow. Once my transformation was complete, I looked into Helen's eyes and said, "Cause no oni worth their salt goes anywhere without one."


S1eepyZ t1_ixjne95 wrote

So is an Oni like a orge or something?


jardanovic t1_ixjnms7 wrote

An oni is a type of yokai recognizable by their horns, red skin, and preference for large clubs for weaponry


Zoutaleaux t1_ixklmzs wrote

"Baby," I said, with a hint of exasperation in my voice, "I would love you even if you were a little worm, or whatever."

"But what about a big wyrm?"

I suppressed a sigh. "Yes baby, even if you were a big worm. Now would you please get your cute little wormy butt in gear, we are going to miss our reservation!"

Elena's laugh echoed down the stairs. "You get so uptight about that stuff. Relax, honey! I'll be down in a minute."

I try not to start pacing.

"I can hear your teeth grinding from here, Bobby. There, was that worth the wait?"

Elena's heels clacked down the stairs as she came in to view wearing a simple but elegant little black dress. She paused for a moment, looking over at me. God, she was stunning. She walked over to me, blushing a little. As she stepped close in front of me, she reached her hand up and caressed the side of my face. And then down at my pants. "Well, it's certainly nice to be appreciated."

She stepped back and looked uncertain, and a little sad.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"Nothing, Bobby." She took a breath. "I ... I believe you." Resolve settled over her features. "Honey, change of plans. Take me over to the Wilton formation. There's something I want to show you there."

"The ... The limestone outcropping in the state park? Now? Seriously?"

"Yep. I'm serious. It'll all make sense when we get there, I promise. I'm not going to put this off any longer."

I looked at her. She looked at me with those big damn eyes of hers. I always thought they almost glittered in the dark. I threw up my hands. "Fine, fine. You know, some husbands don't have weirdos for wives who drag them all over creation for no reason, you know that right?? Sheesh." I continued with my good-natured grumbling as Elena rolled her eyes at me and we headed out to the car.

About an hour later I found myself standing with Elena in front of a cave.

"I've never seen this cave before. I don't think it's on the map."

Elena glanced over at me. "No, it's not. C'mon honey, not much further now."

The starlight quickly faded as we walked into the cave. The ceiling was pretty high, thank god. Wasn't a fan of tight spaces.

"Baby, it's getting really dark. I can't see anything."

"I know. It's ok though - I can see fine." She stretched out her hand in the darkness and found mine. "It's ok, honey. Trust me."

I did, of course. Even in these bizarre circumstances, I did. I said nothing but tightened my grip on her hand. She led us further into the cave and down a tunnel, which seemed to slope down. It was surprisingly smooth going. After walking for about 5 minutes, she paused.

"You'll feel a tingling sensation. It's normal, don't worry about it."

Before I could react, she pulled me through an opening I couldn't see. As I crossed the threshold, it did indeed tingle. I gasped as I entered a huge cavern. It was lit by glowing fungus on the walls and rocks, and I could hear a small river burbling nearby. Minerals glinted in the dim light, studding the ceiling and increasing the visibility. Strange and colorful plants grew along a clear path further in.

It was breathtaking.

"Baby, what is this place?"

"Go on honey, just a little further."

She dropped back a step or two as I continued down the path. Rounding a corner I entered a large chamber carved out of the rock. It was lit similarly to the larger cavern, but had no undergrowth. Something glinted in the dim light, something metal. Something like ... "Holy shit." Before me, towards the back of the chamber, was a pile of treasure. Gold coins, chests with gems spilling out of them, assorted swords and other weapons.

Behind me, I heard Elena's voice. Only it was somehow much more resonant than it normally was. I felt something huge looming behind me, but for some reason, I wasn't scared as it coiled around my body. It was warm, almost hot. A massive head leaned over my body and twisted on a long neck.

"It's me, honey. Your Elena."

Her scales gleamed in the dim light, as the sinuous curves of her body undulated around me. She has the same big, beautiful eyes. And they definitely glittered in the dark. Her teeth looked very sharp. But she looked uncertain, even afraid.

"Oh. You meant 'Wyrm.' "

She cocked her head at me. "Yes."

"Oh." "Elena... I love you."

Her head sagged, and a few tears rolled down her face and splashed on the ground, sizzling lightly. "Oh Bobby. Thank you."

I cleared my throat. "Well, now that that's out of the way. Uh, do you think you could squeeze a little harder? And maybe, uhhhhh. Use your teeth on me a little?"

Elena threw back her head and laughed. Then she drew in close. "Bobby Brighton, you are incorrigible! Is that a gold bar in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" She squeezed a little tighter and bared her teeth.

God she was stunning.


YOMGuitar t1_ixjv18j wrote

Crystal was sitting on the couch, watching TV when her spouse, Carl, asked her a weird question. "Honey," he said, "would you still love me if I turned into a worm?" She thought it was a strange thing to ask, but she answered honestly. "Of course, I would," she told him. "I love you no matter what."

A few weeks later, she realized that Carl meant "wyrm." And unfortunately for her, Carl had been reading about wyrms online and was convinced that he was going to turn into one. She tried to reassure him that it wasn't going to happen, but he just wasn't convinced.

Every day, Carl grew more and more paranoid about turning into a wyrm. He even started sleeping in a different room from her and refused to let anyone near them – even their parents! The only time he would come out of his room was when he was hungry or needed the toilet.

It got so bad that he even started thinking about leaving them. But then one day, while they were eating dinner at the kitchen table, he turned into a wyrm right in front of her eyes! At first, she was horrified, but then something amazing happened – she still loved him! In fact, she loved him even more than before because now he was this amazing creature that could do things no human could ever do.

She hugged him and they both cried tears of joy. From then on, Carl was no longer scared or paranoid about turning into a wyrm. Instead, he wore it like a badge of honor and proudly showed it off to the entire world! He and Crystal even wrote a children's book about him turning into a wyrm as a teaching tool for kids that it's okay to be different.

And they both lived happily ever after, which just goes to show that love really does conquer all!


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Islands-of-Time t1_ixijd6c wrote

Interestingly enough, the words “Worm” and “Wyrm” have connected etymological roots. That same root is where we get the word “Vermin”.

It’s all referring to the same collection of gross/revolting animals called vermin. Worms and spiders and scorpions, but also snakes and the like.

So ultimately the question of love despite appearances holds true regardless of the creature since Wyrms and Worms are both Vermin.


drfarren t1_ixj2gdw wrote

Pull out my bard's outfit

"and what if I were to tell you I were a level 15 Bard?"


ScandinavianOtter t1_ixhwzom wrote you were dating a polymorphed dragon...


Almost_Ascended t1_ixl9u1m wrote

As a fan of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, that is an absolute win in my book.


djsoren19 t1_ixk46xl wrote

I just want to throw it out here, y'all are way too tame with your relationship hypotheticals. My partner and I go back and forth with these all the time, often with ever escalating levels of elaboration. If your partner wouldn't still love you if you were the ghost of the artist formerly known as Prince, are you even in love?


allagrl t1_ixieov0 wrote

I see we watched the same video


Maximum_Pootis OP t1_ixk3hwk wrote

what video would you perhaps be talking about? I just had this idea at 5 am in the morning lmao