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UnderlordZ t1_ixtc2z2 wrote

Several questions:

Does he keep the centaur frame in his other forms?

Does getting caught in the rain or taking a shower count as being “in water”?

Is whatever-force-is-responsible-for-this aware far enough in advance when the hottest and coldest days are?

What happens during an eclipse?


Ice_Sniper_80 OP t1_ixti5yl wrote

  1. No

  2. If he takes a bath yes

  3. Yes (it was a magic curse)

  4. IDK LOL


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_ixtpelp wrote

Solar eclipse - moon is irrelevant because it would have been a new moon

Lunar eclipse - still a full moon, so it counts


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_ixtp10f wrote

Me, an engineer: ok, but do the requirements want merman to take priority over werewolf when he's in the water at night during a full moon? Actually, assign a priority value to each. Because I don't know if he turns into a merman on the hottest day, in the water.


wolfgang784 t1_ixtimtf wrote

What the frick lol.

Edit: Givin me a vibe like Rosario Vampire type story