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PapayaAgreeable7152 t1_iyacllx wrote

>story where Death becomes known as Life, the story about the Skips, and the story about not looking at the Moon

These sound interesting. Do you know the titles of them? Or where I can find them?


Wenchpie t1_iyaqhqk wrote

Seconded can you please post a link?


PapayaAgreeable7152 t1_iyb4ltz wrote

You are the best! Thank you so much!!


Penelopeep25 t1_iybag0d wrote

You're welcome! I love your username BTW lol now I want papaya even though I don't even really like them.


Penelopeep25 t1_iyb1046 wrote

Oh god 😭 they're on this sub, I'll try to find them... if I do I'll reply to ur comment again.