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photoshopper42 t1_ix05u0b wrote

Everything was in shambles, people were hungry and infrastructure was breaking down. They tried to get rid of government completely but it has only brought about ruin and destruction so far.

Yes, King John overtaxed the people and sent them all into poverty. But at least there were systems in place. Now, there were not systems in place. Robin Hood decided that nobody should have to pay taxes to anyone, because they worked hard and deserved to keep what they made from their own hard work.

But now there only turned chaos. Prices were no longer regulated in a way to prevent price gouging. Roads and buildings were falling apart without anybody to put them back together. Mail wasn't being delivered. And there was nobody around to enforce the law anymore. It was like some post apocalyptic world that was aimed at young adults.

Robin Hood decided to put a government back together. He started appointing officials and creating departments in the government to work on these problems. But he was taking them away from their work, so he had to pay them somehow. He had to tax the people. People were willing to at first. To solve the problems that were going on. And of course they trusted Robin Hood, he was the one that saved them from King John. So Robin Hood taxed them. And he took the position of President, solving the problems of society. But as the society grew, so did the government. More departments were formed, and as more departments were formed, the higher taxes became. Robin Hood started to enjoy it in the castle. He became used his big rooms and cozy walls. No longer was he the guy who would sleep out in the wilderness under the stars, but instead a giant bed. He no longer saw the individuals and their sufferings and their problems, but just heard about their problems in meetings. They did not seem as a big of a deal from looking at the pie charts.

Robin Hood continued to raise taxes. He continued to disregard the people. He became King John